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"One of the best survival horror games in awhile..."

Story and Presentation: Mind you the story when it starts out is cheesy and campy but that is what is supposed to be, A insane millionaire offers you millions if you beat his horror theme park and survive, your friends go without you to the park to prove if this park is really real or just a hoax, when they don't return your lead character goes to the park and thus the story begins.

Each theatre aka stage has a different movie theme and campiness to it, you will be taken to different locations such as hell, a haunted motel, a trailer park, a woodmill, a toystore, a department store among so much more. The presentation is carried out from a different feel than the resident evil games which is good the controls take nothing from them, think if you have played silent hill and they ported it to dreamcast that is how it would control. 9/10

Gameplay: This is where the game really shines, you must not only fight enemies but also avoid traps using your horror monitor which are like binoculars that attach onto a area which may contain a item, a trap, or nothing at all, all the traps in the game are random so it is a different game every time you play it. Going up stairs is nothing like resident evil either you don't see your character walking slowly up the stairs with your view based on the stairs, you run up them and then it fades to blackness for a very short period and you are in the next room.

The bosses in this game took allot of thought and imagination to come up with them, these are not your typical shoot at the monster and run around type of fights (well not all of them), it takes more thinking and sometimes a best defense is better than a offense. I could talk all day about this category but I will end with this, I hope and pray there is a illbleed 2. 10/10

Graphics: The character models aka the characters you play as really look badly animated like first generation graphics but the enemies, surrounding and such are really good and detailed, for example outside of one of the levels before you start you look up at the theatre and you see a blinking sign which goes one word at a time blinking and fading then it lights up at the end that say's Horror Surround System i think, there are many little details in the environments i find something new playing a stage over and over again just to find all the little detail...but mind you this isn't detail as in shenmue graphics details but it overall like cracks in the plaster and such. Also everything in this game bleeds, you can slap a enemy and a fountain of blood will gush out, which adds to the campy horror theme.

Sound: This is a mixed bag, while they took allot into the suspense department like..(violins start playing low then when the enemy get's closer it slowly builds then when he attacks it screeches highly like in the movies), to the water splashing off the plaster floor in the shower rooms, there is some lack of different weapon sounds and the character voices and translations could have been a bit better, everything the characters say like COOL and such aka Beverly Hills 90210, of course this is a campy horror theme game and it can been forgiven, hell the characters are introduced by their name flashing onto the screen like in a movie.

Camera and Controls: This is where the game hurts but you can get used to the controls within the first or second stage of playing the game, sometimes when you are trying to look at the surroundings with your horror monitor it will pull you in on a location that you might not want to look at but the mapping game editor put the fields of the camera too wide, that means that say if a item is way down a hall you could look at the wall and it will draw you down the hall to look at that, the guy maybe should have cut down the area of the field mapping, now everyone blames the controls but this game has way better controls than resident evil codename veronica in my opinion, what hinders the controls though is when that camera goes whacky once or twice in a hallway and say you run into a enemy you will have to run around twice till the camera get's into alignment with the enemy and you can hack away at him. But as I said after the first or second stage of playing you get used to this set-up and you do not notice it anymore Also there are 4 different camera angle’s to choose from to fix up the camera problem..7.5/10

Originality: This is one of the most original games I have ever played as I stated before you get turned into a wooden puppet and chased through a maze by woodcutters to a talking cake from hell to a monkey that steals your horror monitor to use on your character for sexual perversions (trust me play it and you will see what I mean), A plastic doll that talks out of her ass, a demented view on toy story (very demented), this game reeks individuality and most games that try to go for that end up not being the better for it and taking a dive but this one pulls it off nicely and it is a breathe of clean air for the gamer. 10/10

Replay: This game has 7 stages to transverse through, 3 endings, a mini-game, play as a brainless character through the game which I will not reveal but it is funny as hell to do so plus the replay value of visiting your favorite levels over again and to see different traps and try to survive the horror that is illbleed. 9/10

Overall Score 8.5-9.0/10

My closing words, buy illbleed now. Give this game a chance till you have played level 3 because that is when the game really shines, the first two levels are ok but not the best levels in the game.

This is a must have game for hard core true gamers and dreamcast lovers, you must own this game like you must own jetgrind radio or shenmue because this game is nothing else like it out there and is one of a kind.

This game isn't resident evil shoot'em up no brain thinking game, this is the opposite, if you go in thinking of a resident evil clone, you will be disappointed. Remember the game is a cheesy b horror movie game through and through and have fun with it.

Do not go into the game thinking it is going to be a resident evil clone, shoot em up and get disappointed. This game is much better than resident evil imho. It is a thinking man's survival horror and a funny survival horror, it is bashing survival horror games and cheesy b horror movies

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/10/02, Updated 03/10/02

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