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    FAQ/Move List by JQuicios

    Version: 1.5 | Updated: 01/01/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         by  Julio A. Quicios           \    /          created on  4/11/98
       <b910350@zipi.fi.upm.es>          \  /           last update  1/1/99
    				      \/            copyright  JAQ 1998
    - Notation     : some new conventions
    - Features     : warning moves
    - Movelist     : some corrections and new moves
    		 hero mode effects added
    		 time release characters added
    - Bosses       : info on patterns
    - New section! : curiosities and misc. info
    ->              Forward
    ->>             Hold forward
    <-              Back
    <<-             Hold back
    A               Attack button A
    B               Attack button B
    J               Jump button
    G               Guard button
    +               Push buttons simultaneously
    ,               Push buttons sequentially
    /               Different options (eg. A/B  A or B button)
    [button]        You can delay/extend the move by holding button
    (button)        Perform additional moves by pressing button
    air             The move must be done in the air
    S               The move stuns opponent
    U               The move is unblockable
    W               The move is a "warning" move
    down                    Move into foreground
    up                      Move into background
    <- <<-                  Backup
    -> ->>                  Dash
    A/B while dashing       Dash attack
    A (close)               Close combat attack
    A,A,A (close)           3-4 hit easy combo
    The vertical bar in both sides of the screen. It is initially empty.
    Fill the opponent's Damage Gauge by attacking. When your Damage Gauge
    is full, you lose the round. A game is two out of three rounds, though
    the Damage Gauge of the winner is carried over to the next round, so
    rounds can be really short !!
    The time counter is not restored to max, either. It is added a small
    amount of time after every round, so sometimes the loser of the first
    round must be very offensive to win the second one.
    Most attacks cause two kinds of damage: a clean damage, displayed as a
    red bar in your damage gauge, and a repairable damage, displayed as a
    yellow bar in the same gauge.
    You can do nothing about the clean damage, but if you manage to stay a
    few seconds without being attacked, the yellow bar will drop slowly to
    zero. However, if you get hit again and again to the point your red and
    yellow bars fill the gauge, your repairable damage will become permanent
    damage (yellow bar will torn red) losing the round. This may cause the
    feeling of taking huge damage from the last hit. Don't get confused by
    So, it's a good thing to watch the yellow bar and to take a breathe when
    things are too hot!
    Next to your damage gauge, there's a yellow circle containing a human
    figure and a percentage. This is your current armor status. Blocking
    too much will cause this gauge to decrease quickly. When it drops to
    zero, your armor is destroyed and your mech will fly away because of
    the impact, being this last thing a possible advantage depending on
    the situation (you may avoid further damage)
    Armor reduces the effect of enemy fire taking less damage from attacks.
    I'm not sure if some mechs have better armors than others. The game
    seems to mean that, as in certain characters profile appear things
    like "strong armor" and "ultra defensive armor". In my experience,
    heavy mechs armor seems to last longer, but this also may be due to
    my highly offensive style using these characters.
    Your typical super move. You can store up to three units, starting the
    battle with one in stock.
    Special attacks do clean damage (no recoverable life)
    Yes, all these little houses, factories and other constructions are
    not there only for ornament. They are active part of the game!
    Depending on the stage, you can find a variable number of obstacles
    scattered in the surroundings. All the obstacles are destroyable,
    the little ones by stepping on them and the larger ones by firing
    a few shots. Move behind a large obstacle for a short cover.
    Move across the stage and step on the various obstacles. Some of them
    release items of different kinds when destroyed. Large obstacles release
    more powerful items. Also, hitting hard your opponents usually cause
    them to drop some of their items, all of which you can recover.
    You collect an item simply by walking over it, being possible to store
    up to five units. Your items are shown on top of the damage gauge.
    To change the selected item, press START.
    To activate the selected item, press A+B+J
    There are 3 types of items:
    RECOVERING TYPE: usually released by large obstacles. So far, I have
      * Armor recover :  restores your armor gauge to 100%
      * Life recover  :  you regain some life, or to be exact, your damage
    		     gauge decreases a certain quantity.
      * Special charge:  adds one level to your Special gauge.
