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    Secrets FAQ by Sal A. F.

    Version: 3.0 | Updated: 06/24/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    written by Sal A. F. (aka, piccolo) <un_principito@yahoo.com>
    version 3.0 (final rev.) [last updated 06/24/2002]
    This FAQ is for private and personal use only. It can only be reproduced
    electronically / placed on a web page or site as long as it is unaltered, with
    this disclaimer and the copyright notice appearing in full. Any information
    used from this document, quoted or no, should have this author's name somewhere
    clearly as acknowledgement. Feel free to distribute between others, but this
    FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional purposes; this includes being
    used by publishers of magazines, guides, books, etc. or being incorporated into
    magazines, etc. in ANY way.
                                written by Sal A. F. (aka, piccolo)
    The purpose of this faq is to put together every single code/trick ever found in
    VF3tb for dreamcast. I have not seen any other faq that has ALL the tricks listed
    in this faq, There are old tricks and new ones found by me. All tricks/codes have 
    been tested and proven to work. This document can be found at gamefaqs.com and
    (jp)=works on japanese version. 
    (us)=works on US version.
    DIFFERENT INTRO MUSIC: just hold start on both 
    joysticks at the sega logo screen (the one just 
    before the intro). (jp)(us)
    PLAY AS THE ALPHABET CHARACTER: at the character 
    selection screen, highlight akira, press start, 
    highlight lion, press start, highlight pai, press 
    start, now choose any character you want to play 
    with the A button. to play against the alphabet 
    character just follow the same procedure but with 
    these characters; akira, lau and pai in that same 
    order. (jp)(us)
    KAGE and JACKY's PEACE SIGN: just hold D+p+g+e 
    before victory pose. only works in single character
    (ob) mode. won't work in team battle mode. (jp)(us)
    KAGE'S SPECIAL VICTORY POSE: choose his 2p 
    costume (silver pants), be on akira's stage, do 
    the peace sign after you get an excellent, a 
    basin will appear and hit kage in the head. 
    PAI'S KISS:get an excellent on akira, she'll blow 
    a kiss in her victory pose mocking akira's own 
    taunt. (jp)(us)
    SNOWMAN IN THE DESERT: if you manage to get an 
    excellent victory with shun di on the desert 
    stage, you will see a huge snowman if the camera 
    is in the right angle. (jp)(us)
    TRIBUTE TO GALAXY EXPRESS 999 by leiji matsumoto 
    (a famous manga/anime) / or in other words the 
    FLYING TRAIN TRICK : if you play as jeffrey and 
    execute a toe kick into splash mountain (TKOD) 
    while on dural's desert stage, you will see a 
    flying train passing by if the camera angle is 
    right. (jp)(us)
    SLOW MOTION REPLAY: just hold E before replay 
    starts. (jp)(us)
    character select screen hold start+X+A for 
    silver, hold start Y+A for gold dural. (jp)
    PLAY AS DURAL: at character select screen press 
    down, up, right, left+ start. (us)
    CANCEL END CREDITS: hold start. (jp) caution; 
    do this on the jp version and it might freeze.
    CHANGE VIEWS: press start during a 1p game. 
    FUNNY FACES: choose akira, do his f,b+PG throw on 
    anyone, now change the view to a first person 
    perspective, now look at their face, that's how 
    they look when they get hit on combat. hit them 
    and it'll come back to normal. taka can do this 
    with his f+PG throw. (jp)(us)
    FORCE TO WATCH THE REPLAY: just hold all 4 
    buttons, your human opponent can't skip the 
    replay as long as you hold the buttons. (jp)(us)
    HIT THE TRAIN: works only with kage, sarah, 
    jacky, lion and aoi. at the subway stage, as the 
    match starts turn around quickly (b,b+p) and run 
    towards the train till it hits you, this will 
    take all of your life bar except one last point
    (1 more point and you're dead) (jp)(us). 
