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Reviewed: 04/27/01 | Updated: 05/03/01

Once you go in.. will you ever come out?

Illbleed is claimed to be one of the scariest games with lots of horror and traps. With this ''big hype'', it makes me wonder ''It is really true?''. Learning that Blue Stinger was a previous game that the producers made.. I tried playing it, hoping to see what kind of game I may find myself getting into. Unfortunately, with terrible controls (very floaty) and camera angles.. it really put some negative feelings toward Illbleed. Until...

After weeks of delays and distribution problems, it was finally released! With lots of reviews from editors claiming it has control and camera problems.. it really scared the gamers into wondering if it's a good game or not. Well, Master LL have finally bought it and now holds the Judgement! Believe me.. it's better than those over-hyped control problems!

The story is at most average. Granted there are some pretty cool levels with an interesting story.. but most could be considered ''B-rated'' (how ironic since the main person who built the house in Illbleed is a B-movie producer). One problem is the script which is written. Although the dialogue for the introducing levels are well done, the character's script (especially the dialogue they speak in) is really, really bad. Call it bad acting if you want. While the comments I've said should've been in the Music/SFX section, it's mentioned here cause that alone is part OF the storyline. With several few endings (1-3 different endings) it can varies depending on your gameplay.

How original! As a player, you MUST use your senses (sight, smell, hear & 6'th sense) to overcome traps and puzzles. Using your senses is VERY important cause you must prevent traps from increasing your Heart Rate or cause you to bleed.. otherwise you'll die pretty quick from a heart attack or from bleeding to death.

With over 20+ traps and monsters to fight (per level), it may seem impossible.. but luckily, by finding the Horror Monitor in the beginning of each level, you may detect traps and other unlikely situations. While this may be a lifesaver, it has a drawback. It cost Adrenaline to use the Monitor (-10 pts per usage) plus placing warnings (-40 pts per warn) to protect yourself from the trap or being ambushed by the monsters.

Not only are there monsters and traps to avoid. There are some few minor puzzles to solve. While they aren't the greatest puzzles in the world and the fact it's rare to even find a puzzle in this game.. it helps slows down and increase the gameplay length a little bit (especially those who are stumped in the puzzles).

VERY overrated by a lot of reviewers. First off, the controls is VERY easy to get used to. While the button configurations isn't the best.. it's very easy to understand the layout and use it without any problems when playing. Camera angle, another problem reviewers complained, is also over-hyped. As long you choose SEMI-FOLLOW CAMERA 1 or 2, you shouldn't have any trouble playing this game at all.

There IS one minor problem though, but it isn't too much of a problem once you get used to it. The analog stick should've been control sensitive. Meaning that the harder you push the analog stick toward that direction.. the faster the character walk.. then to run. Instead you MUST push from the center (default) to the direction of where you want to go, very quickly, to have the character run. Otherwise, it'll just.... *urk*... walk.

Very good graphical looks for a game like this! It fits the mood and it looks great! Unfortunately it may remind you of 1'st Generation graphics (aka. Blue Stinger) since it's pretty similar to it. Some levels have some great design (like Hotel, Toy shop, Hell) but others are not too impressive (Farm).

Most characters and monsters are nicely detailed.. but one thing that could've been done is to MOVE THEIR MOUTHS WHEN TALKING! Overall, the design is great. BUT, they should've pushed the DC's graphical capabilities a lot more.

-MUSIC/SFX- [06]
Descent BGMs which is good for the mood.. but nothing memorable. The sound effects (SFX) was done VERY nicely which puts from ''frightful'' feelings. As for voice acting, most ranges from terrible to descent (the characters especially) while the narrator does a great job in introducing the levels.

Too bad the script (especially in the intro before you play Illbleed) wasn't too great. Last, sometimes it's hard to hear what they were saying, making you wish they had a caption at the bottom to clear up some muddled voices.

-REPLAY- [06]
While there's the randomization feature to help improve gameplay, there's other challenges that can be done too! Meeting all the requirements or not using upgradable parts for your characters insures a longer replay value. Unfortunately, all in the end.. there's only 6 levels (which isn't too much) and most of them can be accomplished within a hour. The lack of levels really hurts the replay.. although you can still get a good challenge out of this game. Don't forget about the TRUE ENDING which you can get if you play the 2nd time (from the Save Game you used to beat with).

Basically, if you like an original game, which requires some paranoia, detecting traps with your senses, making sure you don't die from heart attacks or bleeding, solving some puzzles and being involved in some strange B-rated movies... then this game is for you! While most negatives opinions by other reviews were over-hyped, it isn't really as bad as it seems at all. Still, if in doubt, rent first. Either way, it's a very original game which entertain with paranoia.

Overall Summery [+/-]
+ Original
+ Using Senses to detect traps
+ Graphics
+ Adjustable camera angles
+ Easy, usable controls
+ Randomized traps/enemies/recovery items
- Too little levels
- Should've used ''sensitive control'' for analog stick
- May cause paranoia
- Overacting on blood spilling
- Difficulty ranges depending on how well you use your ''senses''

Master LL- filled with paranoia when playing Illbleed.

Grade Scale (01-10):
01- Avoid like plague
05- Average
10- Perfect

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Rating:   4.0 - Great

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