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    FAQ by EVargas

    Version: 0.1 | Updated: 12/20/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Virtua Striker 2: Version 2000.1 FAQ
    e-mail: enrique@kmail.com.au     
    web page: http://come.to/virtuastriker
    version: 0.1 (20/12/99) - initial release
    Hi Virtua Striker fans. Since there's no Virtua Striker FAQ's out there I
    decided to make one. This is my first FAQ so if you think it sucks make your
    own or kiss my ass. If you want to contribute something or ask me something,
    e-mail me! (enrique@kmail.com.au). Don't forget to visit my site at
    http://come.to/virtuastriker, or http://i.am/virtuastriker if you're typing
    skills are limited. I'd like to thank me for writing this, and the geniuses
    who made Virtua Striker. A true masterpiece.
    Suggestions for Virtua Striker3: Facial animations, fireworks and flares
    (smoke and lighting effects), weather effects (rain, fog, snow, mud), more of
    those little papers thrown by the fans, toilet-paper rolls and a guy that
    sounds less annoying when he screams out goooooooool! The latest version of
    this FAQ can be obtained from my site or www.gamefaqs.com, hopefully. Send me
    some feedback! If anyone would like to do some ascii art for the title, feel
    free to do so, and send it to me.
    [1] CODES
    [3] GAME MODES
     [1] CODES
    Play as MVP Yuki Chan:
    Go into Arcade mode and at the team selection screen, highlight Yugoslavia and
    press Start. Then highlight USA and press Start. Then highlight Korea and
    press Start, and finally highlight Italy and press Start. MVP Yuki Chan will
    appear in the upper corner of the screen on top of Japan.
    Play as MVP Royal Genki:
    Highlight MVP Yuki Chan then hold down START and select with A. The announcer
    should say "rainbow" if done correctly.
    Play as FC Sega:
    Go into Arcade mode and at the team selection screen, highlight France and
    press Start, then highlight Chile and press Start, then highlight South Africa
    and press Start, then highlight England and press Start, then highlight
    Germany and press start and finally highlight Argentina and press start.
    FC Sega should appear in the upper corner of the screen next to where MVP
    Yukichan should be. The FC SEGA team will come up as long as the first letter
    of all 6 teams spells FCSEGA.
    Use Alternate Uniform in Arcade mode:
    Highlight your team, hold down X + Y and select with A.
    Access secret teams:
    Finish ranking mode and you will gain access to the team you beat in the
    finals. Note: You must achieve a good grade for this to work. If your
    having trouble achieving the grade try and score more goals, try and score
    better goals and don't rely on penalty shoot outs for victories. I think you
    get a Panda as your grade if you win too many matches by penalty shoot outs.
    Secret teams include Yuki Chan, Uruguay, Greece, Portugal, Sweden and Russia.
    These teams are available in all modes except for arcade. If any one knows how
    to get them out in arcade mode e-mail me (enrique@kmail.com.au).
    Penalty kicks can be kicked in one of nine positions. The position is
    determined by the amount of power accumulated and the direction that is
    pressed. If you hold down shoot for maximum power the ball will be kicked over
    the bar. You can fake which way your kicking. eg. Your player is facing the
    left but he kicks it right. You can also face left or right and kick it in the
    centre by holding down or up as your player is running towards the ball.
    Saving penalties:
    Once you know what height to dive saving a penalty is simply a matter of
    guessing which way to dive. Left, right or centre. If the ball is kicked in
    the centre it doesn't matter if its kicked high, low or medium height. As long
    as you don't touch the controls your keeper will save it.
    In previous versions of Virtua Striker 2, corners resulted in a goal 90 % of
    the time. It was simply a matter of doing a long pass to one of your team
    mates and pressing shoot. In Virtua Striker 2 ver 2000.1 this method doesn't
    work because of improved keeper and defense AI. I found out a new method which
    results in a goal  about 50% of the time. Instead of doing a long pass I do a
    short pass to the closest member of my team. He should be standing pretty
    close to the flag and marked by a defender. As soon as you pass the ball,
    press the direction away from the goal so that you're running towards your own
    goal, parallel to the side boundary. You should just run a couple of paces to
    become free of the opposing defender, then press long pass and the direction
    towards the centre of the penalty area. The ball should be crossed into the
    middle where one of your players should be waiting to jump up and head the
    ball into the back of the net. If you cross too early the ball will end up in
    the keepers hands, but if you cross too late the ball will fall in possession
    of your opponent.
