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    FAQ by Icy Flame

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    SSS          OO   OO  NNNNN  NN    III    CCCCCC
           SSS   OO   OO  NN   NNNN    III    CC
    SSS         HH    HH  UU   UU  FFFFF  FFFFF  LL      EE
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    SSSSSSSSSS  HH    HH  UUUUUUU  FF     FF     LL      EE
    I. Story
    II. Title Screen
     1. Story Mode
     2. Versus Mode
     3. Tutorial
     4. Sonic Room
     5. File Select
    III. Game Play
     1. The Basics
     2. Characters
     3. Spaces
     4. Cards
      A. Types of Cards
      B. Moving around the Board
      C. Using Cards in Battle
     5. Forcejewels
     6. Boards
      A. Emerald Coast
       1. Story
       2. Spaces
       3. Quest
       4. Map
       5. Events
      B. Fire Bird
       1. Story
       2. Spaces
       3. Quest
       4. Map
       5. Events
      C. Nature Zone
       1. Story
       2. Spaces
       3. Quest
       4. Map
       5. Events
      D. Riot Train
       1. Story
       2. Spaces
       3. Quest
       4. Map
       5. Events
      E. Fourth Dimension Space
       1. Story
       2. Spaces
       3. Quest
       4. Map
       5. Events
    IV. Mini-Games
      A. VS. 4 Mini-Games
      B. 1 VS. 3 Mini-Games
      C. 2 VS. 2 Mini-Games
      D. Play Order
      E. Accidents
      F. Stage Clear Accidents
      G. Duels
    V. Mini-Events
    VI. Updates
    VII. Bibliography
    VIII. E-Mail
    IX. Fine Print
    I. Story:
    A world called Maginaryworld was created by a fairy named Illumina. This was a
    world built on everybody's dreams! In the Temple of Light was kept the
    Precioustone, the stone which held everybody's dreams! But one day, Void tried
    to steal the Precioustone, but instead, he shattered it. Parts of it were sent
    to 5 worlds...
    Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Amy were called to the Temple of Light to help
    Lumina sort things out. The four were then taken into adventure......
    II. Title Screen
    These can be found on the Title Screen:
    1. Story Mode:
    Story Mode is the main part of the game. In Story Mode, you are called to the
    Temple of Light for a meeting on the shattering of the Precioustone. Then you
    start on Emerald Coast. Once you finish up the level, you can go on to the
    Fire Bird if you get 1st place. In between there is a segment on an argument
    between Void and Lumina. After that is another segment about the regeneration
    of the stage you just finished. Then you travel to the next stage. The boards
    are in this order: Emerald Coast, Fire Bird, Nature Zone, Riot Train, and
    Fourth Dimension Space (see "Boards"). Rings received in Story Mode are put in
    your bank to buy pictures in the Sonic Room (see "Sonic Room").
    2. Versus:
    Versus Mode can be played with up to 4 players. There are rules on this that
    are different from Story Mode. First of all, at the beginning of the game,
    you can choose how many Precioustones there will be. The more there are, the
    longer the game. Secondly, there is a Mini-Game at the beginning of the game
    which will decide the playing order. Third, if two players land on the same 
    space, a Duel begins (see Mini-Games for information on this). Fourth, if you
    win a battle (not a Precioustone battle) (see "Spaces" and "Cards" for 
    information on battles) you will get to steal rings from another player. And,
    lastly, you can play secret characters only in Versus Mode. Also note that you
    can only get rings in Story Mode. Any rings collected in Versus Mode are not
    put in your bank.
    3. Tutorial:
    This will explain the Game Objective, Cards, and Spaces to you. But in that you
    will get to see the things you learn be used. Even though you have this guide,
    be sure to check it out.
    4. Sonic Room:
    When you first start playing, the Sonic Room is a boring, pointless part of the
    game. There's Sonic sitting in his chair, while other characters are running
    around outside (there's a window so that you can see them). To the left of the
    room are cactuses, which keep track of how many Mini-Events you have seen. To
    the right is an aquarium where you keep track of how many Mini-Games you have.
    Above the window is a clock. In the middle of the room, there is a table with
    an album on it. The album is a primary key to making this room worthwhile. In
    here you can use rings accumulated in Story Mode to buy pictures. Buying
    pictures can unlock secrets. Secrets include a stereo set for sound tests, a
    toy box for playing Mini-Games, secret characters, character dolls on the
    shelves, and a laptop.
    How to get each secret:
    Stereo Set: Buy picture #55.
