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"The Dreamcasts best game???"

Rayman 2 The Great Escape is one helluva great game.
Not since Mario 64 have I enjoyed a 3d platformer. From level design to music, Rayman 2 has it all. Skip this review, go buy Rayman 2 and come back to see how much you will agree.

Graphics Is this some sweet cartoon? That was my initial impression. Rayman 2 runs super smooth at a brisk 60fps. The textures and animation are of the utmost quality and are not rivaled by any platformer to date.(till MDK2 anyway) I know many people have complained about the character design but I found all the creatures surprisingly fun and imaginative. Rayman himself may be very simple looking but oddly I enjoyed his new and different look. Look, this game is pretty, theres nothing else to say.

Sound Audio can make or break a game. In this case it does neither. I felt the music did the job. It was atomospheric at points, which I'm tired of, but is very well done. At most points in the game there is a music track playing and it fits the game perfectly. I have to say I really enjoyed the tunes in this game. I've heard better, but not very many. All the characters in the game do speak, but of there own language. This may turn of some people but those are the morons that don't enjoy something new. Besides its subtitled. The sound effects are also very well done and give the game another notch in the review scale. Whomever worked on the sound should be commmended.

Gameplay Simple, yet effective. So Rayman doesn't have 200 moves or even as many as Mario. Run, jump, shoot. But heres the wonderful part about it, you can lock onto enemies Zelda style! The camera won't get in the way when fighting baddies. ALL 3d games should have this option of some sort. Like all 3d games the camera can at time piss you off, but that happens so little I shouldn't have mentioned it. I had to anyway. Theres a bunch of cool things you can do besides run and jump. Like swinging Indiana Jones style? Its here. Like waterskiing? Its here. Or how about flying or running from a freak with huge teeth? You get the point.
The transition from level to level is also nice. You get the old map screen! JOY! OH how I've missed you. I hate when theres no real difference from level to level... you know Banjo/Soul Reaver style. Yippie. And no, you dont have to get 20000 different items and back track 50 times to the same level. GAMEPLAY JOY!

Replay Theres multiplayer and other various mini games. The game does end a little faster than I wanted it too. After all its just so damn fun I wanted oh so much more! Go online with Rayman2 and there hopefully (soon) will be some downloadable levels! Thats a 1st for the DC, no Sonic didn't count.

All in all, if your a fan of platformers even remotely, you MUST get this game. Hell, just rent this to look at the pretty colors if your a simpleton. Rayman 2 is one of my favorite Dreamcast games to date. Now, wheres my Rayman3? Exact rating of 96%

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/27/00, Updated 03/27/00

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