    The ideal place to centre is when your winger is in line with the edge of the
    6 yard box. The striker waiting in the 6 yard box will then perform a header,
    volley, chilena etc.
    Free kicks:
    For me, long range free kicks are easier to score from than short range ones
    mainly because the opponents' wall is easier to get around. Setup you player
    so that he is looking at the left post. Accumulate your power to just a bit
    less than full power. Before releasing the shoot button change the direction
    you are holding to right and the ball should end up in the top right corner of
    the net with a 300+ score - the highest I got was 408. If your free kick is
    given close to the goal, the same method can be used but with less power.
    Saving Free kicks:
    When your opponent is taking a free kick from a short distance you can control
    your keeper and increase your chances of preventing a goal. You will know when
    you can control your keeper when you see a picture of a joystick above you
    formation table.
    When shooting from long range don't hold the shoot button for full power
    because your shot will be inaccurate. You don't always have to use the shoot
    button to score. Short pass is useful for kicking the ball quickly when your
    close to the goal. Just make sure your not facing the keeper. If you're in a
    hurry to take a shot, after accumulating the desired power press shoot again.
    Your shot will come out slightly faster but it might be just enough to make
    the difference. This is especially useful when you have a defender creeping up
    behind you when your about to score. If you running directly towards the
    keeper press up or down before releasing the shoot button to shot to the left
    or to the right of the keeper. If your not directly in front of him just shoot
    Don't pass the ball as soon as you get it because you'll most likely give it
    to the opposition. Take a look around or use your radar to pass it to someone
    who isn't marked. Remember, you don't have to pass in the direction your
    facing. After pressing pass hold the direction in which you want the ball to
    go. This also applies to shooting.
    Most of the time the ball can be obtained by just running into your opponent.
    If your chasing him or running by his side you'll need to do a slide tackle.
    Just make sure that you make contact with the ball and not the player.
     [3] GAME MODES
    Arcade -self explanatory.
    International Cup -Choose your team and take part in a World Cup style
    tournament. There's a cheesy ending and some cool pre match introductions.
    - Tournament -Have a tournament between friends or something.
    - League -Same as above but in league format.
    - Ranking -My favourite mode. Its like arcade mode except you get ranked at
    the end of it, there's better stadiums, and you can unlock the secret teams.
    The advice it gives you is weird though. Try to control the game? Would it
    kill them to be more specific?
    Match Play:
    - VS Match -VS mode. Yeah.
    - PK Match -Penalty shootouts. How exciting (well its more exciting than the
    FIFA games).
    Replay -Replay your best goals. You can choose between 11 different replay
    cameras. If you have a save of a really good goal send it to me
    (enrique@kmail.com.au) and I'll put you in my goal ranking on my web page
    (http://come.to/virtuastriker or http://i.am/virtuastriker if you're lazy).
    Options -Stuff around with the game, sound, and memory options.
    At the beginning of a match you can choose what formation you want, but if you
    change your strategy your formation will also change depending on which
    strategy you choose. For example, if you choose Japan you can either choose
    4-4-2 or 3-5-2DV. The one you choose will be the one you designate for your
    normal formation. Your offensive formation will always be 4-4-2 and the
    defensive formation will always be 3-5-2-DV (for Japan). I hope this makes
    sense to you.
    Key: DV stands for Double Volante.
