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    Blodia II Custom by BOGS

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/31/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Choukousenki Kikaioh
    Character move list: BLODIA II Custom (Pilot: Jin Saotome)
    Date: May 31, 2000
    Version 1.0
    Author: BOGS
    I. Revision History
    II. Copyright and other Legal Stuff
    III. Legend & Abbreviations
    IV. Why use Blodia?
    V. Basic/Special Moves Command, Description, Tips and Ratings
    VI. Acknowledgements and some personal info
    -May 31, 2000 = all the necessities
    -This document is for free and should not be sold or used for profit.
    -You may use this document or reprint as long as it remains in its original form. 
    -Give me credit whenever your going to use this document on your webpage or any other media.
    -This document is created and owned by BOGS 
    -Copyright 2000 all rights reserved  
    -This is based on the Dreamcast (altough its makes no difference with the arcade version)
    U = up (walks to background)
    D = down (walks to foreground)
    F = forward 
    B = Back 
    F,F = dash forward
    B,B = dash back (In Blodia's case, "float" back =D)
    A1 = attack 1
    A2 = attack 2
    J = jump
    G = guard
    -I'll put the disadvantages first then the advantages. These are based on facts and 
    my personal opinions
    -Blodia has only a few moves compared to the other robots.
    -Blodia has only 3 long range projectile that goes full screen. (All 3 are item based 
    attacks which has a limited number of use.)
    -Although Blodia has only a limited number of moves, all of them are highly usable. In other 
    words, Blodia has no crappy moves.
    -Most of Blodia's moves does heavy and mono damage (red, non-repairable damage)
    -The 3 item based attacks of Blodia are highly effective. (I'll explain why in the 
    Moves section)
    -Blodia's attack can quickly diminish your opponents armor (even when they are blocking)
    -Blodia's Final Attack is fast and can be used to "catch" an opponent in the air. 
    (i.e.when your opponent is descending from a jump)
    -My ratings are 1% being the lowest and 100% being the highest.
    -Decrease in Armor Gauge depends on the character. Some robots have
    strong armor (i.e. Wiseduck), Some are average (i.e. Kikaioh), some have weak armor 
    (i.e. Diana 17). The Armor gauge decrease I refer to in this section is based on the averge. 
    -Take note that Blodia is like an alternate version of Kikaioh. Some of their moves are similar.
    -Before continuing, it is best if you first read the Tech romancer basic faq and movelist 
    made by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey so you'll get the hang of the basics. I also used some the terms 
    he used in his faq.
    OIUSA (Chase & Kill)
    Command = A1+J or A2+J
    Description = Blodia jumps on a downed opponent and hits him/her 3 
    Tips = Immediately do this move when your opponent is about to crash to
           the ground, so you'll have a higher chance of hitting him/her.
         = This move does mono damage and decreases the armor of your 
           opponent by 6%
         = Although this move does only minimal damage, its a nice follow-
    Rating = 80%
    Command = A1 or A1,A1
    Description = Blodia kneels and fires 3 Vulcan shots in succession. If     
                  A1 is pressed 2 times, Blodia will shoot 6 Vulcan shots 
                  in succession.
    Tips = This moves is best used in mid range due to its limited reach.
         = Vulcan automatically follows your opponent. So if your within 
           range, you can hit an opponent while he/she is side stepping or
           performing a dodge attack.
         = This is Blodia's fastest but weakest move (it causes small and 
           repairable damage) and should only be used to interupt your   
           opponent out of a move he/she is doing.
    Rating = 75%
    TAI-KARA VULCAN (Ground to Air Vulcan) 
    Command = B+A1 or B+A1,A1
    Description = Blodia points his arm at the sky (45 degrees angle) and
                  shoots 3 rounds of Vulcan in the air. Blodia shoots 6 
                  rounds if A1 is pressed twice.
    Tips = This is Blodia's fastest anti-air move. But you shouldn't rely
           on this move for damage because it is pretty weak.
         = Good to use on those people who like to jump at you.  
    Ratings = 70%
    Command = F+A1
    Description = Blodia puts one foot forward and gives the opponent an 
                  uppercut tha sends them high up in the air.
    Tips = Slow start up. So use this if your sure the opponent is open.
         = Does decent damage and opens up tons of combos ability since 
           it floats your opponent very high.
         = You should also note the recovery of this move is very slow
           and in the event your opponent blocks this move, be prepared 
           to take a beating.
         = After Blodia Upper connects, immediately follow up with Full 
           Metal Charge to juggle them in the air. 
    Rating = 80%
    Command = B, F+A1
    Description = Blodia extracts his Wolverine claws then pokes the enemy
                  with it, leaving them stunned.
    Tips = Slow start up, fast recovery.
         = People tend to under estimate this move. Iron nail has a very
           good reach (not too long but long enough) and upon impact, opens 
           up a dozen of combo opportunities. (Planet smasher anyone? :P)
         = This move stuns the opponent for a short time, so your reaction  
           should be FAST.
         = No decrease in Armor Gauge.
