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Reviewed: 05/16/00 | Updated: 05/16/00

One of the Best Installments Yet!

The King of Fighters series has always been one of my favorites. I mean, where else can you find many of SNKs best characters and pit them against one another? The Art of Fighting characters, Fatal Fury, they are all here. The 99 installment lives up to its expectations.

KOF 99 has many new features to the series. First off, the strikers are a nice touch. Being able to tag in and out (i.e. Capcom's Vs. series) would have been much better but SNK is getting close. The new 3-D enviroments are a great new look. They add great color and depth to fights. When my friends and I first popped in the game, we were all surprised at how nicely they turned out. The gameplay however, is classic KOF fare. While many gamers are used to it, I think that it is time that SNK try something new. By that, I don't mean that they should reinvent the gameplay for KOF but I'm just saying that they should build on it. I mean, KOF is still using a fighting system that can be compared to the early Street Fighter 2 games. All in all, I feel that the latest KOF is the best yet, and the series is heading in the right direction. I still like the super moves system and the inclusion of boss characters is another nice touch. There is also a english language track version for thse of you that can't read japanese but still want to know what's going on in the story. And did I mention that it also has a uplink option to either the Neo Geo Pocket or the KOF web?

My only gripe would be that SNK chose not to include my favorite characters that were included in the 96 edition. I desperately want to play as Geese Howard and Wolfgang Krauser again, SNK! I've been waitiing for 3 years to be able to use them again! Please add them in to a future incarnation! Can you imagine using these characters again? Geese Howard's desperation Raging Storm has always been the most awesome move out of all the SNK fighting games.

Other than that, KOF 99 is a marvelous game. Since you would have to import this one, I would highly recommend this game to either gamers with import systems, or KOF nuts that are willing to MOD their systems for 50 extra bucks. While it is a great game, if there are no other import games you want to play, modding your system is paying too much to just play one game.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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