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"Bleeding never felt so good"

It's time to bleed ladies and gentleman. And your going to savor every last second of it. Illbleed is a great survival horror game that while it might not be too scary it's really really funny with a twisted sense of humor. This game is often times compared with resident evil, but is so shockingly different it might just change your outlook on what a survival horror game should be.

Story: 10/10. All right the story is a bit cheesy, but given the game it's in, it works just fine. Meet Michael Reynolds. Now Mr.Reynolds is kinda like a cross between Wes Craven and Walt Disney. Reynolds has made some of the most gory horror movies of all time, most of which have been banned from theaters due to their explicit content. Now he has made an amusement park based on all of them. That amusement park is called ''ILLBLEED''. It is said that whoever can make it through the park alive, will win a cool $100,000,000. Problem is, no one has ever came out alive. Now then meet Eriko Christy, the head of her school's horror club. Eriko was raised on horror movies and has grown accustomed with them. Three of her friends go off to Illbleed to try and win the money but they don't return. Reluctantly, Eriko goes to Illbleed to find out what happened. What she finds will change her life forever. And that's just the first level.

Graphics: 9/10. The graphics here are really good. Character models are a mixed bag. Some are not as detailed as others. The environments look so bloody good though, and it just really gets you into the game. The problem is, that characters mouths don't move when they speak. But that really shouldn't prevent you from playing because you can't really take this game that seriously. Oh and the blood. There is a TON of blood. It looks so good while it is just splashing everywhere! So although some characters are not up to par with others, and their mouths don't move, the graphics are wonderful.

Sound fx: 9/10. Ahhhh, aint nothing like the sound of blood spraying out in every direction from a wound. The sound effects are excellent. From the eerie music, to the voices it all just fits. The voices can be a little cheesey though, but it fits the style of a cheap horror movie. The main menu's theme with the booming thunder is a great piece of music. It all just sounds great.

Controls: 8/10. A lot of people have had problems with getting the controls down, but I didn't really have a problem at all with them. Moving the thumb pad lightly will cause Eriko to slowly walk, and pushing the thumb pad all the way will make her run. Jumping in this game can be a little hard but once you get used to it you'll do fine.

Gameplay: 10/10.
Ok first things first. You start out in an over world of sorts and then you find a theater. Once inside it's time to really play the game. You are first introduced to a list of conditions that must be met in order to win money from that stage. The money is used in the over world to buy supplies and level up your characters stats. Then somewhere in the beginning of the level you'll find whats called a ''Horror monitor''. This allows you to see traps or ''Shock events''. When you use the monitor it will zoom in on something. Pressing the a button will warn you that something may be there. Now walk over to where the monitor zoomed in. Normally if you didn't have the monitor a trap would have occurred and you would have been hurt. BUT since you used the monitor you evaded the trap. Sometimes nothing will be there. Using the monitor requires you to use some of your adrenaline. If you run out of adrenaline you can not use the monitor.

Also the senses play a huge role in this game. You have to watch your sight, hearing, smell and ''sixth sense'' at the bottom of the screen. If something is nearby one of the senses will go wild. That's when you want to use the horror monitor. Your character also has certain parameters. Pulse, adrenaline, Bleeding, and physical strength (hit points). When your pulse and bleeding get too high you can faint, and this would cause you to get a game over. If your adrenaline or hit points get too low, this will also cause you to faint. Luckily there are items you can buy to help keep these parameters in place.

In most levels there is one person you can save. If you do save them, you can use them for the next level. Each character has different parameters to keep the gameplay varied. Each level also has a weapon you can equip, and trust me your going to need it.

Next are battles. Besides looking for shock events you have to fight some bloody battles. Some battles are better left running away from, but if you do decide to duke it out with the neighborhood zombies, you are rewarded with adrenaline. Also of note, it is possible to select different camera angles. Some work better then others though.

Replay/ fun factor: 10/10. To make you come back for more, there are 3 different endings depending on certain criteria. Also there is a hidden mini game that can be unlocked. You'll also just want to replay it just for the fun of it, to see what certain traps do, and to watch the very funny cut scenes. Illbeed has a rater sick sense of humor and it fits so well with the tone of this game. Also this game can be a bit hard at first. Just give it some time too grow on you. You will get better and you'll just want to keep playing to see the next level. Problem is with only 6 levels it is a bit short, but every level except for one, are all perfectly designed for maximum horror and fun.

Conclusion: I urge everyone mature enough to play this game. Give it a chance, and don't come in thinking it's going to be the next resident evil. I mean cmon. That's like comparing Wes Craven to Walt Disney. An excellent game worth every penny. Now then go have a nice long bleed....

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 05/27/02, Updated 05/27/02

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