    Rating = 75%
    Command = Near opponent, A1,A1,A1
    Description = Blodia gives the enemy the ol' 1-2-3 punch.
    Tips = Decent speed and damage, and it only cause mono damage.
         = When all 3 punches connect (blocked or not blocked), you'll
           be able to chip off 11% from your opponent's armour gauge.
         = After the 3rd punch, follow it up with a Ouisa for added 
         = This move looks exectly like Kikiaoh's "Kikaioh punch".
    Rating = 85% 
    Command = while dashing, A2
    Description = Blodia dashes then extracting his Wolverine-like claws,
                  punches the enemy for a 6 hit combo then sending them 
                  flying across the screen.
    Tips = Overall, this is Blodia's best move.
         = Good damage (causes mono damage only) to the enemy's damage bar
           and armor gauge.
         = This move combos for 6 hits, decreasing 11% of your opponent's 
           armor even when they block this move.
         = Even when blocked, opponent suffers tick damage not only to 
           their damage bar, but their armor gauge as well.
         = Fast start up and fast recovery.
         = Puts a good distance between you and your opponent, so you don't 
           have to fear any retaliation when they block this move. 
           Nonetheless, If you think your opponent is going to retaliate,   
           let him/her eat some Vulcan. =D
    Rating = 100%  
    Command = A2
    Description = Jin Saotome shouts "Dynamite!" then a small explosion 
                  surrounds Blodia's body, knocking down anyone whose near
    Tips = This move comes out instantly and does decent damage.
         = Any opponent hit by the Giga Crush immediately falls to the 
           floor. You can follow up this move by getting near the downed 
           opponent and doing another Giga Crush. (This move is able to hit
           all grounded opponent)
         = The downside of this move is that it should be executed at VERY       
           close range, but as I've said, Blodia should be used as a
         = DO NOT use this move as an anti-air.  
    Rating = 83%
    Command = In mid-air, A2
    Description = Jin Saotome shouts "Dyanamite!" then a huge rainbow 
                  colored explosion (A perfect 360 degrees I might add)   
                  surrounds Blodia's body.
    Tips = Mid-Air Giga Crush can hit for multiple times, depending on the
           proximity of the enemy.
         = This move is one of Blodia's trickier moves. You can use this in 
           order to attain air superiority, as long as you perform it at 
           the right time.
         = Slow start-up and slow recovery prevents this move from being   
           the most powerful anti-air move in the game. 
         = The trick to this move is to anticipate when your opponent is 
           going to jump.
         = Since this move has a 360 degrees explosion radius, it means you             
           can hit the enemy anywhere (above, under you etc.) as long as he
           is within the blast radius. You can confuse your opponent by   
           jumping alot(think cross overs and jump-ins) then Giga Crush 
           them to death.
         = The nearer your opponent is to you, the more hits  this move 
         = You can also use this move to distance yourself away from the 
           enemy. While on the groud, press B,B, then while backing up 
           (note that Blodia's feet is NOT touching the ground) press A2.
           What happens is that Blodia performs the mid air Giga Crush 
           while he is backing up. Cool eh? (at least I thought so) 
    Rating = 85%
    Command = In mid-air, A1
    Description = Blodia pauses in mid-air then dashes diagonally down with
                  a flying kick.
    Tips = decent start-up but if the enemy is able to block it, your dead.
         = Automatically homes on the opponent. But if it misses, long 
         = When executed, very fast and causes good damge (mono damage 
           only) The damage this move inflicts is worth risking its slow
         = Decreases 10% of your enemy's Armor gauge even when blocked.
         = Looks exactly the same as Kikaioh's "Kikaioh kick".
    Rating = 80%
    Command = A1+A2
    Description = Blodia charges the enemy vertically forcing them upwards.
    Tips = This move can be used on the ground or as an anti-air attack.
         = You can pull out a miximum of 6 hits from this move. Decreases
           11% of your opponent's Armour if it is not blocked and 4% if it 
           is blocked.
         = Highly damaging move (also causes mono damage only). Good   
           juggling move.
         = decent startup but slow recovery since you'll be coming down 
           from the air.
         = Must be done at close range.
    Rating = 85%
    Command = B,F+A1+A2 (requires at least 1 super bar)
    Description = Blodia punches the enemy 4 times then performs the Full
                  Metal Charge.
    Tips = Highly damaging move, causes only mono damage, decreases 13% if 
           not blocked and 9% if blocked. Blodia's best super move.
         = Always remember once executed, this move instantly comes out. 
         = If you were able to block your opponent's 1-2-3 punch,  
           immediately use Planet Smasher, it will connect 100%!
         = In summary, use this move only after blocking an opponent's 
           attack (as long as your close enough that is).
    Rating = 95%
    Command = F,B+A1+A2 (requires at least one super bar)
    Description = Blodia plants his fist to the ground then a wave of 
                  energy shoots from it.
    Tips = Long range projectile attack that hits 5 to 9 times 
           depending on your distance from the enemy. 