    With the Stereo Set, you will get to listen to 60 different musical pieces used
    in the game. They have different names, so experiment with it until you get
    used to it.
    Toy Box: Buy picture #49.
    The Toy Box can be used to play Mini-Games you've found in Story Mode. You do
    not have to buy the Mini Games in order to play them. The Play Order Mini-Games
    are only found at the beginning of Versus Mode. Even if you don't have certain
    secret characters, you can still play as them in the Toy Box.
    Big the Cat playable: Buy picture #16.
    Gamma playable: Buy picture # 32.
    Chao playable: Buy picture #24.
    Super Sonic playable: Buy picture #8.
    Secret character abilities are explained under "Characters".
    Dolls: Beat Versus Mode by yourself. The character you win with will be a doll
    on the shelf.
    Dolls don't do anything. They just make the place look a bit nicer. They're
    really small, though.
    Laptop: Beat story mode.
    On the Laptop, you can choose whether the spaces are the way they normally are,
    or if they are represented by Chinese characters. You can also choose whether
    the cards are shown or hidden.
    There are 64 pictures total. Below is a list of the number pictures in each
    category. Below that is a list of the pictures, along with their prices.
    Sonic: 1-8
    Tails: 9-16
    Knuckles: 17-24
    Amy: 25-32
    Big: 33-36
    Gamma: 37-40
    Chao: 41-44
    Super Sonic: 45-48
    Another: 49-56
    Story: 57-64
    #1: Price: 25 rings
    #2: Price: 50 rings
    #3: Price: 25 rings
    #4: Price: 100 rings
    #5: Price: 100 rings
    #6: Price: 120 rings
    #7: Price: 120 rings
    #8: Price: 120 rings
    #9: Price: 50 rings
    #10: Price: 25 rings
    #11: Price: 50 rings
    #12: Price: 75 rings
    #13: Price: 100 rings
    #14: Price: 120 rings
    #15: Price: 120 rings
    #16: Price: 150 rings
    #17: Price: 25 rings
    #18: Price: 25 rings
    #19: Price: 50 rings
    #20: Price: 100 rings
    #21: Price: 100 rings
    #22: Price: 120 rings
    #23: Price: 120 rings
    #24: Price: 120 rings
    #25: Price: 50 rings
    #26: Price: 120 rings
    #27: Price: 100 rings
    #28: Price: 100 rings
    #29: Price: 100 rings
    #30: Price: 120 rings
    #31: Price: 120 rings
    #32: Price: 150 rings
    #33: Price: 100 rings
    #34: Price: 100 rings
    #35: Price: 120 rings
    #36: Price: 120 rings
    #37: Price: 100 rings
    #38: Price: 100 rings
    #39: Price: 100 rings
    #40: Price: 100 rings
    #41: Price: 100 rings
    #42: Price: 100 rings
    #43: Price: 100 rings
    #44: Price: 100 rings
    #45: Price: 120 rings
    #46: Price: 120 rings
    #47: Price: 120 rings
    #48: Price: 120 rings
    #49: Price: 120 rings
    #50: Price: 75 rings
    #51: Price: 120 rings
    #52: Price: 75 rings
    #53: Price: 120 rings
    #54: Price: 150 rings
    #55: Price: 175 rings
    #56: Price: 150 rings
    #57: Price: 150 rings
    #58: Price: 150 rings
    #59: Price: 150 rings
    #60: Price: 150 rings
    #61: Price: 150 rings
    #62: Price: 150 rings
    #63: Price: 150 rings
    #64: Price: 200 rings
    5. File Select:
    Not much to know here. All you do here is select the VMU to use to save data.
    A Sonic Shuffle file takes up 4 of the 200 blocks on the VMU.
    PRECAUTION: Don't shut off the game while loading! I did this and my file was
    III. Game Play
    This section explains the game play. Here are the basics, which explain things
    that won't fit anywhere else, characters, which have special abilities, spaces,
    which are the result of a board game set-up, cards, which are used to move
    around the board, and Forcejewels, which have special abilities you can use on
    yourself or other people.
    1. The Basics:
    In the game, the goal is to have the most Emblems at the end of the game. Here
    is how you get Emblems:
    For each Precioustone you get, you will get an Emblem. (See "Void Space" under
    You get an Emblem for having the most rings.
    You get an Emblem for winning the Stage Clear accident.
    You get an Emblem for completing the map quest.
    In Versus Mode, you get an Emblem for winning the most duels.