    CHANGE BACKGROUNDS: in normal or team battle VS 
    modes. for NORMAL VS MODE; to get the original 
    vf3 backgrounds just press the A button or let 
    the timer run out, for vf3TB backgrounds hold 
    start then press A. for TEAM BATTLE : vf3 
    backgrounds hold start,press A, VF3TB backgrounds 
    press A or let timer run out. (jp)(us)
    hold start in both joysticks at stage select 
    screen, you'll have a 1/16 chance of getting the 
    new backgrounds. (jp)(us)
    original vf3 backgrounds hold start then X and A. 
    to get the vf3TB backgrounds just press A. to get 
    dural's backgrounds hold start+A. (jp)(us)
    AUTOMATIC DIFFICULTY: highlight training mode, at 
    this screen hold X then press A, the computer 
    will automatically increase or decrease the 
    difficulty (up to level 7) depending how "well' 
    you're doing. (jp)
    FLIP SHUN'S BOAT: in shun's stage, make taka jump 
    continously at one of the corners of the boat, 
    the boat will flip. (jp)(us)
    CLEAN PAUSE: just hold X then press A. (jp)(us)
    TSUKAMOTO'S FACE: in normal mode or VS mode (US), 
    on taka press start, sarah press start, lau press 
    start, kage press start, akira press start. now 
    look at the new "lau". (jp)(us)
    TURN OFF BGM DURING GAME: in a VS game hold both 
    start buttons right after you choose a stage, 
    hold it till the announcer says "GO". In a one 
    player match (1p VS cpu) there are 2 methods of 
    doing this, as soon as the sega logo (the one 
    just before the intro) screen appears hold start 
    on the second stick/controller, now press start 
    on the first controller to start a new game, 
    right after you choose a stage hold start on the 
    first controller till the announcer says "GO" but 
    keep kolding start on the second controller. you 
    have to keep holding start on the second 
    controller for the whole game if you dont want to 
    listen to the bgm. (jp)(us)
    DEBUG MODE: at the game's intro sequence hold 
    G+P+K+E then press start (do this with the 
    stick),then choose normal or team battle mode 
    against cpu. command inputs will be shown just 
    like training mode. (jp)(us)
    "BURN" YOUR OPPONENT: in jacky's stage hold P+E 
    before the round starts. now watch your opponent 
    BURRRN!! . you can do this everytime a round 
    starts. (jp)(us)
    MAKE YOUR SHADOW DISSAPEAR: in training mode, 
    ring out your opponent while in first person 
    perspective view, when the round starts again you 
    will have no shadow. to get it back just go 
    through the views till its back. (jp)(us)
    FUNNY ANIMATIONS: get your opponent very close to 
    the edge of the ring, now do a throw that has a 
    lot of movement like for example wolf's giant 
    swing, taka's head rocker etc... experiment with 
    all characters throws, if done right your 
    opponent will fall to the ground but you will 
    still be doing for example a giant swing but you 
    are throwing thin air!. a very funny one is 
    kage's u/f+PG. (jp) (us)
    the 1P player start the match either closer or 
    further from the 2P player. For example, there 
    will be different distances from the 2P player when 
    the announcer is still saying "fight one, ready, go".
    this glitch is very similar to the old VF1 saturn glitch,
    when sometimes your character or cpu appeared right in front of
    the other player at the start of the fight, that was a ramdom
    glitch and could not be reproduced when you wanted it to happen.
    in VF1 saturn, once the announcer finished, you or the cpu would 
    get back to normal distance, not so on vf3tb dreamcast! where it stays
    near / far until you move. ok, so to do this, have akira (it can be done
    with any character but akira's "E" button win pose animation makes it easier)
    on the 2P side, choose any stage, now beat/ring out your 1P opponent, stay
    VERY close to the edge so that when you do akira's "E" button win pose (he 
    double kicks..) he would ring himself out, now press start to cancel this 
    falling animation, the next round you should see the 1P player either very close
    or pretty far from akira as the round starts. the different distances depend on
    how long you take to press start to cancel the falling animation. I found out 
    that it works all the time if you press start when the camera begins to move when 
    he's about to fall. (jp) 
    thanks to hiro for translating the "far/close distance.." trick from my vf3tb DC
    technical manual book. thanks to all the VF japanese magazines, books, mooks etc...
    Sal A. F. (aka piccolo)

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