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    * Sunmahen, Eigo nomi. (Sorry, English only.)
         Choukou Senki KIKAIOH (Tech Romancer) Command List
         By Don "Gamera" Chan (crs1219@usa.net)
         Current Update: Wednesday, 9 December 1998
         Previous Update: Saturday, 5 December 1998
         Created: Monday, 16 November 1998
         0.0  Wanted
         1.0  Abbreviations
         2.0  Common Command List
         3.0  Individual Command Lists
         4.0  Strategies
         5.0  Miscellaneous
         6.0  References
         7.0  Acknowledgement
         0.0  Wanted
         - All robots' English titles. (Example: "Dimensional
           Crusader" BOLON.)
         - Common and robot-specific strategies.
         - Complete voice actor list.
         Note: Julio A Quicios (who wrote another Kikaioh/Tech
         Romancer FAQ) and I agreed to share data between our
         FAQs, but we shall keep our FAQs separate.
         1.0  Abbreviations
    f         Move fowards.
    f,f       Move forwards quickly.
    b         Move backwards.
    b,b       Move backwards quickly.
    u         Move into background, away from players.
    d         Move into foreground, towards players.
    G         Guard button.
    A         A button.
    B         B button.
    J         Jump button.
    [X]       Hold X (button or stick).
    X+Y       Tap X and Y together.
    (enemy down)        Defender is knocked down.
    (mid-air)           Attacker is in mid-air.
    (while f,f)         Attacker is moving forwards quickly.
    (while jumping)     Attacker is jumping.
    #         Japanese words that I can't translate into
              English. (-_-;) I'll check the dictionaries later.
         Similar to the abbreviations used in Soul Calibur
    (Namco, 1998) command lists, because I'm co-writing a Soul
    Calibur Sophitia/Lizardman FAQ.
         2.0  Common Command List
    G         Guard.
    A         A attack. More damage.
    B         B attack. Less range.
    A+B       Hissatsu waza.
    Start     Choose Item.
    A+B+J     Use Item. (See below.)
    G+A       Dodge and attack, close range.
    G+B       Dodge and attack, medium range.
    G+A+B     Power Breaker (Guard Break), staggers enemy.
    G+A+B+J   Final Attack (Chou hissatsu waza), when enemy's
              damage gauge is >50%. One shot per stage.
    [G]+f,f   Steel Dash, staggers enemy.
         In the early stages, when two robots simultaneously
    attack, some attacks may have priority. Example: Beam
    attacks defeat missile attacks. If the robots use the same
    type of attacks, the player who taps more times wins.
         An attack labelled "Warning" has slow execution time,
    but staggers a guarding enemy. When the enemy is staggered,
    a fast attack will probably hit the enemy.
    G    Defeats A, but loses to B.
    A    Defeats B, but loses to G or J.
    B    Defeats G or J, but loses to A.
    J    Defeats A, but loses to B.
         If both player taps the same buttons, the player who
    taps more times wins.
         Armour Repair Unit: Repairs 100% of Armour System.
         Damage Repair Unit: Repairs about 20% of Damage Gauge.
    Doesn't affect Final Attacks.
         Defense Unit: 2 x normal defense.
         Hero Mode Unit: Activates Hero Mode.
         Offense Unit: 1.5 x normal damage.
         Special Charge Unit: Restores one level of Special
         Special Weapon Unit Blue: Activates Special Weapon
         Special Weapon Unit Red: Activates Special Weapon Red.
    Has 1 to 5 shots. Probably damages the enemy's Armour System.
         Special Weapon Unit Yellow: Activates Special Weapon
         Speed Up Unit: Increases movement rate. Doesn't affect
         3.0  Individual Command Lists
         In the Character Select screen, hold down stick to see
    each robot's profile.
         3.1  Good Robots
         Mahou no Kuni no Pollin-chan: BOLON
         (Dimensional Crusader BOLON)
    A                   Tekkyuu Jab.
    (mid-air) A         Rolling Attack.