    If two players have the same number of emblems, the one with the most rings
    Whenever somebody gets a Precioustone, Lumina locates the next one. If you are
    furthest from the Precioustone that was just accumulated, Eggman will drop 16
    tons on you, which will take away about one half of your rings. Then, Void's
    Precioustone steal is sometimes introduced or moved to a new space.
    Roulette: Many things on the board are chosen by roulette. The picture of the
    player doing this is in the middle and the other three are on the outer rim.
    As the roulette spins, the arrow spins clockwise while the players' areas spin
    counter-clockwise. The player rouletting must press A to stop the roulette.
    The roulette stops slowly, so have good timing with your stop. If you notice
    that the areas are not equal, see "Forcejewels"
    2. Characters:
    This game has 4 players you can play as in Story Mode and Versus Mode, 4 secret
    characters which can only be played in Versus Mode, and 4 more characters that
    also star in the game.
    Sonic: The main character. If you really need a description... He's a blue
    hedgehog who can travel at high speeds. His two special abilities are as
    If he uses to cards of the same number when moving on the board, he will double
    the amount of spaces he travels on the second turn. Be careful when using this
    when trying to get to the Precioustone. This can be as bad as it can be good.
    If he uses the Special Card in battle, he will get a roulette from 1-S (S being
    Tails: Tails is Sonic's long time sidekick. He's a small orange fox with two
    tails. He has two abilities:
    He can travel across the Tails space. (See Spaces)
    If he uses the Special Card in battle, he will get to use two other cards.
    Knuckles: Knuckles is a red echidna, who was formerly an enemy of Sonic. He
    uses his knuckles to climb walls. His special abilities are:
    He can climb up Knuckles spaces. (See Spaces)
    When he uses the Special Card in battle, he will get to use two other cards.
    Amy: Amy is a pink hedgehog who has a crush on Sonic. She also has a big
    hammer. And that's about all I know. Here are her two abilities:
    She can travel across the board quicker with the Amy spaces. (See Spaces)
    When she uses the Special Card in battle, she will get a roulette with
    nothing but the number 5.
    Super Sonic: When Sonic collects all 7 Chaos Emeralds, he has the ability to
    become Super Sonic! He becomes a yellow hedgehog and travels faster! Super
    Sonic has two abilities:
    If Super Sonic gets the same number of spaces to travel two turns in a row,
    he will double the spaces he goes. He can do this a third and fourth time.
    If Super Sonic uses a Special Card in Battle, he will get a roulette from 4-6.
    Big: Big is a very large blue cat. He got involved when his frog ran away on
    Sonic Adventure. His two special abilities are:
    When Big uses the 6 card to move around the board, he can stop anywhere within
    6 spaces.
    When Big uses the Special Card in battle, he will get to choose another card.
    Then 1 will be added to the card's number. The card will roulette by its new
    Gamma: Gamma is a robot designed by Eggman. Gamma was sent to catch Big's
    frog because it would be good for Chaos, I think. But Gamma somehow got
    feelings. I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, he has two special abilities.
    If he uses a card with the numbers 4-6, he will not be affected by a minus
    ring space if he lands on one.
    If he uses the Special Card in battle, he will get to choose two other cards.
    Chao: Chao is a small, light blue animal that you got to raise on Sonic
    Adventure. Unlike the other characters, he only has 1 ability:
    When he uses the Special Card in battle, he will get to choose another card.
    If he loses, he will not lose rings.
    Illumina: Illumina is a large fairy who created Maginaryworld. She was trapped
    somewhere, I think...
    Lumina: Lumina is Illumina's helper. She will guide you around the boards.
    Void: Void tried to steal the Precioustone, but instead it shattered and was
    transported to five worlds...
    Eggman: Formerly known as Dr. Robotnik, he likes to come in to cause trouble.
    3. Spaces:
    Plus Ring space: This space has a ring on it with a blue background. You will
    get a few rings when you land here.
    Minus Ring space: This space has a ring on it with a red background. You will
    lose a few rings when you land here.
    Other stuff on the ring spaces: If you land on the Plus Ring space 15 times,
    Eggman will come and make them smaller. In the process, he'll also make the
    Minus Ring spaces bigger. If you land on the Minus Ring space 10 times, Eggman
    will come and say he'll make them bigger. Every time, he makes a mistake and
    makes them smaller. He also makes the Plus Ring spaces bigger. The spaces
    being bigger means you receive or lose more rings. There is also a combo
    bonus. If you land on any ring spaces consecutively, you will receive a bonus.