    ABILITY TYPE: they give your character special powers, such as
      * Offense up :  increase the damage of your attacks
      * Defense up :  you take less damage from enemy attacks
      * Speed up   :  you move and perform attacks faster
      * Hero mode  :  weapon systems enhanced
    WEAPON TYPE: this will give you a weapon specific to your character
    (it varies from one mech to other). Every character has his own
    inventory of 3 different weapon items.
    When a mech drops a weapon item and it is recovered by the facing mech,
    the weapon is reconverted to this last's inventory. Ability items are
    Once you have activated an item, a short bar is displayed over your
    item inventory. This is a time meter. When the bar drops to zero,
    the item has been consumed and you can no longer use it, unless you
    activate another one!
    During the execution of certain moves, a "warning" message appears
    pointing to your character. These moves are exceptionally slow, yet
    forceful enough to cause a blocking opponent to stagger momentarily
    even when blocking. A quick attack launched during the stagger will
    connect successfully.
    You will find these moves labeled with a 'W' in the movelist.
    This move will crush your opponent's guard, leaving him vulnerable for
    a short time. Great for turtlers.
    When near opponent, press simultaneously A+B+G.
    A feature already used in other games, such as Soul Edge and Samurai
    Showdown, but unusual in a Capcom game. Basically, is the same concept:
    When two attacks collide, the Grapple Attack begins. Both mechs push
    against each other trying to win the assault. Mash those buttons!
    The loser gets stunned, though it's possible the draw. In that case,
    both mechs are pushed back.
    A very useful move if you know how to play with it, since it allows you to
    avoid enemy fire and at the same time to attack an opponent in vulnerable
    Every mech has two counterstrikes, activated by pressing either
    G+A or G+B.
    Your character will sidestep/round the enemy, performing the attack
    corresponding to each variant.
    An easy but risky way to close the distance and strike by surprise!
    Hold G button, then ->->
    Your character will dash forward enveloped in an energy aura.
    Enemy fire cannot stop you, but you still take damage.
    The Ultimate Destruction Attack !!  You can't escape !!
    When "FINAL ATTACK" appears on the screen
    press simultaneously A+B+J+G
    If it connects, it takes the entire Damage Gauge and the round.
    Only once per match !  (Blockable)
    For every character, you will find the following information:
    -Regular Moves  : names, motions and special properties if any
    -Special Moves  : names, motions and special propreties if any
    -Final Attack   : visual description
    -CounterStrikes : attacks performed with each variant (A or B)
    -Specific items : inventory and properties of each item
    -Hero Mode      : Additional powers gained during hero mode
    On character selection screen, pull the joystick down to get information
    on each mech profile.
    NOTE: With the exception of a few ones, I'm not using the official names
    for the moves in this list. If you are interested on them, get Donny Chan's
    TR FAQ, available at www.gamefaqs.com
    G KAISER : Massive attacking power
    [A]                     Rocket Punches (hold A to home in on enemy)
    <- A                    Rocket Punches (anti-air)
    -> A                    G Kaiser Upper
    <- -> A                 Kaiser Fury (5-hit autocombo)
    -> <- A              U  Whirlwind Throw
    air A                   Dive Kick
    B                       Napalm Bomb
    -> B                 S  G Kaiser Hurricane (advancing)
    ->> B                S  G Kaiser Hurricane (static)
    air B                   Drop Napalm Bomb
    A/B + J                 Flying Upper
    A+B                     Heat Blazer (ground-ground)
    <- A+B                  Heat Blazer (ground-air)
    air A+B                 Heat Blazer (air-ground)
    air -> A+B              Heat Blazer (air-air)
    <- -> A+B               SPECIAL HEAT BLAZER
    air <- -> A+B           KAISER ASSAULT
    FINAL ATTACK: Violent Sword
    G Kaiser draws his sword and delivers a powerful overhead slash,
    followed by a series of sword swipes in an automatic combo.
    (easy counterable if the first strike is blocked)
    G+A                     Rocket Punches
    G+B                     Shoulder Ram
    Doomsday                A giant bomb that causes a huge blast and massive
    			damage. Is aimed at the opponent's location.