    (while f,f) A       Jump Rolling Attack.
    f+A                 Tekkyuu Straight.
    (mid-air) d+A       Vertical Fall Rolling Attack.
    b+A                 Anti-Air Tekkyuu Straight.
    b,f+A               Hakai Drill.
    B                   Shaberu Upper.
    (while f,f) B       Dadakko Attack.
    f,b+B               Omatsuri Ooedo Cannon.
    b+B                 Ooedo Cannon.
    b,f+B               #, stuns enemy.
    b,f+A+J             Ai ha #.
    b,f+B+J             Ai ha #.
    A+B                 # Lariat.
    f+A+B               Tsumazuki Impact.
    f,b+A+B             # Tekkyuu Otoshi.
    b,f+A+B             # Tekkyuu #.
    G+A+B+J             Waku Waku Bolon Gekiba.
    Special Weapons:
    Bousou Shinkansen   1 shot.
    Mahou no Tsubo      3 shots.
    Piyo Piyo Hammer    3 shots. Stuns enemy.
    Hero Mode:
    A                   #
    f,b+A               Irasshai Mahou.
         Kikou Tenshi DIANA 17
         (The Messenger of Beauty and Justice DIANA 17)
         In mid-air, can attack twice.
    A                   Punch or Sonic Edge.
    (while f,f) A       Crystal Edge. Repeatedly tap A to
    f+A                 Double Kick.
    (mid-air) f+A       Punch.
    (mid-air) d+A       Anti-Ground Sonic Edge.
    b,f+A               Crystal Edge.
    B                   Shabon Launcher.
    (while f,f) B       Piercing Needle.
    f,b+B               Magic Judge.
    (while jumping) J   Nidan Jump.
    A+J                 Piercing Heel.
    B+J                 Captured Spear.
    A+B                 Hunting Spear, executable in mid-air, stuns
    f,b+A+B             Diamond Rod.
    (mid-air) f,b+A+B   Diamond Rod.
    (mid-air) d+A+B     Attractive Shower.
    (mid-air) b,f+A+B   Emerald Tear.
    G+A+B+J             Dancing Angel Evolution.
    Special Weapons:
    Angel Arrow         3 shots.
    Angel Blade         3 shots. Up to 12 hits each.
    Angel Star          3 shots. Up to 9 hits each.
    Hero Mode:
    #                   Anti-Missile Barrier.
         Dokumu Kihei FX-004S DIXEN
    u+G                 Change gun.
    d+G                 Change gun.
    A                   Laser Sabre or Gun.
    f+A                 Rising Slash, floats enemy.
    f,b+A               Reflection Satellite.
    b,f+A               Aiming Satellite.
    B                   Hand Grenade - Short.
    (while f,f) B       Boost Tackle.
    f+B                 Hand Grenade - Long.
    (mid-air) stick+J   Full Vernier Jump.
    A+J                 Boost Slash.
    A+B                 Fixer Cannon.
    (mid-air) f+A+B     Air-To-Air Fixer Cannon.
    f,b+A+B             Slash & Shoot.
    b+A+B               Anti-Air Fixer Cannon.
    b,f+A+B             Hyper Fixer Cannon.
    G+A+B+J             Last Shoot. (Gundam vs Ziong Head?)
    Special Weapons:
    Fire Blaster        Stuns enemy.
    Knuckle Shot        3 shots.
    Spark Gun           3 shots. Stuns enemy.
    Hero Mode:
    A                   Homing Laser.
         Koutetsu Kyojin KIKAIOH
         (G KAISER)
    A                   Kikaioh Punch or Rocket Blow. Hold A to
                        guide the Rocket Blow towards the enemy.
    (mid-air) A         Kikaioh Kick.
    f+A                 Kikaioh Upper, floats enemy.
    f,b+A               #senpuu nage, throw.
    b+A                 Anti-Air Rocket Blow.
    b,f+A               Kikaioh Rush.
    B                   Kikaioh Bomber.
    (while f,f) B       Kikaioh Tackle.
    f+B                 Kikaioh Hurricane, stuns enemy.
