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    Linear Watch FAQ by ShadowWangTang

    Version: 1.00 | Updated: 07/04/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                         *~EVOLUTION 2: A FAR OFF PROMISE - LINEAR WATCH FAQ~*
                           LL    IIII NN   NN IIII EEEEE    AA    RRRRRR                        
                           LL     II  NNN  NN  II  E       A  A   RR   R 
                           LL     II  NN N NN  II  EEEEE   AAAA   RRRRRR
                           LL     II  NN  NNN  II  E      A    A  RR   RR
                           LLLLL IIII NN   NN IIII EEEEE AA    AA RR    RR
                                   Developer: Ubi Soft/STING
                                Platform: Dreamcast / VMU (VMS)                         
                             Author: Joshua "ShadowWangTang" Kim
                                        Date: 7 / 4 / 01
                                          Version: 1.00
                                E-Mail: ryudohazuki85@hotmail.com
                             Best Viewed At 800 x 600 At Full Screen
    2. ABOUT
    3. HOW TO...
    7. FAQ
    8. UPDATES
    This FAQ is copyright to Joshua Kim It may NOT be used in
    any magazine or any type of publication without my permission. 
    It may NOT be used for profit. This FAQ will only 
    allowed to appear at the following sites:
    If you feel that there is an error, please e-mail me at 
    2. ABOUT
    Hi. This FAQ is about the little "game" from
    Evolution 2 to your Visual Memory Unit. It
    is called Linear Watch and there is a lot of
    neat little animations to watch. This FAQ
    will basically tell you about the whole thing. 
    3. HOW TO...
    To view this game, you need some items before you
    do so. You need:
    - Sega Visual Memory Unit (with LCD screen and Battery Life)
    - 30 Free Blocks and no other games in VMU
    - Controller
    - Evolution 2 Video Game
    To download this file, load Evolution 2 and
    go to the title screen. When the menu appears,
    choose "Linear Clock" on the screen. Select 
    the slot with the VMU in and download, it should
    be fairly quick. Turn off your Dreamcast when it
    finishes downloading and press the "Sleep" button.
    Press the "Mode" button and select the cards on
    the bottom of the screen with the Spades on it.
    Select it and at the screen, press the "A" +
    "B" buttons simultaneously. 
    4. CONTROLS 
    There are few controls and buttons to be pressed.
    A - Linear reacts.
    A+B - Starts game
    To see all she does, it must be a certain time, 
    like at 11:00 she walks a dog. 
    Time: 6:00 - 6:59am
    Action: Sleep
    Time: 7:00 - 7:59am
    Action: Tired, Blink 
    Time: 8:00 - 8:59am
    Action: Tired, Smile, Blink
    Time: 9:00 - 9:59am
    Action: Blink, Brush
    Time: 10:00 - 10:59am
    Action: Blink, Mug
    Time: 11:00 - 11:59am
    Action: Blink, Dog
    Time: 12:00 - 12:59pm
    Action: Blink, Flower
    Time: 1:00 - 1:59pm
    Action: Blink, Doll
    Time: 2:00 - 2:59pm
    Action: Blink, Rain
    Time: 3:00 - 3:59pm
    Action: Blink, Cake
    Time: 4:00 - 4:59pm
    Action: Blink, Doll
    Time: 5:00 - 5:59pm
    Action: Blink, Dog
    Time: 6:00 - 6:59pm
    Action: Blink, Apple
    Time: 7:00 - 7:59pm
    Action: Blink, Shower
    Time: 8:00 - 8:59pm
    Action: Blink, Yawn
    Time: 9:00 - 9:59pm
    Action: Blink, Bed, Sleep
    Time: 10:00 - 10:59pm
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 11:00 - 11:59pm
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 12:00 - 12:59am
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 1:00 - 1:59am
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 2:00 - 2:59am
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 3:00 - 3:59am
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 4:00 - 4:59am
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    Time: 5:00 - 5:59am
    Action: Blink, Sleep
    These are the actions that were discribed above.
    Apple - Linear sits down and eats an apple
    Bed - Linear makes a bed and goes to sleep
    Blink - Linear blinks for a little time
    Brush - Linear brushes her teeth and rinses
    Cake - Linear eats some cake
    Dog - Linear walks a dog
    Doll - Linear hugs her doll, a teddy bear
    Flower - Linear raises a flower from the ground
    Mug - Linear sips a mug
    Rain - Linear holds an umbrella while it rains
    Shower - Linear lies in a bathtub while water comes down on her
    Sleep - Linear sleeps and Z's come out
    Tired - Linear has droopy eyes and is looking down
    Yawn - Linear yawns widely
    7. FAQ
    Q: Who is Linear?
    A: Linear is a friend of Mag Launcher who
    is in the Evolution games. She actually
    holds a secret that she is Evolutia.
    Q: Which game does this watch come from?
    A: Evolution 2: A Far Off Promise
    Q: What kind of game are the Evolution series?
    A: RPG
    8. UPDATES
    7 / 2 / 01 - Added everything
    CJayC - for teaching me how to write a FAQ and having a great website
    My Cousin - for reminding me of somethings, and helping me write this FAQ.
    UltraSuperSaiyan - for posting a Battery Pack FAQ which helped me greatly
    through this FAQ.
    Ubi Soft/Sting/Esp - for making a great game and VMU thing.
    (c) Joshua Kim  2001

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