         = Decent start up but not as fast as Planet Smasher
         = Good damage but half of it is yellow damage (repairable damage).
         = Safe to use because it pushes your opponent to the opposite edge
           of the screen even when blocked.
    Rating = 80%
    ITEM ATTACK: Yellow - B. BOMB
    Command = Slect the big missile icon then press A1+A2+J
    Description = Blodia throws a BIG atomic bomb at the enemy causing a 
                  big explosion.
    Tips = Bomb can travel to the edge of the screen.
         = Good damage but half of it is yellow damage. So if the bomb 
           connects, immediately follw it up with Ouisa or any other move 
           as long as you capitalize on the damage (remember yellow damage 
           heals over time, so attack!).
         = Never use this at close range due to its slow start up.
         = This item attack can be used only once before it is depleted.
    Ratings = 75%
    Command = Select the round-shaped bomb icon then A1+A2+J
    Description = Blodia picks up a bomb a throws at the enemy. Upon 
                  contact, the bomb ricochets off the enemy then explodes.
    Tips = Can be used at close range or long range. But preferably should 
           be used at close range since at close range, it hits 3 times 
           instead of the normal 2 times.
         = Start up is fast enough to use at close range and safe to use
           even when blocked since the bomb will explode a few seconds 
           AFTER it hits your blocking opponent therefore giving you enough 
           time to dish out another attack.
         = Decreases the armor gauge by 2% if it hits 2 times, and 8% if it 
           hits 3 times.
         = This item attack can be used 3 times before it is depleted. 
    Rating = 85%
    Command = Select the gun icon then press A1+A2+J
    Description = Blodia backs up a little as a connon appears on his 
                  shoulder, then while Jin Saotome shouts "BEEEEAAAMMM!!",
                  a stream of plasma energy fires from the cannon.
    Tips = Decent start up and decent damage.
         = Best used at mid or long range. The beam travels to the edge of
           the screen.
         = DO NOT use at close range since the start up and recovery can 
           leave you open for an attack.
         = Beam hits 3 to 5 times depending on the distance between you 
           and your opponent.
         = This item attack can be used 3 times before it is depleted.
         = This is the weakest beam-type projectile in the game, but since 
           this is Blodia's only beam type projectile, I'm giving this a 
           high score.   
    Rating = 95%               
    Command = A1+G or A2+G
    Description = A1 version - Blodia side steps then performs a shoulder 
                               ram that sends the opponent FAR across the
                = A2 version - Blodia sides steps then performs the gatling 
    Tips = Not much to talk about. Just anticipate the move of your 
           opponent, if your think their going for a projectile based 
           attack, Dodge Attack!!
         = A1 version hits only once and causes more damage than the A2 
           version but has a shorter range. Decreases 12% on opponent's 
           armor gauge even when blocked.         
         = A2 version has same range and causes damage similar to the 
           dashing gatling rod. It is safer to use the A2 version.
         = Both version has fast start up.
    Rating = 90 %
    Command: When available press A1+A2+J+G
    Description = Blodia extracts his claws, sticks it to the enemy. He  
                  then holds the enemy above his head, shoots a few rounds 
                  of Vulcan into his/her body, throws him/her in the air, 
                  jumps and rams him/her in mid air.
    Tips = Blodia's final attack is fast and has good range.
         = You can use this to "catch" your opponent while he/she is 
           descending from a jump or crashing to the ground. (i.e. If 
           Blodia upper connects, until he/she is falling perform the final 
           attack. The best time is if he/she is a inches above Blodia's 
     Rating = As far as Final attacks go, 100%
    -Always remember that Blodia is a brawler and is best used in close range.
    -Always be on the offensive when using Blodia. 
    -It is good to mix up his moves, dodge attack occassionally.
    -Be familiar with the range of all of Blodia's attack to be more effective.
    -If given the chance use the Gatling Rod. It causes good damage to the life bar 
    and armor gauge even when blocked. 
    -If you find an opening, perform the Planet Smasher for mega damage.
    -THANKS to "CJayC" for providing  the basic info on his Techromancer guide. 
    I used the terminology and moves name he made on his faq.
    -THANKS again to "CJayC" for hosting my faq. 
    -A very big THANK YOU to "Jorweeck Jones" for lending me his japanese copy of 
    Tech Romancer and for making a Tech Romancer fan out of me.
    -And of course the biggest THANK YOU goes to THE MAN UPSTAIRS for giving me 
    the chance to enjoy life and writing this faq.
    -Any comments can be e-mailed to me at bogs@i-manila.com.ph
    -Oh, and if by chance you live in the Philippines, go and visit the most hip and 
    kick ass store that sells VIDEO GAMES and CELLULAR PHONES: GAMES & GADGETS
    -Don't know where it is? Drop me an e-mail and I'll tell you. :)
    -And to anyone out there who doesn't have a DREAMCAST, GO OUT AND BUY YOURSELF ONE NOW!
    -I'm CHINESE, I live in the PHILIPPINES and pretty damn proud of it! :)          

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