    Depending on what number time you land on a space, the number of rings you
    would receive or lose depending on the size will multiply itself by that
    number. You can do this up to 5 times. When the last Precioustone is
    available, the number of rings you receive or lose from the Ring Spaces will
    be doubled.
    Event space: This space has a green background and a "!' on it. If you land
    here, a Mini-Game or Mini-Event will begin (See "Mini-Games" and "Mini-
    Battle space: When you land here, you will get a battle. The monster you are
    battling will have a card above it. You have to pick a card equal to or higher
    than it. Then you will have to roulette between 1 to the number you choose. If
    you get a number equal to or higher than the enemies number, you will win a
    Forcejewel. If you lose, the monster will attack you and make you lose
    rings. If you get the same number as the monster, you will get a "Critical",
    which gets you two Forcejewels.
    Void space: This space is dark blue with a color-changing pattern on it. If you
    land here, nothing will happen, unless there is a jewel of some kind over it,
    or an electric sphere. If there is a jewel, that is a Precioustone, and you
    will go in a battle for it. It's the same as a normal battle, except that if
    you win, you get a Precioustone. If the electric sphere is there, Void will
    come and ask you if you want to have a Precioustone. If you have 50 rings, you
    can steal one from another player. Be careful! It is chose by roulette, so you
    could land on a player with no Precioustone.
    Quest space: This space has a yellow background with "!?" written on it. If you
    land here, you will either open up a stage quest or complete a stage quest.
    Stage quests are listed in the board section.
    Tails space: This space has one of Tails's tails on it. This can be used as a
    shortcut by Tails.
    Knuckles space: This space has a picture of Knuckles climbing on it. This can
    be used as a shortcut by Knuckles.
    Amy space: This space has a picture of Amy's hammer on it. Amy can use her
    hammer to jump to another Amy space and use it as a shortcut.
    Jewel Shop space: This space has a giant spinning sign saying "Shop" above it.
    Here, you can buy Forcejewels.
    Special Spaces: Each stage has its own special spaces. Those are explained
    under "Boards".
    4. Cards:
    A. Types of Cards:
    There are 8 different cards in this game:
    1-6 Cards: These are pretty self-explanatory. You have cards with numbers from
    1-6. Those are the main cards. Of course, you move the number of spaces they
    Eggman Card: This card has Eggman on it. When you use the Eggman card, a
    roulette pops up to see which of his inventions he will use on you. Numbers
    identify them, so here is a list of what each invention does...
    1. Eggman will take away all of your rings. He only does things to you if you 
    pick the Eggman card. Keep that in mind when reading the rest of this.
    2. For 3 turns, Eggman will show your cards.
    3. The roulette will decide who you switch places with.
    4. Eggman will take you to a random space.
    5. Eggman will give you a 1 for battle for the next 5 turns.
    6. Eggman gives you a Carbuncle. (See Forcejewels)
    7. Eggman uses a Geasdain on you. (See Forcejewels)
    8. Eggman will hide your ring number, your Precioustone number, and your cards.
    9. Eggman puts a monster on a random space. If anybody passes it, they'll have
    to battle it.
    10. Eggman turns all "1" cards into "4" cards.
    11. Eggman will make you move 1 space for 5 turns.
    12. All the cards in your hand will be Eggman cards for the next 3 turns.
    13. Eggman will hide all the spaces on the board for 5 turns.
    14. Eggman gives everybody a Swap Jewel. (See Forcejewels)
    15. Eggman will have all the spaces Minus Ring spaces on your turn.
    16. Eggman will make the player who picked the Eggman card rest 1 turn.
    Special Card: This card has an "S" on it. There are 3 things you can use with
    the Special Card: Roulette, Steal Card, or Exchange Cards.
    Roulette: You will get a card roulette, going from 1 up to S. The S is a 7. Use
    this when you need to move far or move a specific amount of spaces. Don't
    forget to practice the roulette! It can be tricky.
    Steal a Card: You randomly steal a card from another person.
    Exchange Cards: You get to pick a player to switch hands with.
    Note that using any card will count as your turn.
    B. Moving Around the Board:
    Of course, 1-6 cards will move you the number specified on the card. With the
    special card, unless you pick roulette, you can't move around the board. The
    Eggman card will keep you where you are, unless you get the invention where he
    might move you somewhere.
    C. Using Cards In Battle:
    If you use a card from 1-6, a roulette will appear that will start at 1 and go
    up to that number. The Eggman card will do nothing it battle but make you lose.