    A+J                 Anti-Air Kikaioh Tackle.
    A+B                 Heat Blazer, executable in mid-air.
    (mid-air) f+A+B     Air-To-Air Heat Blazer.
    b+A+B               Anti-Air Heat Blazer.
    b,f+A+B             Chouzettsu Heat Blazer.
    (mid-air) b,f+A+B   Chou Dokyuu Tornado Kick.
    G+A+B+J             Haou Raimei Zan.
    Special Weapons:
    Ax Blow             A or b+A.
    Giant Rock          4 shots. Up to two hits in close range.
    Megaton Bomb        1 shot.
         Tatakae! PULSION
         P. KNIFE / P. BLADE / P. SPEAR
    A                   Jab.
    (while jumping) A   Anti-Ground Pulsion Chop.
    f+A                 Pulsion Upper.
    (while jumping) f+A Air-To-Air Pulsion Chop.
    b,f+A               Pulse Ray.
    (while jumping) b,f+A    Pulse Ray.
    b+A                 Rolling Knuckle.
    B                   Sliding.
    f+B                 Uchuu #. Repeatedly tap A or B to
    b+B                 Pulse Weave.
    (while jumping) J   Nidan Jump.
    (enemy down) A+J    Oiuchi, pounce.
    (enemy down) B+J    Oiuchi, pounce.
    A+B                 Pulsium Kousen.
    f+A+B               Pulse Clean.
    f,b+A+B             Uchuu Karate.
    b+A+B               Anti-Air Pulsion Kousen.
    b,f+A+B             Voltic Sphere.
    G+A+B+J             Over The Galaxy.
    Special Weapons:
    Pulsion Knife       #
    Pulsion Blade       3 shots. Floats enemy.
    Pulsion Spear       Stuns enemy.
    Hero Mode:
    (any attack)        Berserk.
         Strategic Variable Fighter YF-37 RAFAGA
         Fighter form can't guard or move into background or
         Spinner form can't jump.
         SHELL GUN / T. CANNON / S.S. POD
    u+G                 Transform to Fighter.
    d+G                 Transform to Spinner.
    A                   Punch or 3 Way Shot.
    (mid-air) A         Somersault Air Kick.
    f+A                 Gun Pod Crash.
    (mid-air) d+A       Air-To-Ground 3 Way Shot.
    b,f+A               Float Seeker.
    B                   Micro Missile.
    (mid-air) f+B       Air-To-Air Micro Missile.
    b,f+B               Sidewinder.
    A+J                 Somersault Kick.
    (enemy down) A+J    Oiuchi, pounce.
    B+J                 Anti-Air Tackle.
    (enemy down) B+J    Oiuchi, pounce.
    A+B                 Twister Ray.
    b,f+A+B             P.B.P. (Pinpoint Break Punch).
    u+G                 Transform.
    d+G                 Transform.
    A                   Eagle Dive.
    b,f+A               Float Seeker.
    A,B                 Vernier Thruster.
    B                   Micro Missile.
    A+B                 Dual Laser.
    b,f+A+B             S.A.A. (Succession Air Attack).
    u+G                 Transform.
    d+G                 Transform.
    A                   3 Way Shot.
    (while moving) A    3 Way Shot.
    B                   Micro Missile.
    (while moving) B    Micro Missile.
    (while f,f) B       Transform to Soldier, then tackle.
    J                   Transform to Fighter.
    A+B                 Transform Attack.
    b,f+A+B             C.C.A. (Critical Charge Attack).
    G+A+B+J             Transform Tactics.
    Special Weapons:
    Buster Laser Cannon      Can activate in Soldier form only, but
                             Rafaga can then transform to Fighter and
                             Spinner forms.
    Solid Shooter       4 shots. Breaks armour.
    Sonic Blaster       3 shots. Can activate in Soldier form only.
                        Stuns enemy.
    Hero Mode:
    f,b+A               Colony Crash. Ends Hero Mode.
    f,b+B               Colony Crash. Ends Hero Mode.
