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"Once again, another underated game"


Before we get onto the review, let's just talk about Magazine reviewer's for a sec. They are stupid. They are the worst gamer's ever, stating that graphics's have to be good in order to maintain a good game. Let's look at Joe Rybicki's review for Evil Dead: FFoB. He gave it 3.0 out of 5.0, stating it mediocre, and saying the graphic's were ugly. Congrat's, jackass. You once again try to prevent another great game seeing an even better sequel.
But reviews alone weren't the only reason why Illbleed didn't sell well. 1) It was released too late in the life of Dreamcast 2) How many people actually had a Dreamcast? 3) Everyone else, including reviewer's, just plain ol' put it down, and told everyone else not to even bother. So, he we are with another game that society uses to prove that they are stupid and dim witted. So, that officially makes Illbleed another underrated game. Damn shame, too.
Using a fresh Gameplay design, they forged together a funny, downright stupid game. But in a good way. Now, making you think more then running through the game, you will spend alot of time looking around in first person view, trying NOT to trigger trap's.That's right, traps. You no longer just bump into enemies. They jump at you in trap's. Using a special tool, you have to find the monster's, and using that special tool, mark them so that don't scare you.
It is a unique, and first time design. Wit over Strength is how this game is. It forces you to slow down, take a deep breath, and look around, giving off a whole new perspective of the enviroment.
Created by Crazy Game's, the freaks that brought us Blue Stinger, Illbleed should be looked at as a whole new, breath-of-fresh-air for gamer's. It includes a new way of gaming, and surprisingly, changed some of how Survival Horror is played ( See Fatal Frame). Anyway's, on with the review.


You play as Eriko Christy, a girl that run's her local High School Horror Club. She is braver then anyone. That's right. She isn't scared after her father scared the beejezuss out of her in his little horror caravan. She became so brave, she went on to star in a few movie's, and a few game shows. Now, 18, she is making her way through high school. Until one of her friend's ( Some how, a phsychic, PU-lease) shows up with some ticket's to Illbleed, a Virtual Theme Park filled with horror's that no one has ever survived to talk about. Survive, and you get 1,000,000 $. Her three friend's, being the idiot's they are, decide to check out this Fatal Theme Park. Eriko, feeling a little constipated, decide's not to go. 3 day's later, the three teenage idiot's haven't shown up. Eriko, for some reason, decide's to go off looking for them.


Ok, why are you going to bother finding your three friend's when they decided to check out this Fatal Theme Park in the first place? Hard to beleive they can dress themselves


The game then goes from there, throwing you into 6 different scenario's, featuring different stories based around B-Horror flick's.


Alot of variety in the storie's


Gameplay relies on using your 4 senses. You have to find item's, traps, and enemies using them, as well as the horror monitor. The horror monitor can mark trap's, so that way, you can go up to these trap's and not get hurt, scared, trashed, torn, stabed, jabbed, thrown, and downright screwed. You will end up monitoring your bleeding, Adrenaline, and Pulse, preventing yourself from having a heart attack, or breaking down.
You travel across 6 different scenario's, traveling back to the Main Park inbetween and stocking up on item's, and fufilling park qualification's ( Don't bleed at this level, don't pulse at this level ETC) Eventually, making your way to the final Area.
Of course, you do get a few item's and weapon's to help along the way. Over 10 item's keep your stats high, and weapon's are spreaded through out the level's. It's just stupid that you can't keep them with you, though.
And as you go through the game, you save more and more character's ( or let them die), and gain control over them. This here create's a wide variety of gameplay styles, and you can even upgrade them. Ton's of Replay Value here. Served in Stat form ;)
This technique does it's best on keeping you from running around area's. If you do so, you'll find yourself some hairy guy's bitch.


Something new, that has never been done before.


Hmmm. Well. There isn't much sound effect's, besides moaning and groaning. Blood spray's have a strong ICK to them, but they are the only highlight's. Music is downright nerve racking, though. Tottally. The main theme park get's on your nerve's after awhile, while in some area's, they are just, loud. Voice acting is cheesy, which is reasonable. It has to be, considering this game tries to aim for a strong B-Horror level. But still, that is no reason for Randy to sound like a girl.


Can't please us all......


Yeah, graphics. Let's take note, this was released in 2001, so I am going to try and remain fair to it, ok.
The graphics, even at the time, we choppy and blocky. The texture's were horrible, and some items should be in full 3-D, while they turned up 2-D, and in some cases, such as a pair of scissors found laying around, part of the Texture's
Animations were ok, and some MO-CAP was used here and there, but still, enemies moved around like robot's, which is a big trouble. Let's not forget the amount of blood here. It comes out in the form over 5 gallons ( 5 Gallons/buckets seems to be famous in Illbleed Reviews), and the blood doesn't even stay! It takes about 2 seconds before it goes by bye!


Lacking even then

Replay Value

You can do some interesting things in this game. Make one of your friend's retarded ( Even though the person ALREADY is stupid, making no difference), make one of your friend's naked, 4 ending's, hidden boss, hidden game, building up character's. There is quite alot to do before you pawn it. Plus, there are some small things that you well find funny, like translation errors, miscaculated stats, and incorrect bio-logical info.


It can have you going for a few weeks


Some moment's are rough and tough, which decrease the fun. Plus, now and then, you'll come across slow parts. Afterawhile, you get use to everything, and it becomes second hand to you, allowing you to pass through everything without getting touched. But still, you have 2 weeks of gameplay here, and most likely found for only 20 dollar's. There is about 30$ gameplay here, folk's.


Fun for a while



The presentation is nice, something new from previous Survival horror games. Plus, the writing is hilarious, and the characters are sometimes, TOO colorful. Overall, Illbleed is a gem, and if you miss it, I'll beat you into the ground.

Rent or (Buy)

The only answers here are '' Yeah'', ''Sure'', and ''Yes''. It's true, you can't find it in Video Stores, nowadays

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/26/04

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