    Giant Rock              G Kaiser materializes a large rock and throws it
    			at the enemy. It can be blasted into pieces.
    Axe Blow                G Kaiser puts a pair of small devices on his arms
    			Attack with A or <- A.
    Enables G Kaiser to fly around freely.
    DIXEN : A mega mix of weapons
    up/down + G             switch gun
    J, J                    double jump (steerable)
    A (gun 1)               Rifle Shot (faster)
    A (gun 2)               Missile (more damaging)
    -> A                    Rising Slash
    <- -> A                 Aiming Satellite
    -> <- A                 Shielding Satellite (absorbs some forms of attack,
    			returning the fire. Good timing needed) 
    air A                   Air Slash
    B                       Grenade (short range)
    -> B                    Grenade (long range)
    <- -> B                 Aiming Satellite (no difference with A version?)
    air B                   Drop Grenade
    air -> B                Toss Grenade
    A/B+J                   Sword Upper
    A+B                     Fixer Cannon (ground-ground)
    <- A+B                  Fixer Cannon (ground-air)
    air A+B                 Fixer Cannon (air-ground)
    air -> A+B              Fixer Cannon (air-air)
    <- -> A+B               HYPER FIXER CANNON
    -> <- A+B               BERSERKER SWORD
    FINAL ATTACK: Test Your Aim
    Dixen throws the opponent upwards and fire the helpless mech with a mega
    stream of fixer cannon.
    G+A                     Rising Slash
    G+B                     Short Range Grenade
    Spark Gun               A short range weapon that stuns opponent.
    Hellfire                A flamethrower with moderate reach. Stuns opponent.
    Fist Blast              A powerful charging fist that hits many times at
    			close range.
    Enables Dixen to fly around freely.
    A                       Homing laser
    PULSION : Deadly combination attacks
    <- <-                   Backflip
    J, J                    Double Jump (steerable)
    A                       Punch
    -> A                    Pulsion Upper
    <- A                W   Backhand
    <- -> A, (A)            Plasma Saw, another saw
    air A                   Dive Punch
    air -> A                Flying Punch
    air <- -> A             Plasma Saw
    B                       Sliding Kick
    -> B, (tap A/B)         Space Sommersault
    <- B                    Pulse Weave
    air B                   Air Kick
    A/B+J (opp. down)       Pounce
    A+B                     Beta Beam
    A+B (after backflip)    Low Beta Beam
    -> A+B                  Pulsion Screen
    <- -> A+B               VOLTAGE SPHERE
    -> <- A+B               ALIEN RUSH
    FINAL ATTACK: Erradication
    Pulsion lifts the opponent in his arms, activates boosters and propulse
    away from Earth. Once in outer space, Pulsion throws the opponent away
    and fires dozens of missiles that lock on on the poor mech, literally
    erradicating him.
    G+A                     Half Moon Beams
    G+B                     Space Sommersault
    P. Knife                Pulsion equippes a pair of knives, gaining extra
    			reach. Damage increased.
    P. Blade                Pulsion throws a rotary blade. The blade spins
    			for a while, hitting multiple times.
    P. Spear                Pulsion attacks the opponent with a horned spear.
    			Paralyzes. It can be chained into Final Attack!
    Pulsion goes berserk. He moves in crouched manner and his attacks become
    With A button pounces on opponent.
    With B button slide-kicks opponent, following with scratches and flipkick.
    BOLON : Guts and skill will prevail
    A                       Iron Ball
    -> [A]                  Yo-Yo Iron Ball
    <- [A]                  Yo-Yo Iron Ball (anti-air)
    <- -> A                 Destroyer Drill
    air [A]                 Rolling Dive
    air down A              Rolling Fall
    B                       Excavator
    <- B                    Rocket upper
    <- -> B              S  Burning Chimney
    -> <- B                 Fireworks (looks like a taunt, but it hits)
    air B                   Shovel blow
    A+B                     Bolon Typhoon
    -> A+B               W  Rolling Claw
    air A+B                 Lariat
    <- -> A+B               GIANT ROLLING IRON BALL
    -> <- A+B               IRON BALL ECLYPSE
    <- -> A+J            U  SELF DESTRUCT
    FINAL ATTACK: The Little House
    The curtain drops.
