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"I didnt know God made games?"

Because this baby, is pure Perfection!!!!

Im not going to get into the story here because if you dont know it by now after reading the 10 other reviews for this game, eghhh...lets just get to the meat and potatos here.


And I'll tell you why...
This game was very good with what it had to work with, and on top of that this game had so much detail in just screamed ''Look'' ''Look at this'' and then threw it into your face. From the Horror like intro title screens to each new level, to the dark hallways, and even all the creepy products that try to kill you at the Killer Dept. Store level. This game had it all!


Not bad, but some getting used to. The controlles themself are just fine. But alot of people complained about the dodging of enemies. Believe me, with practice its the easiest thing ever. Not hard at all. But now, as far as the gameplay goes, its VERY easy to die in this game. DONT go running through it because you cant! You will be butchered!!! Take your time, soak up the great graphics and environment, and TRY to stay alive. You even have a horror monitor that tells you when a monster, ghost, baked bread, cartoon bear, undead zombie, sega dreamcast system, tv, pool, beer bottles, stuffed dolls, worms, dead things, knives, dead department store managers, a pigs butt, roaches, can of beans, or a hairy eyeball candy will try to kill you or scare the living crap out of you. Yes people...thats all in the game...and It wants to send you into early retirement. This game takes time and practice, but is very rewarding, and its nothing you have ever played.


Great sound...I cant even imagine this game with surround sound. You hear noises and things that go bump in the night around ever corner. The music REALLY fits in with the levels. And when things jump out at you, a very loud noise follows. The voice acting is hoaky, but cmon...its bearable, and I have heard worse.


MANY different endings depending on people you save, and lets not, they filled this game with over 3000 traps. So your never running into the same one, its like a new treatment of horror each time you play. Dont expect things to be in the same spot as well, because there not.


But I would go even higher if I could. People, they put alot of work into this game. I have been playing games since 1982, and I have never played a game like this. It is unique, and it was a sleeper hit. You REALLY jump in this game, and there were so many mistakes in this game as well, from the words that were incorrect, to the voice acting that would miss a word, to things they did a crappy job cutting out. Cmon, you can play as the main female character NUDE! This game was bizarre!!! You fight killer eggs, Bloody Mary, the Cake from hell, you stay a night in Hotel Banballo where some maniac tries to burn you. The level and story is taken right out of Nightmare on Elm street. They based all of there levels on horror movie concepts. The game is so hoaky and sometimes very scary.
Give the game a fare try, and it will eventually be one of your favorites!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/14/02, Updated 05/14/02

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