    Depending on what character you are, the Special Card will have a different
    function (See "Characters" for this information). For more battle information,
    see "Spaces".
    5. Forcejewels
    This game has objects called Forcejewels. Forcejewels have special effects on
    you or other players. Here is a list of Forcejewels:
    (Note: Forcejewel descriptions also pop up during loading times.)
    This will be added later...
    6. Boards:
    This game has 5 stages. Each stage has mini-games related to the stage known
    has accidents: some these appear randomly during the game, and 1 is played at
    the end of the game. The accidents are listed in the Mini-Game section. Each
    stage has special spaces and special quests, which will be explained here.
    1. Story:
    Emerald Coast was a world designed for those who loved the sun. When Void came
    along, however, the islands began to become glaciers.
    2. Spaces:
    Dolphin space: There is a space with a little dolphin on it. When you land on
    this space, a dolphin will take you to a random space.
    Bubble space: These can be found underwater. If you're underwater for 5 turns,
    you'll drown and float to another space. To avoid this, you can stop at a
    bubble space and restore all air.
    Turtle space: If a turtle is above water, you can cross it. If it is not, you
    cannot cross it. It DOES count as a space, keep in mind.
    3. Quest:
    The quest here is to save a beached dolphin. He's located in an arctic region
    of the board. You will have to get to a certain space in 8 turns to save the
    dolphin. If you don't get there in time, the dolphin will die.
    4. Map:
    The map will be included later...
    5. Events:
    Events will be included later...
    1. Story:
    A large, beautiful Phoenix has been trapped into this ship.
    2. Spaces:
    Forklift space: This space will take you to another space.
    3. Quest:
    After 15 turns, the gas engine will start to leak. Each player has 8 turns to
    fix the leak. If nobody does, the leak fixes itself.
    4. Map:
    The map will be included later...
    5. Events:
    After the 6th Precioustone is located, the ship's lighting will change and the
    spaces will be different.
    1. Story:
    Nature Zone was a large, elegant forest that was created for those who loved
    being close to nature. When Void came here, though, trees started falling down,
    and Nature Zone began to fall apart.
    2. Spaces:
    Spaces in water: Some spaces are on top of water. If you land on one, you'll
    either stay there or fall into the water and jump out of a well.
    Trolley space: This space will take you to a different space.
    Alligator space: This space can only be crossed when the alligator's mouth is
    closed. It counts as a space, by the way.
    3. Quest:
    After the last Precioustone is located, a treasure chest with four small
    triangles, which are keys, will be brought to a space. You must land on this
    space and get the key. The key should then be taken to another space to open
    the door to the final Precioustone. Once the door is open, nobody will need
    the key.
    4. Map:
    A map will come later...
    5. Events:
    Events will be included later...
    D. Riot Train
    1. Story:
    The Riot Train was created for those who dreamed of adventure. But the train
    had no destination, and it was out of control!
    2. Spaces:
    Helicopter space: This space will take you to another space.
    Arrow space: When you pass this space, it will either let you through or make
    you go back. If you land on it, nothing will happen. On the next turn, though,
    you will be let through no matter what (you only, not the other players).
    Explosion space: This space takes place of the steam pipe for the last
    Precioustone. If you land here, you will be sent to the first boxcar, where the
    last Precioustone is.
    3. Quest:
    If you land on the quest space marked on the map, Lumina will show everybody a
    bird that's trapped in a cage. You have to get there and free it.
    Crates: There are also crates which you can push over. I don't know what the
    point of them are though... They block pathes, that's all...
    4. Map:
    The map will be added later...
    5. Events:
    This will be included later...
    E. Fourth Dimension Space
    1. Story:
    Fourth Dimension Space is a world where dreams are kept. If somethings isn't
    done about Void's destruction, Fourth Dimension Space will disappear.
    2. Spaces:
    Rainbow space: If you land here, you will be taken to another space.
    3. Quest:
    Sometimes, a star will fall on top of you. You'll have to take it back to where
    it belongs. This can happen to more than one player.
    4. Map:
    A map for this place will be very hard to do. It might take a while for me to
    think of how to map this place...
    5. Events:
    Randomly, a black hole will take you to a different space.
