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    Wiseduck by JEvangelista

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Heavy Armor Wiseduck FAQ v. 1.0
    begun on 12/1/2001
    by James Evangelista (jemu99@yahoo.com)
    Layout(at least here in the Philippines)
      (O)      (A)   (B)   (J)
       |       (G)
    Stick controls:
    Push up to walk "into" screen (away from players) sidestep up.
    Push down to walk "out of" screen (toward from players) sidestep down.
    Depending on where you are, left or right is variable. So I will use Back and 
    Forward when I really mean Away and Toward your opoonent.
    Tap Forward or Back twice to dash in said direction.
    Button commands:
    A  Vulcan or Melee Attack if close. Can be chained with a second A; if two of these hit 
       consecutively the opponent will be knocked down.
    B  Missiles. Holding down the B button will not cause them to home in like G. Kaiser's 
       Rocket Fists, but release 4 instead of 2. Great for standing off a Dixen...
    J  Wiseduck CANNOT JUMP! (sob!) Instead it lays a mine at its feet. You can knock an 
       opp. down and then walk up and place one directly on him, which will immediately 
    G  Block incoming attacks.
    Combinmation commands: +means simultaneously; ,means after another
    G+A+B  Power Breaker. Guard crush + paralysis. Blocking isn't so safe anymore.
    G,Fwd,Fwd  Steel Dash. Doesn't stop except if you hit real mean things like Shell Gun 
    bullets or a Mine (hint,hint). If you slam into your opponent, he will be temporarily
    stunned allowing enough time for a Special.
    Forward+A  Lance. Wiseduck stabs opp. with that pointy thing on his right arm.
    Breaks guard, but if opp. is not guarding he gets knocked down.
    Back, Forward+A  Bull Breaker. If the stab hits, opp. is stuck to lance and                  
    gets pounded. Good armor and life damage.
    Forward+B  Net Missile. Traps opponent. Some damage.
    Back+B  Surface to air Missiles. Great when somebody jumps up in front of you (Dixen,
    Diana 17, etc.)
    A+B  Exploder. Wiseduck plants his lance into the ground and an explosion occurs, doing
    knockback and blowing people out of the air
    A+J  Wiseduck does a mean 3-hit. Starting with a claw swipe, lance jab, claw fist. Will 
    make opp. drop item, aside from massive armor and life damage. Usually after blocking the
    claw swipe, most people will let the guard down getting hit by the next 2 hits.
    B+J  Napalm bomb. Possible anti-air, possible follow-up to knockdown. Good damage, 
    Fwd+B+J  Longer reaching Napalm Bomb. Personally I haven't seen this yet.
    Fwd or Back +A+B  Explosion which doesn't hit air targets but has a bigger radius. not as 
    much damage as the usual Exploder, but useful for stopping some rushes.
    Fwd,Fwd(dash),B  Power Lariat. I also haven't seen this one, but I think it's the move
    where Wiseduck rushes you for two hits with his shaft.
    SUPER MOVES: require a bar of Special Energy
    Back,Fwd+A+B  Photon Cannon. Wiseduck aims his lance and fires a big ball of energy. It 
    will eat up grenades and missiles and run into other energy attacks, where you can pound
    buttons to give it more energy. 
    Fwd, Back+A+B  Upward Photon Cannon.  This variant fires the cannon upwards 45 degrees, 
    primarily for airborne targets e.g. Quvearl. But if fired after a successful Steel Dash,
    it will lift your opoonent away from you, giving you time to plan. Damage is the same as
    horizontal variant.
    Back,Fwd+A+J or B+J(yes it works sometimes) Raging Madcat. A powerful autocombo which 
    will take out a lot of armor and life if it connects, ending in a powerful Exploder,
    knocking away your opponent to plan your next moves or to allow pursuit. The Raging MC
    will continue (I think) even if the initial claw attack was blocked. If the first attack 
    missed, the combo will stop.
    ITEMS: Press start to cycle, A+B+J to use highlighted item. Diamonds(Red,Blue,Yellow) are
    weapons, triangles(orange, purple, blue, sparkling green) are boosters, squares are 
    recovery items.
    Red: Flame Geyser. Stunning flamethrower attack (literally). 3 shots.
    Blue: Surface to Air Canon. Fires Missiles which turn into parabombs if they don't hit 
    anything flying. 3 shots.
    Yelllow: Missile Barrage. 3 shots of a 6-hit pinpoint missile attack. Will trace but not
    home in on target.         
    Orange: Offense Up. Increase damage dealt by 1.5 times.
    Purple: Defense Up. Increase defense 2x.
    Blue: Speed Up. Increase attack speed and movement speed. Varies by unit.
    Green: Hero Mode. For Wiseduck, this item causes B (missile) attacks to automatically hit
    but they still can be blocked.
    E cube: gives one bar of Special Energy.
    + cube: repairs some life damage.
    Cube with the armor symbol: repairs armor to 100%.
    Thanks to: Donny Chan and Julio Quicios for their help.

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