Review by Takezo

"Worth a look if you don't have KOF Dream Match"

This is a two hours impression of the game. I will try to update it if there are more things to add.

Graphics : 7
Still the old KOF 99 Dream Match (DM) quality for foreground and character drawings. If you don't have Dream Match, it is the same like in playstation (KOF 98). The improvement is the 3D background which we already have in DM. Shadows mimic character movement like in Jojo Bizzare Adventure (Jojo). I think SNK should consider more changes if they don't want to get beaten by Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (MVC2) and Guilty Gear X.

Sound : 8
The sound is improved from Playstation 98 version. No more crappy voice over. The tune is pretty good, which has faster beat and more bass. I still prefer Guilty Gear for the sound department.

Gameplay : 6
This is where this game suffers much. In my opinion, almost no change from DM. The difference are:
1. Only have Advance mode (no Extra mode).
2. The moves are hardly combo-able(unlike Jojo)
3. Now, we can call another person into fight (like Jojo). The character is called Striker character. The negative side is that Striker is useless (limited range of moves, and non flashy moves).
4. I don't like the idea of changing the moves of character (e.g.: Robert moves are changed, no more circular moves).
5. Still no tag team (like MVC2)
6. Stupid character (Kyo 1 and Kyo 2), why don't they put the moves into Kyo instead of having 3 Kyo (and make Kyo a secret character or something).
7. You can only collect 3 bars of Power Gauge for super special moves (like power geyser for Terry, I don't know what to call it).
8. Armor Mode, Counter mode are introduced (using 3 Power Gauge).
9. More game modes.
I just wish that they make it as innovative as Guilty Gear, but somehow they're trying to ''keep'' the originality of KOF.

Replayability : 7
You can collect extra striker using battle points.

Average : 7
I think you should wait for the review of MVC2. I don't really recommend this game unless you must have all DC version of KOF or fans of KOF. I recommend buying Jojo or MVC2 for now until further knowledge of this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 04/02/00, Updated 04/02/00

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