    The curtain rises, we can see Bolon and his opponent inside a little nice
    house, having tea or something similar. The opp seems to commit a foolish
    act of descourtesy such as putting the feet over the table and then Bolon,
    enraged, smashes the table into opponent's face, who flies away breaking
    the roof and droping outside the house.
    G+A                     Rolling Dive
    G+B                     Excavator
    Magic Pot               Bolon's hand transforms in a pot, from which soccer
    			balls and other kinds of spherical objects come out
    			Pretty useless.
    S. Hammer               Bolon swings a HUGE hammer and smashes down on opp.
    			As you can imagine, it stuns.
    L. Express              A very curious one. Bolon throws one of his many
    			body parts, a train. The convoy moves quickly
    			around the opponent, running between his legs,
    			hindering him and causing damage.
    Bolon summons a hodgepodge of floating objects which join in any attacks.
    RAFAGA : 3 different modes
    * Robot mode:
    down + G                transform to AT-ST mode (rapid fire)
    up + G                  transform to fighter mode (flying ability)
    A                       Plasma Rifle
    -> A                    Gun Pod crush
    <- -> A                 Float Seeker
    air A                   Flipkick
    air down A              3-way shot (air-ground)
    B                       3 missiles (ground-ground)
    <- -> B                 Side Winder
    air B                   3 missiles (air-ground)
    air -> B                3 missiles (air-air)
    B+J                     Knee Upper
    A+B                     Plasma Cannon
    * AT-ST mode:
    A                       Plasma shots
    B                       3 missiles
    J                       transform to fighter mode
    A+B                     Transform attack
    -> ->                   Rushing attack
    -> -> B                 Rushing attack (returns to robot mode)
    * Fighter mode:
    A                       Dive
    <- -> A                 Float Seeker
    B                       3 missiles
    A+B                     Dual Laser
    <- -> A+B               PINPOINT BREAK PUNCH    (robot mode)
    <- -> A+B               CHARGING BULL           (AT-ST mode)
    <- -> A+B               BOMBARDMENT             (fighter mode)
    FINAL ATTACK: Unleashed Fury
    Rafaga throws the opponent upwards, jumping after him. Hits the opponent
    a few times in mid-air and sends him again to ground, firing him in the
    way down with multiple shots. Only for sadists!
    S.S. Pod                Rafaga emits a stream of ring lasers.
    			Moderate reach. Stuns.
    T. Cannon               Once the weapon is equipped, pressing A+B
    			obtains an enhanced form of plasma cannon.
    			Very powerful!
    Shell Gun               A large shell that travels slowly.
    			Heavy damage. Breaks armor.
    -> <- A/B               Colony crush. Helps out for added damage.
    DIANA 17 : Fight in the sky
    - Diana 17 can do two air attacks
    <- <-                   Backflip
    J, J                    Double Jump (steerable)
    A                       Wedge Beam (ground-ground)
    -> A                    Double Kick
    <- -> A                 Crystal Edge
    air A                   Dive Kick
    air down A              Wedge Beam (air-ground)
    B                       Soap Bubbles
    -> <- B                 Butterfly Counter (if opp touches the butterfly
    			Diana projects a ball that hits 7-8 times)
    air B                   Soap Bubbles
    A+J                     Jump and Dive
    B+J                     Interceptor (if it connects, Diana engulfs opp
    			in an energy ball and throws him a javeline)
    [A+B]                S  Diana Javeline
    air [A+B]            S  Diana Javeline (air-ground)
    air down A+B            Attractive Shower
    <- -> A+B               BEAUTY AVENGER
    -> <- A+B               MESSENGER OF JUSTICE
    air <- -> A+B           EMERALD TEAR
    FINAL ATTACK: Messenger Of Love
    There is few to see in this one. Diana touches the opponent and next
    we see is a close view of hers, enveloped in a giant heart.
    G+A                     Jump and Dive
    G+B                     Leg Cutter
    Angel Bow               Diana fires an arrow which explodes in a miriad
    			of littles ones that converge into the opponent.
    Angel Star              Diana throws a big shuriken.
