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Reviewed: 01/31/01 | Updated: 01/31/01

It's time once again to escape your world and save anoyher!

Rayman 2: The great escape is the perfect adventure game if you ask me. Two words describe it. Absoulutely fabulous! It has everything a great adventure game should have. Great graphics, great sound, replayibility, huge levels, and an intriuging but some what humourous story. Anyway, on with the reveiw.

Graphics in Rayman 2: The great escape are absoulutely outstanding. Lighting effects are tottally amazing. When you walk over a pile of glowing dangerous goo, you will see Rayman reflect it! When you shoot a energy ball from Rayman's fist it will light up darkened areas! There was lots of detail on everything and all charachters have that classic 'cartoony' look about them. I have never even noticed an inch of slowdown on the screen! Cinema scenes were great and helped to unfold the twisting plot naturally. The camera always stays right it should and never drifts away to forghein areas.

Sound in Rayman 2 never gets staticky and always remains perfctly smooth and clear. All the Raynan 2 charachters have individualized voices as in Banjo Kazooie and Banjo Tooie. Music always sets the perfect mode and attitude to Rayman's location and actions. If an enemy robot pops up out of the blue the music will change to kind of heavy metal background until the robot has been blown to smitherrines.

The Rayman 2 story has depth and will certainly intriuge you (especially younger players)to continue playing all the way through. It is also mixed with plenty of humor to keep you smiling as you play. It is about evil robot pirates that attack Rayman's world and enslave all the inhabitants. Rayman must escape and endure a mystical journey, freeing slaves and prisoners on his way to the final battle with Razorbeard, the pirate leader!

Buy. But as always the choice is yours so rent and try it out, see what you think and if you love it like I do than BUY IT!!

Play control in Rayman 2: The great escape extra silky smooth. Rayman always responds to your orders and you should have no trouble getting around.

1.Great graphics
2.Great sound
3.Great story
4.Great play control
5.Great adventure

I can't really think of anything to put here actually!

Alright comrades, that wraps my reveiw of Rayman 2: The great escape up! Now head out grab a copy of your own and you'll see why I love this game so much!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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