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Reviewed: 02/24/01 | Updated: 02/24/01

A wonderful series, an almost perfect game.

After the tragic loss of SNK in America, I bet that no one thought KOF 99 would ever come to America. But luckily, Agetec had the guts to bring this over to America (unlike another game we know... *COUGH* Sakura Taisen *COUGH*) So here is my review for SNK's last game (in America, anyway) for Dreamcast, the King of Fighters 99!

Gameplay- 9/10
As usual, this game has the gameplay to back up its graphics. This game features a LOT of changes from 98, so many that it almost feels like a different game entirely! The new striker system is great as well, as you get to mix strikers and team members. There are also counter and armor special modes available, and many other features which add punch to the package. The loading times are also VERY short. You can barely tell when it's even loading!

Graphics- 8/10
Well what do you expect? It's a 2-D game. It's got great graphics (again, for a 2-D game), and the 3-D backgrounds add a nice punch to the already colorful and vibrant flair of the characters. The character sprites are also very nicely detailed, and have a lot of colors. The game also can handle a lot on the screen going on at the same time. I can't even remember the last time I saw slowdown.

Sound- 7/10
Is it just me or are some characters louder than others. The sound effects are average, and the voices vary from character to character. The music is nice, and some of the tracks are memorable, if not annoying. The game music is also very consistent, going on even during loading times!

Replay Value- 8/10
The 33 characters and several game modes breathe life into an already healthy game. You'll probably find yourself spending a lot of time trying to get the strikers! You'll notice that you're better with some characters than others, so you should try them all to see who fits you. And with over 1000 possible combinations (that's right, 1000!) the possibilities are endless. Also, if you have a friend to fight, tell him to come over and fight! The game provides 1-on-1 AND 3-on-3 fights!

Challenge- 6/10
This may very well be the game's Achilles' heel. The game has no challenge in the beginning, and becomes hard at the end. Also, some characters do a LOT more damage than others, so usually you'll be at a disadvantage before stage 3.

SNK fans owe it to themselves, as this may be the last KOF game you'll ever see. Anyone who's also curious about KOF may want to rent to see what it's like to play a (almost) perfect game.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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