         Mugen Kattai TWINZAM V
         T.S. BEAM / S. DRIVER / B. CUTTER
         Twinzam 1 (Fire Formation):
    A                   Punch.
    (mid-air) A         Tomahawk Breaker.
    (while f,f) A       Fire Slugger.
    f+A                 Fire Tomahawk.
    (mid-air) d+A       Tomahawk Impact.
    b+A                 Tomahawk Impact.
    b,f+A               Twinzam Rush.
    (mid-air) b,f+A     Twinzam Rush.
    B                   Fire Magnum.
    (mid-air) B         Anti-Ground Fire Magnum.
    b+B                 Anti-Air Fire Magnum.
    b,f+B               Shooting Star Blow.
    A+B                 Fire Sunshine, executable in mid-air.
    (mid-air) A+B       Sunset Sunshine.
    (mid-air) f+A+B     Fire Sunshine.
    f,b+A+B             Change Cross Twinzam, transforms Twinzam V.
    b+A+B               Rising Sunshine.
    b,f+A+B             Firestorm Formation.
    G+A+B+J             Fire Slasher.
    Special Weapons:
    Delta Flash         3 shots. Tractors enemy.
    Shock Driver        3 shots.
    # Cutter            3 shots. Breaks armour. Floats enemy.
         Twinzam 2 (Plasma Formation):
    A                   Punch.
    f+A                 Plasma Hammer.
    (mid-air) A         Hammer Crusher.
    (while f,f) A       Plasma Slugger.
    (mid-air) d+A       Spin Drop.
    b+A                 Spin Drop.
    b,f+A               Twinzam Home Run.
    B                   Plasma Missile.
    (mid-air) B         Anti-Ground Plasma Missile.
    b+B                 Anti-Air Plasma Missile.
    b,f+B               Zero Gravity Ball.
    A+B                 Plasma Drill Buster, executable in mid-air.
    (mid-air) A+B       Plasma Drill Pressure.
    f+A+B               Plasma Drill Striker.
    (mid-air) f+A+B     Plasma Drill Striker.
    f,b+A+B             Change Cross Twinzam, transforms Twinzam V.
    b+A+B               Plasma Drill Crusher.
    b,f+A+B             Plasma Storm Formation.
    G+A+B+J             Plasma Drill Impulse.
    Special Weapons:
    Delta Flash         3 shots. Tractors enemy.
    Shock Driver        3 shots.
    # Cutter            3 shots. Floats enemy.
    Hero Mode:
    G                   Vacuum Twister.
         Jousoukou Rikusen Heiki GZ-56 WISE DUCK
    A                   Power Claw or 3 Ren Vulcan.
    f+A                 Break Shaft.
    b,f+A               Bull Breaker.
    B                   Missile Launcher.
    (while f,f) B       Power Lariat.
    f+B                 Net Missile.
    b+B                 STA Missile.
    J                   Trapping Bomb. Wise Duck can't jump!
    A+J                 Operate Trigon.
    b,f+A+J             Operate Hexagon.
    B+J                 Napalm Pod.
    f+B+J               Long-Range Napalm Pod.
    A+B                 Explosion Wall.
    f+A+B               Explosion Flat.
    f,b+A+B             Anti-Air Photon Cannon.
    b,f+A+B             Photon Cannon.
    G+A+B+J             Full Metal Hunter.
    Special Weapons:
    Flame Thrower       3 shots. Stuns enemy.
    Parachute Missile   3 shots.
    Vertical Fall Missile Launcher     3 shots.
    Hero Mode:
    All missile attacks will lock-on the enemy.
         3.2  Evil Robots
         Gyojin Kuuden GAMDA
         [Koujichuu/Under Construction]
         Majin Daitei GOLDIBUS
         [Koujichuu/Under Construction]
         Marei Shougun GOURAI
         Playable after 400 hours.
    A                   Punch (sword attack) or Akurei Dan.
