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"Illbleed: The Virtual Hilarious Park"

There probably will be spoilers in this reveiw so if you don't want the story to be spoiled then press back.

The reason for the JP version being reviewed is because I have the JP version, so I can't read whatever the text is which makes the game less tense and "Scary" and have to rely on kubevubin's youtube walkthrough for notes and things, although he doesn't play with subtitles, I still don't know what Banbollow sings when you reach his hotel.

Anyway onto the review...

Sound 9/10: Okay, I think the music is absolutely marvellous as it can be so random. Playing the first level today and waiting 20 minutes for the time to go up to get the real ending, the music crescendo'd into a massive musical genius and then goes back to the basic freaky music. Much like the attic theme in Casper for the PS1 (Check reviews for that) I especially like the theme for Woodpuppets, very eerie and sounds a little like a saw mill. The character's voices sound cheesy as hell but looking at some of the cast it becomes obvious that this was intended. The game has Lani Minella (Rouge the Bat from SA2) and Ryan Drummond (Sonic from SA1 and 2), they wanted this game to sound cheesy as hell.

Graphics 8/10: I like what the designers did with the enemies, Banbollow has a chunk out of his leg, Rachel looks like an infected eurethra, Trent looks a little like Hitler, Cuty Mary looks terrifyingly cute, Cashman looks scary, Killerman looks funny, and Zodick just looks like sonic with no shoes on. I still don't understand why there's lots of Crash Test Dummies everywhere. The thing that annoys everybody is the fact that character's mouths don't move whilst talking, but this is to add the effect of a B-Movie along with the voice acting.

Gameplay 9/10: The gameplay in this game is awesome, walk around, completely safe if you're standing still, if you're moving, watch your senses, haven't mentioned those yet. Four senses, Sight, Smell, Hearing and Sixth Sense. Each goes off if your character notices something wrong, Sight, Smell and Hearing search for traps A.K.A Shock Events while Sixth Sense looks out for items or battles. The battles can be easy and challenging, depending on the enemy and weapons your character is holding.

Story 8/10: Okay, so you're a girl whose dad put you through Hell in a Horror Caravan and now you have no fear of anything. Heard that story before? Me neither. So ILLBLEED rolls into town and you're friends want to go. You don't so you let them go. A few days later there is no sign of them so you decide to go to the theme park in hope of finding your friends. Little do you know that it's a helluva lot easier getting in than it is getting out.

Overall: 9/10

Replay value: This game has four endings, one if you rescue all your friends, one if you rescue one or more and one where you don't rescue any at all (never seen this ending before) The fourth ending comes when you complete the game at least once and don't rescue any of your friends, this is he real ending.

Buy or Rent: Buy, you will definetly want to play this game again after a while, I fear that my Dreamcast hasn't got very long to live now.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/14/08

Game Release: Illbleed (JP, 03/29/01)

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