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"Not for those with a weak heart"

I just got my Dreamcast Magazine in the mail, I open it up to a fold-out AD, I open it to see a paragraph bragging of a extremely scary game. I think last time I was scared of a game was back in da days of Duke Nukem, and Half-Life. So I went to every website about this game I preordered it and never touched a ray of sunlight for a month.

Graphics: 6

I beat this game 4 times, though the last time I played it was about 5 months ago. So using today's standards on console games. I rated it. They over do the blood in this game just a little. Like getting punched by a woodpuppet makes you shoot 3 gallons of blood outta your body. The beginning cutscenes are good. Everything graphical satisfying.

Sound: 8

They found the creepiest and eeriest sounds available to scare you and make you jump at the shock events. I remember sometimes I had to turn down my volume cuz I'd jump at the slightest shriek. Not complaints.

Gameplay: 134253523526 (In other words: 10)

This is why I play games, gameplay, that's why Half-Life and Mario Bros. can still out do the fun factor on some of the games today. Basically you go into ''Replicas'' of the movies created by the director hosting this theme park, not to give away the whole story. You have to avoid shock events scary little popup things sorta like ''Eternal Darkness'' this game has comic moments too. Take the Toy Story-like saga, that level is insane and funny. You will have so much fun while playing this. Best Level? You ask...the shopping center and for those who like to be scared? Beware of the Woodpuppets. Though the combat system is a little crazy. This game will frusterate you, you will be ripping your hair out especially in the movie theater level.

Controls: 6

They are a little complex at first then again what game isn't?

Replay Value: 7

By the time you beat the game you won't remember the first level. If you beat it on hard along with other things, you can play as Eriko in the nude all muddy and dirty. You will beat this game more than once if you beat it once.

+ Great Story
+ Scary
+ FUN!
+ Lasting Appeal
+ Eriko Naked.

+ Overdone Ending.
+ Combat System needs a little help.

Rent or Buy?

If you can find this game now, Buy it. This game will keep you busy and is a great challenge. Woodpuppet Maze, in the Top 10 of Console Gaming Challenges.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/10/03, Updated 07/14/03

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