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Reviewed: 07/22/01 | Updated: 07/22/01

Rayman needs chasing, and beating up with his own shoe!

The Sega Dreamcast is not known for its platformers, but the some of the ''few'' they have are quite good. The Dreamcast has Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, Kao the Kangeroo, Super Magnetic Neo, Fur Fighters (I may have missed some)and Rayman 2. Suprisenly, Rayman 2 is one of, if not the best platformers for Dreamcast, and is a likely competitor for the ''best Platformer ever'' award.

Storyline - 8 : Last time we say Rayman, he was rushing all over the world after Mr. Dark, but there is a much more evil villian, RazorBeard, a space pirate. He has captured all of Raymans friends and its not up to Rayman to save them just yet, as Rayman himself gets captured. He is locked in a prison cell with Globox, his best friend. Globox gives Rayman some of his power back and both escape. Rayman decides to save Ly the fairy, and everyone else kidnapped.

Graphics - 9 : Just about every platform game nowerdays is 3D, and is flooded with glitches, but hardly this gem! Rayman 2 has Real-Time graphics, so there are no long loading times for FMV's. The detail on the levels is great, from floorboards to Space Robots. This game has Rendered backgrounds, so you'll have a nice, stable background :).

Sound and Music - 8 : Rayman 2 has the normal, platform sound effects, like the occasional ''Boing'' and ''Splat''. I have'nt paid much attention to the music, which normally is a good thing in my opinion, because if the music sticks to you throught the levels, you either love the music to death, or most likely, it gets very annoying and ultra frustrating.

Gameplay - 10 : Rayman is great to controll, and he is also easy to controll. Occasionally, Rayman has to relay on friends to help him accross levels, like a sea snake where he can ski, and a pirate rocket, which he can make friends with and ride, there are a lot of Mini games like that, which are vital to suceeding the levels. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the apples which you can ride on make a welcome return, and are much harder challenges since you'll be in 3D.

Replaybility - 9 : You'll be spending a lot of time on this game, it is hard and very long. There are secret, mini games included only in the Dreamcast version (I think their in the PS2 game, Rayman Revolution, but thats a nearlly different game). The mini games will take awhile to unlock, because the objects to get tgen are cleverly hidden in levels.

Overall - 9 : A long, difficult and great Platforming game. A Bargain at a low price, and platforming fans alike should own a copy.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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