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"A wondeful peice of gaming goodness! *US Verison Review*"

Before you read on, you should know that this was the first King of Fighters game I'd ever had the privilege of playing. It defiantly won't be my last.

First of all, I'll go through the minor parts of the game. While minor, they do add alot of flare to the product, therefore deserving their own sections.


I'd been thirsting for a 2d fighter for a while, graphics regardless, but KOF's attention to detail was amazing.

While the characters were slightly pixilated, it didn't hinder the score for the Graphics section at all.

3d backgrounds that look just great.

Depending on the level, details will be added to your character. For example, in one level effected by rain, your character has an extra effect on his head and shoulders to show the rain's influence on him/her.

Awesome animation and special effects.

Great pictures of each character in the Character Select screen.

Some backgrounds have a small amount of jaggies.

Characters are slightly pixilated.



Your basic sounds/grunts/taunts/music.

Great music.

Nice Sound Effects.

Not a one in this department.



I'd have to say that KOF's fighting beats other recent fighter's pants off. It just kills me with laughter when I see someone trying to button mash just to lose in the end. This game requires skill and practice, and it's all worth it. Tight controls help this game along one hundred percent.

Tops of the line gameplay.

Tight Control.

Hard to play with normal thumbs are about to bleed.



A rather sad department, I'm afraid. All characters are unlocked already. You can unlock Strikers to aid you in battles, but there isn't a very large amount of them. I'm still working on getting them all(takes a while)

Difficult to get all of the Strikers.

Every character already unlocked.

Not much to work for besides the strikers.


All in all, defiantly worth the money in all respects! I recommend it fully. It's still challenging to me against the computer, and mastering each of the characters is both a chore and a joy. I'll be having fun with this one for a while......of course, until KOF:2000 comes out! :)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 01/06/01, Updated 01/06/01

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