Review by MJC

"It's not a horror game, its just a horror to play."

People say this isn't another Resident Evil clone and if you ask me thats the friggin problem cause this ain't working.

Graphics 6/10

Stages look pretty cool and are kinda creepy, the monster look good and scary as well when they pop up out no where, but its kinda funny that they fight like pro wrestlers. I wouldn't say the graphics are bad or any thing but they are boring and lack detail. Also instead making all that crappy looking blood fly around the should of worked on making the mouths move, they keep nodding and swinging their arms around like Power Rangers or something.

Gameplay 3/10

Featuring the new peek a boo system. What you mainly do in this game is just walk spooky environment using some stupid monitor and just see if there is a trap or clues. Also you fight, thats right you are a 90 girl taking on some giant pro wrestling monsters. The fighting is noting more then run, one attack (changes when you get a new weapon), and dodge, I'm not asking for a in depth fighting engine but sheesh how lame do you get. Also the stages are just way too long and very, very repetitive.

Sound 4/10

The music kinda has a freak show/kinda creepy thing going on... and ofcourse some splash sounds for the blood. The talking is horrible, I guess they were going for the Resident Evil feel so they decided to make it god awful, well it still blows away House of The Dead 2.

Replay Value 2/10

You probably wouldn't even get through this game, it really just drags.

Worth Getting?

Well depends if you can find it in the bargain bin for $0.99, it may actually be worth picking up, otherwise stay away.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.0 - Poor

Originally Posted: 07/23/02, Updated 07/23/02

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