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    G. Kaiser by Gamer.Cox

    Version: 1.1 | Updated: 07/16/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    G. Kaiser/Kikaioh Faq 1.1
    July 16, 2000 - Added attack in attack list. Note on ultimate combo 
                    for the dreamcast version.
    This faq I've written is based on what I learned from some
    friends in the local arcade. I started playing Kikaioh cause they
    said he's one of the easiest to learn.
    U - Move the joystick up
    D - Move the joystick down
    B - Move the joystick opposite the direction of the enemy
    F - Move the joystick towards the direction of the enemy
    G - Press the guard button
    1 - Press attack button 1
    2 - Press attack button 2
    J - Press jump button
    Common Moves:
    F,F - Dash
    * Hold G+F,F - Guard dash 
    B,B - Dash backwards
    U - Runs towards the background
    D - Runs towards the screen
    *Note: The guard dash allows you to dash towards the opponent
           even when being attacked. Kikiaioh won't stop from the opponent's
           attack but he will still take damage from it. Also, if
           the opponent was not guarding, the guard dash will stun the
           opponent giving you an opening for a combo. I suggest that
           you don't depend on this much though since if the opponent
           avoids the dash, you'll be left open for an attack. The key to
           using the guard dash is timing. Know when to use it.
    1 - Rocket blows (hold 1 to delay attack and locks-on to opponent)
    1 (near opponent) - punch
    F+1 - Kikaioh uppercut (launcher)
    B,F+1 - Kikaioh rush combo
    F,B+1 - Hurricane grab (grab move)
    J,1 - Kikaioh kick
    1+2 - Kikaioh beam
    B+1+2 - Anti-air Kikaioh beam
    J,1+2 - Air Kikaioh beam towards ground
    J,F+1+2 - Air Kikaioh straight beam
    2 - Bomb drop
    F+2 - Kikaioh tornado
    B,F+2 - Explosion wave
    J,2 - Air bomb
    J+1/J+2 - Rising shoulder
    2 (while dashing) - Shoulder ram
    Counter Moves:
    G+1 - Sidestep rocket blows
    G+2 - Sidestep shoulder ram
    Super Attacks:
    B,F+1+2 - Kikaioh Heat Blazer
    (In mid-air) B,F+1+2 - Kikaioh Super Spin Kick
    Final Attack:
    This move can only be done the last round of the battle. When
    your opponent's damage bar is half full, a message "FINAL ATTACK" will appear
    meaning you can deliver it. Kikaioh's/G. Kaiser's wings form a sword which he
    then uses to slash his opponent multiple times. Ending with a somersault 
    sword slash.
    1+2+3+4 - Kikaioh Sword Attack
    Here are some combos that I've learned. You can get an extra hit
    in if you start off with the guard dash and if it connects for the 
    first hit/opener for the combo.
    1,1,1 - 3 hit combo
    1,1,B,F+1+2 - 2 punches chained with the Heat Blazer
    F+1,J+2/1 - Launcher followed up with a Jumping Shoulder Ram
    F+1,B,F+1+2 - Launcher followed up with the Heat Blazer
    *Ultimate punch combo:
    This combo, I discovered from what I learned from my friends.
    Basically all you have to do is:
    Doing this, I was able to score up to 30 hits against the final boss.
    It's cheap, but hey, it works. Against other opponents, it will only
    connect to about 10 to 12 hits. It can also be chained with the heat
    blazer. I only use this on computer opponents because it's way too
    cheap/cheesy an attack. But I also use it if my human opponent gets
    cheap too.
    *Note: This combo does not work in the dreamcast version.
    I'll try to update this faq again as soon as I find more.
    This Faq is owned and created by Gamer.Cox
    Copyright 2000

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