Review by Daniel Floyd

"Great and kinda Scary"

I found that this is one of my favorite games ever and my definate favorite Dreamcast game...

The story goes my friend Dustin bought the game and he showed it to me when he came over, I was thinking oh that games going to be horrible, and he didn't convince me to play it for about 2 weeks. Then I watched him and thought that game looks cool, and fun but hard, then I played it fell in love with it and bought my own copy, now I've only beaten the first 3 stages but I expect it will keep up at an awesome pace.

Graphics 9/10 - I truly love the graphics but compared to a few of the games I have seen it lacks just a little bit.

Sound 10/10 - I think the music and the voices are great.

Gameplay 10/10 - the story and story line are superb, It falls together perfectly like some cheesy b-flick.

replay value - I think it'd be kind of questionable because the stages are so long but I think if you just took intervals of playing it you could keep a steady pace and enjoy it the same all the time!

However I cannot say that this game scared me much at all but I am kind of hard to scare so I will have to say it was pretty spooky.

The best stage I have played so far is Woodpuppets, I think it's just lame and funny... I don't know if they were really trying to make this stage scary but it did make me alittle edgy around my puppet I have.

I can just really say that I wish the attraction Illbleed was real, I would put my life up for a million actually being I don't even like money I think I'd just go there for fun. Then again they couldn't really kill you in a amusement park type thing that'd be illegal so I guess really I don't care if they ever make it. I don't care about money, there'd be no real chance of death and if they did pay you it'd only be like one hundred bucks, I think I'll just stick with the game.

Well, I guess all I really have left to say is I'd recommend this game to any person who has a dreamcast, I think you would enjoy it frankly I wish there was a second part to it just like I think about Incredible Crisis, I bought those games at the same time for like 20 dollars, and I think you should play and enjoy them both... I guess my 400 character min. is finally up.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/04/02, Updated 05/04/02

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