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    Boss FAQ by Thunderbird

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    Rayman 2: The Great Escape (PC) Boss FAQ
    Written by Thunderbird
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    This FAQ is copyright (c) 2002 by Sean Taylor
    This FAQ is merely intended to assist you, the reader, with the bosses that you
    will find in Rayman 2: The Great Escape for the PC. You may not post it
    elsewhere without first asking for permission. You may not modify this FAQ and
    then post it as your original work. You may not use this FAQ for money making
    purposes (this includes running ads on the same page as this FAQ). If this FAQ
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    requires a special membership (paid or otherwise) to access. If you would like
    to ask permission to post this FAQ on your site, please email me at
    thunderbird@shatteredstar.com and I'll probably allow you to do so.
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    Revision History
    V0.9- First version of the FAQ, mostly complete
    V1.0- Completed the game itself, changes done to the final boss (once I reached
    his second phase)
    Table of Contents
    1. FAQ introduction
    2. List of bosses
    2.1.  Axel
    2.2. Umber
    2.3. Foutch
    2.4. Clark
    2.5. Grolgoth (Razorbeard) Phase One
    2.6. Grolgoth (Razorbeard) Phase Two
    3. Conclusion
    1. FAQ Introduction
    When I came upon the first boss of Rayman 2 not long after buying this great
    game, I was completely baffled about how to proceed. I did manage to figure it
    out without having to consult any online sources, but later on when I looked at
    GameFAQs (the best site for gaming information IMO), there was no specific FAQ
    tailored to the bosses of this game, and finding the information in the single
    complete walkthrough that was posted (which wasn't even for the PC version of
    the game) proved hard. So I decided to make a FAQ tailored specifically for
    taking out the bosses of the game while trying to avoid spoiling the plot by
    describing each level in detail.
    2. List of Bosses
    2.1. Axel
    Not too terribly difficult to overcome, but not too easy for the first boss. As
    noted by Ly, you have to somehow drop the stalagmite in the rear on top of him.
    Problem is, he's nowhere near it, and the shots you fire at him have no effect
    in making him back up. You also cannot pursue him up the slope because it is
    slippery and will cause you to come right back down. The key to defeating him
    is the purple lums that wander above him. Grab onto the first one and you'll
    see the second one come into view. Jump off and repeat the process. Make sure
    you only make your jump shortly after he fires one of his icicles at you or
    else you could easily fall back onto the slope and have to start over. Move
    around on the lum to avoid his shots, as if one hits you, it will knock you
    off. Once you reach the last lum, jump off and fire at the stalagmite at the
    top (Rayman's shots will go directly for it). You only need to do this once to
    take him out of commission. Afterwards, scale the lums again (Axel was changed
    into a purple lum over the last gap) and collect the 1st mask. If you revisit
    his level to collect more yellow lums, you will not need to face him again.
    Obviously though, you will need to scale the lums again, and the boss music for
    him will play while you're doing this.
    2.2. Umber
    It is a mystery why this weird boss is the guardian of the Sanctuary of Stone
    and Fire. He doesn't even require a strategy to defeat, but since the game
    lists him as a guardian, I'll cover his strategy here. No directions are given
    to you for defeating him, but it's very simple. After making him activate,
    you'll see him stop at an area just below a yellow lum (it won't be there if
    you return to this stage, but he'll be somewhere in the center). Simply jump on
    his head (he won't harm you) and watch him carry you to the edge. Once you
    regain control, you will need to jump off his head quickly or else Rayman
    cannot jump off in time. If you manage to end up off the sides (you will need
    to go down once to place the blue crystal), use the purple lum that came down
    here to get back up. Go on to collect the 2nd mask. Because facing this boss is
    required to get across to the end, you will meet him every time you come to
    this area, even if you already have the mask here.
    2.3. Foutch
    This boss is very difficult. You might think at first that he's in the
    Sanctuary of Rock and Lava, but this is not the case (he's underneath it in the
    next level). During the introduction where he's appearing, he will cause Rayman
    to lose his ability to fly with his helicopter (you really think the game would
    have let you keep that ability after this stage?) and the fight will take place
    on the ground (mostly). Once the battle begins, it is well advised for you to
    run around the room jumping to avoid his blazes of fire (if he shoots a
    vertical one, move to a side to dodge it). Once you come up to a spider web,
    jump on it and shoot the stalagmite to drop it on his head and shave away
    roughly 1/3 of his life bar. After the first hit, he'll add the vertical fire
    streams into the mix and the frequency of his shots will increase. Once he gets
    nailed with a stalagmite for the 2nd time, the shot frequency will be even
    greater, but no new tricks will be utilized. Drop the last stalagmite on his
    head and watch him perish. Go on to collect the 3rd mask. Thankfully, you do
    not need to face him again should you revisit this stage, but Rayman will still
    lose his helicopter ability upon leaving (either through the entrance or the
    2.4. Clark
    You may be wondering why Clark is classified as a boss. He seemed pretty
    friendly in the Menhir Hills. If you look closely during the boss introduction,
    you will notice a big box on his back. Clark is being controlled by one of the
    pirates and you will have to destroy the box controlling him (hitting him
    directly has no effect). Hitting the box is easier said than done though. Most
    of the time he's headed straight for you to try and toss you around the room.
