Review by Globox

"A great and good way to spend money"

I wasn't really waiting for this game when it came out but for some reason i knew it would be fun and be money well spent.

Gameplay - 8/10
The controls are really simple to get to grips with and the variety of levels is extrodinary. There are good levels like water-skiing and racing across russian mountains But, in some places the game feels a bit linear. there is a set path to your adventure and it is all a bit samey, Things like '' kill that baddie, flick that switch, climb that net'' if you know what i mean. But the levels are fun and if Rayman 2 doesn't bring a Smile that means youre Dead.

Story - 5/10
Platform games never really have a in-depth story in this case, A horde of ruthless pirates have invaded rayman's world Stealing the life energy from the planet, Rayman is the only hope, But he first has to regain his powers and defeat the dreaded pirate RAZORBEARD. The story is just about manageable.

Audio - 9/10
There is not a lot to complain about here, the audio is great with cool sound effects and Globox, the noises he gives off are cute. But, it is a dissapointment that the game
is subtitled and the characters speak mumbly.

Visuals - 10/10
The best looking platformer i have seen. The scenery is a bit thin-on-the-ground but it is overall very good. The fountains rush with water, The smoothness of the characters i outstanding.

Longetivity/Replay value - 4/10
Rayman 2 has very short longetivity, I completed the game in 48 hours including the special Globox village, But no doubt you'll have fun in that short period of time.
Someday i'll probably go back to it and wonder why it has been on my shelf for ages.

Rent or Buy
This game should be the case of...
''try before you buy'', platform fans will love it and even to people who aren't that keen on platformers it is still worth a look.
A good purchase for me.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 03/31/00, Updated 03/31/00

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