    IV. Mini-Games:
    Mini-Games can start when you land on the event space. There are VS. 4 Mini-
    Games, where everybody is against each other, 1 VS. 3 Mini-Games, where 1
    player is on their own team, and 2 VS. 2 Mini-Games, where the players are
    divided evenly into two teams. There are also Accidents, which occur randomly
    in the game, Accidents which appear at the end of the game, Duels, which happen
    if two players land on the same space, and the playing order Mini-Game, which
    is played at the beginning of a game in Versus Mode. Here is a list of all 49
    (The numbers are not their real numbers. Just numbers to keep your place.)
    A. VS. 4 MINI-GAMES:
    1. Egg & the Chicken
    In this Mini-Game, you are all on a basketball court when Eggman comes and
    gives you all a bomb. You throw it overhead into a hoop, where it spins around.
    When it will fall out, nobody knows. The goal in this is to be the last one out
    from under the hoop before the bomb falls. Press A to escape. If you don't get
    out from under there, you'll fly up and hit the camera. This is the only way to
    lose rings.
    2. Egg in Space
    You and your 3 friends have chased Eggman into a rocket you are about launch
    off. Only problem is, which is the right switch? There are 30 switches and only
    1 will activate the rocket. You will have to search for it using the joy pad to
    move around and A to pick a switch. Whoever finds the right switch will win. If
    you run out of time, Eggman will escape.
    3. Frosty Rumble
    You are in an icy cave with pieces of ice scattered around. Run around with joy
    pad and press A to pick one up. They contain rings and sometimes Forcejewels.
    They only hold 1-3 rings, so throw them at other people to get more, but don't
    get hit yourself! Whoever gets the most rings wins, and the three best players
    are given bonuses. If the piece of ice is bigger, it will be heavier and take
    longer to pick up.
    4. Fun Fun Sonic
    You are in a giant stadium full of trampolines. With each bounce, you get
    closer to breaking it, and you will get rings for breaking it. The color order
    is: blue, light blue, green, yellow, purple, red. The trampolines that require
    more jumps will give you more rings. Don't fall through a ripped trampoline!
    Sometimes, there are bonuses where certain things happen. Examples are: X2
    rings, X3 rings, falling tubs, spike balls, and all members relive. Use the
    joy pad to move around. You can skip a few trampolines with one jump.
    5. Great Escape
    You are stuck in a dimly lit building which Eggman has left a bomb in. You have
    to find your way through the maze to an exit without falling through a hole.
    Press light switches to light your way. If someone takes an exit, you'll have
    to go to another one, so claim your exit right away! Use the joypad to move
    around and A to jump. If you don't get out before your time is up, you will
    lose rings.
    6. Jump the Snake
    You are in a dungeon on a small platform. There are 4 holes, and one of them
    has a snake coming out! You jump over it using the A button as if you're
    playing jump rope. Then it exits and comes through another hole! After doing
    this for some time, the platform you're on starts to turn! If you are hit by
    the snake, you will fall off. The person who stays on longest wins.
    7. Number Jump
    Eggman is at the top of a tower. On the tower are number pads you have to jump
    on in numerical order. Press A to jump to 1, then to 2, then to 3, and so
    forth. If you try to jump to a number that's not there anymore, you will fall.
    The first player to get to the pad that goes to Eggman wins.
    8. Over the Bridge
    You have found a Forcejewel! ....But you have been taken to an old bridge
    connecting to the island with the Forcejewel. You have to cross the bridge with
    holes you can trip over and gusts of winds that can blow you off. The joy pad
    can be used to move left and right and the A button can be used to jump. The
    first one there gets the Forcejewel.
    9. Over the Rainbow
    In this Mini-Game, you are on small lilypads. At the top of the screen is a
    button instruction. Look at the top of the screen and press the button shown
    (The buttons are A, B, X, and Y). If you press the wrong button, you lose. As
    you go, it gets faster. The last one there is the winner who gets to go over
    the rainbow (No, you don't get much glory from going over the rainbow, but you
    win the Mini-Game, and that's good enough, right?)
    10. Psychic Sonic
    You are in a large room with pots to all sides of you. In the middle is a big
    pot with a card that comes out. You must predict what the card is going to be.
    They're the same as the A, B, X, and Y buttons, so guess which one you think
    it will be using its button. If you're right, you'll get +5 points. If you're
    wrong, you'll have -5 points. If you get more than 1 in a row, it will be +5
    times that number. The player who gets the most correct predictions in the
    end wins.
    11. Shadow Tag
    You are in a small desert patch. Eggman has put a mark over the lucky person to
    be It. It cannot pick up any rings. The person who is It must walk into another
    player's shadow. That player will then be It. The joy pad is used to move
    around and A is used for a small jump. Eggman will shine a light on one player
    at a time, increasing the size of their shadow. Near the end, the sun starts to
    set and the shadows get bigger. The person who is It at the end loses.
