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"The oddball of video games is my reason to still put faith in this industry"

A kid who is obsessed with sports is called a ''Jock''. A kid who has his head stuck in the hood of a car is called a ''Motor Head''. I could continue down the list but the point is, what do you call someone who fancies original games that don't get much attention from the mass media but still delves into the uncertainty surrounding it? That my friends is called a ''wise gamer''. With this game at hand called ''ILLBLEED'', it leaps over the boundaries of originality but not only does it excel in that department but many others as well. Right this way...


Bright, moody, animeish, this game captures the B horror movie as any other game out there. Characters move freely with impressive framerate around the golden screen in this beautiful world. The environments shocked me at how creative they were. So is the reason I gave this a 9.


I love cheesy stories and you should too. Eriko Christy is head of the horror club in her school and her friends galavant to the park ILLBLEED headed by the insane movie maker Michael Reynolds who produces, writes and directs his own films mind you that. It is up to Eriko to rescue her friends and uncover the truth behind ILLBLEED. Did I mention a cash reward? Well...........100 million is your reward for surviving ILLBLEED but that will be the least of your concerns, hehe.


The most repetitive complaint I have heard about this game is jumping. Well, I am here to set things straight once and for all. JUMPING IS NOT DIFFICULT IN THIS GAME! The only reason people have trouble with that is because they rush and therefore mess up and blame it on the jumping controls. Before I delve further into this section, I must say one thing. This game will be a form of patience and has a moderate learning curve. Ok, now, the walking/running factor was a pain since it worked ever so weirdly with no indication of press sensitive D-pad control. I got over it, no big deal. Everything is fine in this game but now to my most famed section!

Special Feature(10/10)

It is............................the Horror Monitor! I am so F*** impressed with this contraption of godly proportions. When I first heard about this I was so amazed at how simple but unique it is. The deal with it is that you have to find one in each level. I almost returned the game because I couldn't find it in the first level(pssssst, it is on he right side of the porch where there are two trees). Its usage is that it detects traps that could raise your heartbeat or make you bleed to death. You use the HM to disarm traps which prevents from your untimely demise from such baddies or traps. Is is your lifeline, use it well...


There is shrieks and horrible voice acting but guess what? It fits with this game, a game that doesn't even take itself seriously. The movies are laughable and the characters are whacked out but that doesn't matter b/c this game is so enticing and fun. Now, the intros creeped me out at first. I was petrified that I was going into the same hotel that a crazy man with a flamethrower would meet me. I almost forgot I was in a funhouse.....


Absolutely! You could play this game forever because it is such an experience of the B movie world in its most purest incarnation into a home console. Did I mention the main character becomes naked with a special ending? More the reasons to play ILLBLEED.


I have had this game for over a year already and had created my Gamefaqs account entirely for this game. Please, don't miss out on ILLBLEED. Come join the family, sit down and bleed away into the bizarre world of Michael Reynolds.

ILLBLEED gets a deserving 10/10.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 07/25/02, Updated 07/25/02

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