    In order to hit the box on his back, you need to make him fall flat on his
    face. Since he won't do it on his own, you need to find a device to make him
    trip. The three buttons lining the back wall will do the trick, but if you
    remember from earlier levels, you will know that these buttons are timed (they
    will deactivate after a predetermined amount of time). All three need to be
    active to have an effect. Once the forcefield over the red line is active, jump
    across it and Clark will follow, tripping over it. Shoot the box on his back
    (you don't have time to charge a shot) to damage it. You may have time to trip
    him up a second time before the forcefield shuts off, so take advantage of the
    opportunity. It will take a bit to bring him down, but with enough
    perseverance, you should manage it. Clark will revert to normal after the box
    is destroyed.
    2.5. Grolgoth (Razorbeard) Phase One
    This guy is a real pain in the neck. His life bar is huge, and hitting him with
    the right weapon doesn't do much damage to him. Your shots have absolutely no
    effect on him. In order to hit him, you need to make one of the bombs hit him
    (shooting them will cause them to rebound). However, direct shots will make him
    move out of the way. One strategy consists of shooting the three bombs in
    different directions, making him hit one as he scuttles out of the way of
    another. Or you can send all three while Rayman is going left or right and you
    might be able to hit him. It is fairly difficult however. Razorbeard has some
    other attacks to supplement his bomb flinging however. If he takes a hit, he'll
    be in the air for a bit shooting energy balls at you (similar to the other
    pirates' weapons). Dodge these as best you can (it may be helpful to let go of
    your strafe key/button). His other attack involves him flying high up into the
    air and coming down HARD. This is often easy to avoid as long as you are moving
    (do not use the strafe function or you will take a hit). If he misses you with
    this, he may try and step on you. If you are far enough away, he'll miss and
    resume his bomb chucking. This first phase of his takes only 3 hits with barrel
    bombs, and it can be quite easy once you figure out a pattern.
    2.6. Grolgoth (Razorbeard) Phase Two
    Thought the first battle was bad? This gets even harder. In between the battles
    with Razorbeard you will see a cinematic (in the Rayman style of cinematics)
    where Rayman seems to get some more power (no power is actually described
    though). Rayman gets some encouragement from Ly, finds a shell in the Crow's
    Nest (which seems to have taken a liking to him) and hops on. You will complete
    this phase of the battle while on the flying shell.
    Razorbeard is even harder to defeat here. His life bar is unchanged from what
    he was at when he tried to stomp Rayman and fell through. Rayman cannot fire
    while on the shell, and since he's on it for the duration of this battle, you
    need to find a way to damage the Grolgoth machine. Simple. Notice the two
    cavern areas in this small area? One of the two (it's random) contains a
    sparkling item at the far end. Have Rayman fly over it and he will gain 5 web
    shots. It can be a little difficult getting back out, especially in late in the
    battle. Once you get back out, shoot both hands that are holding onto poles and
    watch Grolgoth burn its butt for a little bit. After taking a hit to the lava
    the first time, Razorbeard will launch 2 energy shots at you (accompanied by a
    voice quote from him, which varies). They are unlike normal shots in that they
    seek you out. Going straight, they are faster than you, so be sure to zigzag
    about. If they both hit something (other than Rayman's shell), Razorbeard may
    or may not replenish them (it's been variable in my experience). Simply
    continue the pattern of shooting his hands and watching him burn for a bit. If
    no energy shots are present when you nail Razorbeard, you can expect him to
    remedy that quickly after he gets up off the lava. You may or may not want to
    save that extra shot you'll have after hitting Razorbeard twice, it's your call
    (I've trashed him both ways). Should you choose not to hit Razorbeard with it,
    fire it off to get the weapon energy sparkles to reappear. Once Razorbeard has
    taken 4 hits on the lava, he will increase the stakes by causing the lava to
    rise approximately 1-2 seconds after you enter a cavern area. You'll need to
    get out quickly. I think it takes about 7-8 hits on the lava to put an end to
    his machine. Once you have done this, simply sit back and watch the ending! A
    couple of things to note: If you die (by hitting the walls or the lava),
    Razorbeard's life bar will reset to what it was when the battle began. All of
    his attacks are reset too, but Rayman's life bar is reduced since he bit the
    dust. Second note: It might not be obvious, but you will have to refight this
    boss every time you visit the Crow's Nest (no real need to revisit this place,
    as it has no Lums or cages), but the opening level cinematic will be skipped.
    3. Conclusion
    I'd like to thank the following groups:
    UbiSoft for making this great game
    GameFAQs for posting this FAQ
    Have I missed anything? Do you have a strategy that I don't know about? Feel
    free to email me at thunderbird@shatteredstar.com and I will add your tip here
    (and give you proper credit of course).

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