    12. Sonic Gun Slinger
    You're in a small western town with targets all around. You can press up on the
    joypad to aim, press left and right to change targets (left is clockwise, right
    is counter-clockwise) and press A to shoot the targets. You'll get rings for
    shooting them. Watch out for the female targets! If you hit them, you'll lose
    rings. Eventually, an Eggman target will pop up which has to be hit more than
    once. It will shoot back too. The person who shot enough targets to get them
    the most rings wins.
    13. Sonic Live
    The 4 players are playing at a rock concert tonight! (They cancelled the N'Sync
    concert... ahahahahah..) When the spotlight goes on you, hold down A, B, X, or
    Y, to play your guitar. While you're playing, audience members slowly throw
    rings one by one. If you play when you're not supposed to or forget to play
    when you're supposed to, they'll throw other things at you which will make you
    lose rings. The person who plays the smallest amount of mistakes in the end
    14. Sonicola
    The 4 players have decided to get a soda! Eggman has heard. So he shook a pop
    and put it in the machine. Then they came and chose their sodas. Use the joy
    pad to move around and press A to choose your soda. The person who chooses the
    one Eggman shook loses. Since there are 5 pops and only 4 players, there also
    is a chance nobody will lose.
    15. Sonic Tag
    You're at this giant monument playing Tag. The person who is It has the Eggman
    mark over his or her head. It cannot collect rings. They must chase the other
    players and make them It. It will have an arrow over his or her head which
    points out the closest player. The other players may have a "!" over their
    head, which means that It is after him or her. The joy pad is used to move
    around, like it usually is. You can bounce off springs on the corners of the
    park. If you hit it head on, you will hit a gong and rings will fall out. When
    the time runs out, the person who is It loses.
    16. Sonic Tank
    Every player is in a tank! They can move around with the joy pad, shoot at
    other players with A, and slide left with L and right with R (while sliding,
    you can . Eggman will throw bombs and power-ups onto the ground. You have a
    health bar, and if it runs out, you're dead. In the end, the last player alive
    or the player with the most health left wins.
    17. Stop and Go
    You have come to a slippery ice road where you have found a Forcejewel! Eggman
    is blocking it, though. You have to walk slowly using the joy pad while Eggman
    is not looking (Eggman will look right when the game starts, so watch out).
    When Eggman is about to look, a "!" will appear next to his head. If you are
    caught moving, he will freeze you up. The person who gets the Forcejewel wins.
    If nobody gets the Forcejewel, the farthest player wins.
    18. Thor's Hammer
    You are on top of a tower and Eggman is flying above it. You move around with the
    joy pad and jump with A while Eggman is shooting down bolts of lightning. If you
    get hit by one, you will lose rings. Sometimes rings will pop out of the ground.
    Sometimes Eggman will fly away and come at the tower at a high speed. In the end,
    the person who got the most rings wins.
    19. Tractor Beam Tag
    In this Mini-Game, Eggman has trapped 3 players in the tractor beam. They can't
    pick up rings. They must chase the last player and catch them to get him or her
    in the tractor beam. Then randomly, one of the 3 players who was in there is
    pushed out. Everybody uses the joy pad here. Since this park has a fountain, be
    sure to run around the fountain when you're out. The player out of the tractor
    beam at the end wins.
    20. Twister
    You have just been caught in a tornado! Flying around in there are debris and
    rings. You have to try to get the rings, moving around a bit with the joy pad.
    Watch out for a car hood that flies in later! It's really big. The person who
    collects the most rings wins.
    21. Zero G Snapshot
    You have decided to take a picture of you and your three friends. You set the
    camera, then run over to be in the picture. You accidentally hit the anti-
    gravity switch (I don't know why we're here, but we are). So, now, with no
    gravity, everything floats up. You'd think their major concern is getting the
    gravity back on, but they still want to take the picture. The camera has
    floated to a spot, represented by the rectangle. Using A to stroke and the joy
    pad to move a bit, the person who can get closest to the middle wins. Good luck
    - it's rare that someone even gets in the picture.
    B. 1 VS. 3 MINI-GAMES:
    When a 1 VS. 3 Mini-Game is played, it's the person who landed on the Mini-Game
    space that is on their own team.