    Angel Saber             Diana strikes several times with a rapier, a la
    			Gerelt from Star Gladiators.
    Diana gets an Anti-Missile Barrier.
    WISE DUCK : Big guns and strong armor
    - Wise Duck can't jump
    A                       Machine Gun
    -> A                    Break Shaft
    <- -> A                 Bull Breaker
    B                       Proton Missiles
    <- B                    Proton Missiles (anti-air)
    -> B                 S  Net Missile
    J                       Ground Mine
    A+J                     Mad Robot (3-hit autocombo)
    B+J                     Napalm Pod (short range)
    -> B+J                  Napalm Pod (long range)
    A+B                     Devastator (enveloping blast)
    <- A+B                  Devastator (wide area)
    <- -> A+B               PHOTON CANNON
    -> <- A+B               ANTI-AIR PHOTON CANNON
    <- -> A+J               INTO OBLIVION
    FINAL ATTACK: Full Metal Hunter
    Wise Duck grabs the opponent, tosses him into the air (this is shown from
    various camera angles) and unleashes a barrage of ground-ground and air-
    ground missiles.
    G+A                     Bull Breaker
    G+B                     Proton Missiles
    M. Barrage              Little ICBM's go sky high and dive into enemy.
    G.A. Cannon             Missiles that detonate over opponent, freeing
    			parachute bombs.
    F. Geyser               One of those flamethrowers you can purchase in
    			your everyday arms shop.
    All missile attacks lock on the enemy.
    TWINZAM V : Transform with Change Cross Twinzam
    - You can choose formation after selecting character.
    - Change formation in mid-fight with -> <- A+B
    * Fire Formation (red top, blue bottom)
    A                       Punch
    <- A                    Tomahawk Upper
    -> A                    Fire Tomahawk
    <- -> A                 Twinzam Rush
    air A                   Cone Beam
    air <- -> A             Twinzam Dive
    B                       Twinzam Drill
    <- B                    Twinzam Drill (anti-air)
    <- -> B                 Shooting Star Blow
    air B                   Twinzam Drill (air-ground)
    [A+B]                   Exploding Quasar
    <- [A+B]                Exploding Quasar (anti-air)
    * Plasma Formation (blue top, red bottom)
    -> A                    Plasma Hammer
    <- -> A                 Twinzam Home Run
    air A                   Hammer Blow
    air down A              Spin Drop
    B                       Missiles (ground-ground)
    <- B                    Missiles (ground-air)
    <- -> B                 Zero Gravity Hold
    air B                   Missiles (air-ground)
    A+B                     SteelWorm
    -> A+B                  Drill Crusher
    air A+B                 DiveDriller
    <- -> A+B               TWIN FORMATION
    Fire Formation: Victory!
    Twinzam perform a combo on the opponent, ending with a dramatic V-slash.
    Plasma Formation: Don't be cruel
    Twinzam knocks down the opponent with a combo, activates his twin drills
    and perforates him with fury.
    Fire Formation
    G+A                     Fire Tomahawk
    G+B                     Missiles
    Plasma Formation
    G+A                     Drills
    G+B                     Missiles
    T.S. Beam               A kind of a triangular beam that tractors opp.
    B. Cutter               Twinzam attacks with a huge chainsaw. Breaks armor.
    S. Driver               Twinzam smashes the hammer on the ground, causing
    			shock waves to travel along the screen.
    Fire Formation: starts off a meteor shower.
    Plasma Formation: spinning pillars of water around mech.
    In a 1P game: they can only be used in Challenge mode (except Gourai?)
    In a 2P game: players can't use the same character (except Gourai?)
    GOURAI (boss)
    Playable after 200 hours.
    Playable after 600 hours.
    Moves of normal Pulsion.
    Gold colour.
    Playable after 600 hours.
    A Dixen prototype with enhanced weapon systems.
    Playable after 600 hours.
    A horned version of Wise Duck.
    G+J or down G+J to turn dash.
    A giant golem-like robot, piloted by an egiptyan. It is made of stone
    blocks and it might be confused with a castle if it weren't by its human
    shape. Mid-boss.
