Using gameshark, it freezes when I open a chest?

  1. I selected the GS codes which basically gives me every weapon in the game, inside my chest. However once I arrive to the first chest in the game, and open it, the game screen goes black, and the music continues playing.

    Perhaps I had too many codes entered involving what will be in the chest, and it tripped over itself and froze?

    User Info: slymshady

    slymshady - 8 years ago


  1. RE: CV has wierd correspondence with the "Gameshark". The Gameshark loads before a game and during save points, making some codes invaluable. Use an Xploder/Codebreak to get the codes inside this game. The same actions happened during online games with the Gameshark, which is why some codes wouldnt work and required Xploder/Codebreaker.

    User Info: Galaine

    Galaine - 8 years ago 0 1
  2. Its best not to use a cheat device, can corrupt data and mess up parts of the game, espically if you try to sequence break...

    User Info: RE_expert44

    RE_expert44 - 8 years ago 0 2
  3. i found the cause of the problem, apparently when they made GameShark, they got the codes for the items/weapons in the chest mixed up, here are the real codes for those items\weapons, replace the old codes for those items/weapons in the chest with these

    First Aid Spray Always in Chest D5884D88-001403E7

    Ink Ribbons Always in Chest 3481EA10-001F03E7

    Custom Handgun Always in Chest BB46F4DA-000A03E7

    Shotgun Always in Chest 3431EA10-000403E7

    Assault Rifle Always in Chest AB139FC6-000203E7

    Submachine Gun Always in Chest D6484D88-002203E7

    Grenade Launcher Always in Chest 80234357-000603E7

    Magnum Always in Chest 699BA516-002003E7

    Sniper Rifle Always in Chest FBD958D1-000303E7

    Rocket Launcher Always in Chest 694BA516-000103E7

    Linear Launcher Always in Chest 1D14D8C6-000B03E7

    Gold Lugers Always in Chest BB36F4DA-002103E7

    Acid Rounds Always in Chest 45EAD19E-001003E7

    Flame Rounds Always in Chest 95F8C4A0-001103E7

    Plant Pot Always in Chest 6D9BA516-007E0001

    M-100P Always in Chest BF36F4DA-008E03E7

    Crystal Always in Chest 3081EA10-00790001

    Turntable Key Always in Chest 5837B900-00600001

    Chem. Storage Key Always in Chest 9088C4A0-00610001

    Clement A Always in Chest EEB7D6C3-00620001

    Clement E Always in Chest 2E27AD12-00630001

    Tank Object Always in Chest 77751D55-00640001

    Security Card Always in Chest 845343570-00690001

    Hemostatic Always in Chest FE2958D1-005F0001

    Queen Ant Relief Always in Chest 6D4BA516-006D0001

    King Ant Relief Always in Chest AF139FC6-006E0001

    Red Jewel Always in Chest FFD958D1-006F0001

    Blue Jewel Always in Chest 3031EA10-00700001

    Socket Always in Chest 84234357-00710001

    Square Valve Handle Always in Chest BF46F4DA-00720001

    Serum Always in Chest 1914D8C6-00730001

    Earthenware Vase Always in Chest 41EAD19E-00740001

    Paperweight Always in Chest 91F8C4A0-00750001

    Silver Dragonfly Always in Chest D1884D88-00760001

    ID Card Always in Chest 5F07B900-00490001

    Airport Key Always in Chest A9C39FC6-004B0001

    Emblem Card Always in Chest D7E84D88-004C0001

    Skeleton Picture Always in Chest 36E1EA10-004D0001

    Music Box Plate Always in Chest A99B9FC6-004E0001

    Album Always in Chest C82B29AF-00500001

    Halberd Always in Chest F96958D1-00510001

    Extinguisher Always in Chest 5F77B900-00520001

    Padlock Key Always in Chest 404AD19E-00540001

    TG-01 Always in Chest 9058C4A0-00550001

    Valve Handle Always in Chest CFDB29AF-00570001

    Octa Valve Handle Always in Chest 2EF7AD12-00580001

    machine room key always in chest 6C3BA516-00590001

    mining room key always in chest BE96F4DA-005A0001

    bar code sticker always in chest EE07D6C3-005B0001

    air force proof always in chest 29B7AD12-00470001

    sterile room key always in chest 403AD19E-005C0001

    door knob always in chest 77051D55-005D0001

    battery always in Chest CF6B29AF-005E0001

    lockpick always in chest 83334357-00320001

    glass eye always in chest D6384D88-00330001

    piano roll always in chest 1E04D8C6-00340001

    steering wheel always in chest 6AEBA516-00350001

    crane key always in chest 96E8C4A0-00360001

    eagle plate always in chest E8D7D6C3-00380001

    side pack always in chest 3791EA10-00390001

    queen ant object always in chest 83834357-003C0001

    king ant object always in chest B826F4DA-003D0001

    biohazard card always in chest 1E74D8C6-003E0001

    detonator always in chest 29C7AD12-00400001

    control lever always in chest 70951D55-00410001

    gold dragonfly always in chest A9739FC6-00420001

    silver key always in chest F9B958D1-00430001

    gold Key always in chest 470AD19E-00440001

    army proof always in chest 9718C4A0-00450001

    navy proof always in chest C89B29AF-00460001

    gas mask always in chest 3741EA10-00270001

    alfred's jewel always in chest 5ED7B900-002E0001

    alfred's ring always in chest F8C958D1-002D0001

    alexander's pierce always in chest 6A5BA516-002B0001

    alexander's jewel always in chest B8F6F4DA-002C0001

    alexia's choker always in chest D1584D88-006B0001

    alexia's jewel always in chest 19A4D8C6-006C0001

    User Info: pouar

    pouar - 8 years ago 0 1

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