Review by xTurksx

"I'll Bleed For Buyin"

Lots of hope for this game based on the various previews, but it just didn't live up to the hype, if any. Unique in the way that you try and guess were the traps are, but it was executed horribly. Read the review to learn why this game isn't worth anything more that $15….or the CD it was written on.

Graphics : Six out of Ten

Stages look very well done and actually have a creepiness to them. Where many have gone wrong, some of the monsters are pretty freaky looking. Makes you wonder what the developers were smoking. They are sad though with their animations. Seriously though, its hard to look at Shenmue then look at this game. This could have been a scary game, but it never takes itself seriously.

Gameplay : Two out of Ten

IllBleed features a new system based on your vitals. Over the course of the game various traps can frighten your character. The problem is that it is impossible to tell what is and isn't going to attack you. Some things that attack you shouldn't even count as scary. This includes a light getting bright and various other things. Guess the developers thought it was cool that a character spills 5 buckets of blood when an enemy hits them.
The various horror stories are actually pretty interesting though.

Sound : Five out of Ten

B-Movie laughable dialogue that the characters do not even moves their lips. The music has a circus sideshow style to it. Of course they have some monster groans and the added special of a sound effect of a water bucket splashed on the ground for the blood.

Replay Value : Three out of Ten

I am suprised if you even bother play through the whole game. It is that horrible. You can get a laugh or two out of the dialogue, but that is pretty much it. The instruction booklet its even more fun than the game.

Buy it?

Stay away...far away. If you want to just see the trap system, then laugh at it I guess, but try and rent it as a two for one deal. For the game worth paying for, I suggest getting Power Stone 2 or Shenmue. Those are games worth any price.
If possible, try and find Clock Tower for the PSX. This game will scare you.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/15/02, Updated 09/15/02

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