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"An OK conversion..."

The King of Fighers series has been long running. King of Fighters 99 is another part of the long storyline. With each battle, there is a meaning. Whether its personal grudges, or the feeling of triumph, it matters not. This game just rocks.

King of Fighters Evolution 99 (not to be confused with Dream Match 99, which was KoF98) is the Dreamcast port of King of Fighters 99. All the characters are there, including the new ones like Kasumi and the badass Jhun Hoon, as well as the older characters Terry Bogard, his brother Andy, Kim, Mary, the bouncy Mai.....they are all here.

A few new feature in KoF99 include the Striker system and the Counter and Armor modes. The Striker system is similar to the assist system in Marvel vs Capcom 2. Your Striker (which is the fourth person) jumps in and does an attack. However, the Striker can only be called in a certain number of times. Unlike MvC2, the Striker's purpose isn't to cause major damage, but to provide a link in a combo. Some Strikers do NO damage, but stun your opponent. The Counter Bar is now similar to the Advanced Mode in KoF98. You cannot charge up your meter like in previous KoFs. However, you gain access to the Counter and Armor modes. When the Super Meter is full, you can activate the Counter mode. In this mode, yoiu flash red and can do unlimited DMs, and at a faster speed. This is most effective when used in a combo. The other mode, Armor mode, prevents your character from being knocked down for a short period of time. Those who have used Juggernaut in MvC2 will know that ordinary attacks can't knock him down. The Armor mode works in the same way. Both can be used effectively to the max.

For Shingo fans, he has been toned up a bit. He has lost a few moves, but still retains his better ones (SHINGO KICK!!). He has, however, lost his Critical Hits. Kyo Kusanagi has a new costume, and has changed a LOT. But for those who prefer the older Kyos, there are two clones, one having the older attacks, the other using the newer moves.

Gameplay 8/10
Newcomers to the KoF might have a hard time adjusting to the commands, but veterans will do fine. There is no slowdown, and the game runs pretty fast.

Sound 9/10
The voice acting is EXCELLENT as always, with clear voices and great sound effects. A few voices have been altered, but who cares??

Graphics 8/10
Graphics are alright. No biggie. The animation runs smooth, but the special effects can be a bit dull, especially if you've seen the ones in Capcom vs SNK.

Lastability 8/10
The only things you unlock are Special Strikers. These strikers have different attacks to the standard characters, and have different costumes (Kyo has a black jacket, Athena is in her school uniform...), but playing the game over and over can get pretty frustrating and boring after a while. The depth of the game is great, however.

Buy or rent? Rent first. If you like, buy.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 02/14/01, Updated 02/14/01

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