    - Really damaging punches and slaps
    - Laser sweeps
    - Can send opponent to another dimension wrapped up in rings
    - Teleport
    - No Armor
    - No jump
    - SUPER 1: Invisibility. Lasts about 10 seconds, but wears off if Gamda
      is knocked down
    A weird balloon-shaped enemy, with some flexible members and a ring of 
    light over the head. Mid-boss.
    - Dodges and hits with tentacles
    - Mini-Drones of different colours and homing abilities
    - Laser sweeps
    - Stunning bubble charges
    - Persistent laser pulses
    - SPECIAL 1: a scout party of drones followed by a large ring of mini
      drones firing away after party connects
    - SPECIAL 2: an invincible barrier which cancels all incoming damage for
      a short period
    A kind of samurai warrior. Mid-boss.
    - Wields saber and armor
    - Controllable particle streams
    - Spinning slashes
    - SPECIAL 1: Vacuum Zone
    The final boss. After defeat, he transforms in a deadlier form with two
    brand new damage bars. AACK!
    (Your bars aren't restored after beating the first form. So consider this
    fight like an endurance match)
    - Wields a huge Scimitar
    - Earthquakes
    - Homing Birds
    - Stunning sword toss
    - Teleport
    - SPECIAL (form 2): Goldibus transforms in a flaming Phoenix. Easy to
      block but causes massive armor losses (up to 25%)
    - Many TR characters are based or have amazing similarities with some
      actual robot series and other sources:
      * G Kaiser is based on the incredibly old Mazinger Z series.
      * Dixen is very similar to the mechs appearing in Gundam series.
      * Pulsion follows the argument and design of Evangelion.
      * Wise Duck resembles a Mech Warrior design.
      * Diana 17 is more than similar to Fei Yen from Virtual On.
      * Bolon resembles a funny robot called SJ1 (smoking Joe) appearing
        in an old comic book titled Sam Slade: Robo Hunter. SJ1 had a
        rounded body just like Bolon, with a chimney in the back, and his 
        power source was a boiler. When he got emotive and steam pressure 
        increased, he opened the chimney emitting a terrific sound just 
        like a locomotive! (I doubt Bolon is based on SJ1, though)
    - Twinzam's Special can take off FULL damage bars (yes, 100%) !!
      I don't know the requirements, since I've seen this ocurr only once.
      A friend of mine was fighting against Goldibus. Won the first round,
      and opened the second with the Special. I hadn't time to look at what
      Goldibus was doing. The next thing I saw was the damage bar filling
      with red and Goldibus exploding.
    - Goldibus is the only character that can receive a Final Attack twice.
      Once in each form.
    - Goldibus is the most disrespectful mech towards Bolon during Final
      Attack: he actually puts his foot on the table and scratches his/her?
      back with the scimitar.
    - As you can see above, I'm not too sure about Goldibus sex. The aspect
      and the name of this mech seem to point to a male character but then,
      in Bolon's ending, Goldibus turns out to be Pollin's Mother!
    Well, thus end my Tech Romancer FAQ. I hope you find it worthy.
    My English is not as good as I wish, so please forgive my possible grammar
    errors, absurd terms, etc.
    Corrections are welcomed. Additional info on stories, move names, secret
    characters, etc are also welcomed. Flames are welcomed, provided you put
    a bit of humor on them. I reserve the right to reply in the same terms.
    Eulogies are most welcome :)
    I'd wish to express my gratitude to the following persons:
    Jesus Cabezas del Pozo  (JCP)           <mcd00000@teleline.es>
    Julian Lopez Fernandez  (JLF)           --
       for playing doubles with me and helping me out to collect info.
    Donny Chan                              <crs1219@usa.net>
       for being so nice to send me his TR faq and to let me make use of
       its contents, and for including me in the credits :)
    Thomas Chong                            <hoithong@mbox3.singnet.com.sg>
       for his extensive info on warning moves, bosses patterns and hero
       mode effects. Also for his contributions to the curiosities section.
    Florentino Pascual                      <tino@capscorp.com.ph>
       for some bits of info and especially for his words of support!
    Kyosuke Kagami                          <darshu@hotmail.com>
       for sending me his contributions in spite of the removal of his
       TR machine from the arcade. Thanks anyway, boy!

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