    How to read formations: 3-5-2 means there are 3 defenders, 5 midfields and 2
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 3-5-2DV
    Offensive: 3-4-3
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 3-4-3DV
    Defensive: 3-5-2DV
    Offensive: 3-4-3DV
    Defensive: 3-5-2DV
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 5-3-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 4-5-1DV
    Offensive: 4-3-3DV
    Defensive: 4-4-2
    Offensive: 3-5-2
    Defensive: 4-5-1DV
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 4-5-1
    Offensive: 4-3-3
    Defensive: 4-4-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 5-3-2DV
    Offensive: 3-5-2
    Defensive: 5-3-2
    Offensive: 3-4-3
    Defensive: 4-4-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 3-5-2DV
    Offensive: 4-3-3DV
    Defensive: 4-4-2
    Offensive: 3-5-2DV
    Defensive: 3-6-1
    Offensive: 3-5-2DV
    Defensive: 3-6-1
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 4-5-1
    Offensive: 3-5-2DV
    Defensive: 5-3-2DV
    Offensive: 3-5-2
    Defensive: 5-3-2
    Offensive: 4-3-3
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-4-2DV
    Defensive: 3-5-2DV
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-5-1
    Defensive: 3-6-1
    Offensive: 3-4-3
    Defensive: 4-3-3
    Offensive: 3-5-2
    Defensive: 5-3-2
    Offensive: 4-3-3
    Defensive: 4-5-1
    Offensive: 4-4-2
    Defensive: 3-5-2
    Offensive: 4-3-3
    Defensive: 4-4-2
    Offensive: 4-3-3DV
    Defensive: 4-4-2DV
    Offensive: 5-3-2
    Defensive: 5-3-2DV
    SWEDEN- I haven't unlocked this team yet
    PORTUGAL- as above
    - Sometimes when you score an own goal a team mate will come up to you and
    hit you. Funny.
    - Sometimes FC Sega brings on Bean from Sonic the Fighters.
    - Some of FC Sega's goal celebrations make Michael Jackson look normal.
    - Why does that guy in FC Sega have a panda strapped to his arm? You know who
    I'm talking about, the guy that keeps falling over.
    - When you play Romania in the finals they all have blonde hair. Nice touch!
    If you remember, Romania dyed their hair blonde after they made it into the
    second round in France '98.
    - I only saw this in the original arcade Virtua Striker 2. A guy was in the
    middle of a penalty shoot out and he missed one of his penalties but the ball
    bounced off the keeper and the player ran up to the ball and had another shot.
    Has anyone else ever seen this? Mail me (enrique@kmail.com.au).
    - The #12 keeper from FC Sega is scared of the ball. Just shoot it hard at
    him and see for yourself.
    - If your skilled you can shoot the ball directly into tour opponents groin
    area and watch him roll around in pain. I've only done this a couple of times.
    - When you choose FC Sega there's always a player that's not in the computer
    controlled team, for example a Valderrama look alike who has even bigger hair.
    - I once scored with the number 10 from Italy and he fanned his shoes. Looks
    pretty weird.
    - Sometimes when the players do that goal celebration where 3 players do a
    roll and jump up with their hands in the air, one of the players will just
    shuffle back and forth for about 10 seconds. The other 2 will just look at
    him before continuing there celebration.
    - When you lose, some of your players just fall to the ground in disbelief.
    If the ball just happens to come their way they'll punch it away. Again,
    nice touch.
    - You can hit the corner posts or the water bottles at the side of the field
    and the ball stays in.
    - This is really weird. When your in a penalty shoot out and its your turn to
    shoot your oppositions fans cheer when you score and don't do anything when
    you miss. And since when are penalties taken at both goals???
    - Sometimes when a player is fouled in the penalty area and the penalty is
    not given he does a really dramatic dive. You can even hear him scream.
    - The turtle from MVP Yukichan takes all the free kicks and then quickly runs
    back to his goal (he's the keeper). It would be cool if Chilavert done this
    (maybe he does in the final seconds of the match).
    - Sometimes after scoring there is a glitch where a whole bunch of white
    horizontal lines appear on the screen.
    - Why doesn't Zidane have that disgusting bald spot? Probably because of the
    G rating.
    - I once saw a defender tugging on a striker's shirt.
    - When you clock it, sometimes the players are looking to the right in the
    team photo. And how come they don't do the somersaults like in the arcade
    - When you score an equaliser towards the end of the match the scorer picks
    up the ball and runs to the centre for a quick restart.
    - My highest score in arcade mode is +22. What's yours?
    Copyright 1999 Enrique Vargas. This FAQ is for personal use only. Copying of
    this FAQ, whether in whole or in part is prohibited unless given permission
    by the author. This FAQ cannot be sold, published in a magazine or put on a
    CD for sale.

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