    (while f,f) A       #zan.
    f+A                 Hayate #. Repeatedly tap A to
    f,b+A               Raiden Zan#.
    (mid-air) d+A       Air-To-Ground Hayate #. Repeatedly
                        tap A to follow-up.
    b,f+A               #.
    B                   Ankoku Kekkai.
    (mid-air) d+J       Fast descend.
    A+J                 Shouzan.
    b,f+A+J             # Dan.
    A+B                 # Senkou.
    (mid-air) f+A+B     Air-To-Air # Senkou.
    f,b+A+B             Senpuu Zankoku.
    b+A+B               Anti-Air # Senkou.
    b,f+A+B             # Raizan.
    G+A+B+J             Meikaijin.
         Ijigen Seimeitai QUVEARL
         [Koujichuu/Under Construction]
         3.3  Hidden Robots
         Playable after 600+ hours. That is, 200+ hours after
         Gourai is playable.
         In an one-player game, can only play as Hero
         Challenge Mode. Also, these three robots have
         no 2P colour. If one player is playing one of
         them, the other player cannot play the same
         Colour is gold. (Else, same as normal Pulsion.)
         Fixer Cannon has thicker laser.
         Hand Grenade has bigger explosion.
         Sabre has longer blade.
         Special attacks have more damage.
         G+J and d+G+J to Turn Dash.
         Has a horn. (After all, this Wise Duck is red.)
         Attacks have same damage as normal Wise Duck.
         4.0  Strategies
         [Koujichuu/Under Construction]
         5.0  Miscellaneous
         CAST [Koujichuu/Under Construction]
    Character                          Seiyuu (Voice Actor)
    Yumeno Sora                        Iizuka Mayumi
    Gou Saori                          Inoue Kikuko
    Pollin (Pollialm De Pollintein)    Ko'orogi Satomi
    Amamiya Reika                      Neya Michiko
    Shadow Red                         Ikeda Shuuichi
    Doctor Todoroki                    Kitamura Kouichi
    Professor Gou                      Naya Rokurou
    Arekshim                           Takemoto Eiji
    Todoroki Junpei                    To'ochika Kouichi
         The above list is the cast of the Kikaioh radio drama.
    In the arcade game, only the pilots speak during combat.
         Serious anime fans will certainly recognise Shadow
    Red's voice actor, Ikeda Shuuichi, as the voice actor of
    Kanzler Char Aznable in Gundam:CCA ("Sieg Zion!") and Hiko
    Seijuurou in Kenshin.
         6.0  References
         - http://www.capcom.co.jp/newproducts/arcade/kikaioh/index.html
         The Kikaioh official page at the Capcom Japan official
    page. Written in JIS.
         - http://www.gamefaqs.com/coinop/arcade/game/22720.html
         The GameFAQs Homepage.
         - http://www.nifty.ne.jp/forum/fanime/joho/data/02837.htm
         Has info about the Kikaioh radio drama and drama CD.
    Written in JIS.
         - Gamest, No.237, 30 October 1998. Tokyo, Japan:
    Shinseisha Inc, 1998. ISBN T1122445100547. 540 Yen, tax
    included. Written in Japanese.
         - Gamest, No.238, 15 November 1998. Tokyo, Japan:
    Shinseisha Inc, 1998. ISBN T1122443110517. 510 Yen, tax
    included. Written in Japanese.
         - rec.arts.anime.games
         This is NOT a World Wide Web homepage. It is an Usenet
         - rec.arts.anime.misc
         This is NOT a World Wide Web homepage. It is an Usenet
         - rec.games.video.arcade
         This is NOT a World Wide Web homepage. It is an Usenet
         7.0  Acknowledgement
         Alan "Kamen Rider Vx" Liu
         Don "Not a Super Robot anime fan" Chan (ICQ 3522863)
         Julio A Quicios
         Miyatake Kazutaka, Kawamori Shouji, and Studio Nue
         The Kikaioh staff at Capcom Japan
         The Kikaioh writers at Gamest
    Regards, David

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