    22. Bungee Jump
    3 players are holding Forcejewels over their head and 1 player is bungee-
    jumping. All players use the joypad to move around. In the air are rings the
    bungee jumper can collect. If the bungee-jumper misses them, they fall down to
    the other three players. When the bungee jumper goes to the tower the 3 players
    are on, it has to target itself to grab another player's Forcejewel. The other
    players must try to get their Forcejewel taken. If the bungee jumper grabs a
    Forcejewel, he gets to keep whatever Forcejewel it is and the person who was
    holding the Forcejewel receives a bonus. If the bungee-jumper misses, he or she
    loses rings. The Forcejewel, by the way, is not one from the player's
    Forcejewel collection.
    23. Eggbot's Attack!
    1 player has gotten into an Eggbot. The other 3 players are running away from
    it. Using the joy pad when a foot is about to stomp, the Eggbot can try to
    crush other players under its feet. Of course, the other players have to dodge
    using the joy pad. The runners also have obstacles like ramps and spikes. The
    Eggbot's stomps start to go faster. For every player the Eggbot crushes before
    the time limit, he will receive a 10 ring bonus, and that player will lose 10
    24. Gargantua
    Eggman has grown the size of one player. Now the other three players must get
    close enough to shoot him down, shooting using A and moving using the joy pad.
    The giant can use the joy pad to move around and A to make a jump. The 3 players
    must take down the giant before the time limit, and the giant must stomp over
    each player. The giant can also be hurt by motion sensing bombs that explode at
    after a countdown starting with the 3 in the middle of the screen. If the giant
    does so, he will get a 50 ring bonus!
    25. Manic Maze
    You are at a store looking at board games when 1 player takes out a maze. The
    other 3 players shrink and go into the game. The person playing the maze is
    tilting it with the joy pad, and the others are moving around with the joy pad.
    Inside the maze is a ball and rings that fall in. The goal of the tilter is to
    get all three players in. He must get every one in or he loses. If this happens,
    the people who stayed in the maze get a 20 ring bonus and the people who fell
    out get a 10 ring bonus.
    26. Sonic DJ
    27. Sonicooking
    28. Wrong Way Climb
    C. 2 VS 2 MINI-GAMES
    29. Bomb Relay
    30. Bucket-O-Rings
    31. Shoddy Work
    32. Sonic the Theif
    33. Sonic Darts
    On a wall is an Eggman target board that is constantly moving around. Your goal
    is to hit it as close to the center as possible. The person nearest to the
    middle goes first. Use the joypad to move around and press A to launch of your
    34. Sonic Hi Lo
    On a small board are 8 cards. They are mixed up some before you start. Your
    goal is to get the highest card. The higher your card, the sooner you get to
    move around the board. Use the joypad to move around and press A to select your
    35. Sonic Slots
    In this Mini-Game, you have a slot machine which is spinning numbers on it. In
    the first column is the hundreds spot, which goes slowest. Next is the tens
    spot, which goes pretty quick. The fastest one is the last column, which is for
    the ones spot. Your goal is to get as close to "000" as possible. The closer
    you are to "000", the sooner you will get to move around the board. Press A to
    stop your slots (All three columns stop at the same time.) If you pass 000,
    your slot machine will fall over. Anyone that passes will go last.
    Accidents are stage-specific mini-games.
    36. Croc-Attack
    This accident can be found in Nature Zone. In it, you are stuck in a
    crocodile's mouth. Your goal is to get out first. Press A rapidly to escape.
    37. Final Frontier
    38. Rapid Climb
    This accident is found on the Fire Bird. You are on a wing of the Fire Bird
    that is tipping. Your goal is to stay on, while avoiding debris and collecting
    rings. You have to press A rapidly to move ahead, and use the joypad to move
    left and right.
    39. Ring Lasso
    This accident can be found on Riot Train. On another track next to yours are
    boxcars with small boxes of rings. Under the box is the button to press, so if
    you want the rings in the box, press that button. The buttons are Up, Down,
    Left, Right, A, B, X, and Y. Be careful! Some boxes have no rings at all, and
    some have more rings than others, and sometimes you can get a Forcejewel!
    40. Ring of Fire
    This accident can be found in Nature Zone. You are on top of a platform that
    moves up and down. Coming are giant rings of fire with rings of gold in them!
    Your goal is to collect as many as you can. There are also Forcejewels in some
    rings! Use the joy pad to move around and use A to jump.
    41. Ring Tide
    This accident can be found on Emerald Coast. In it there are giant tidal waves
    that bring rings, and sometimes Forcejewels. You must collect these, while
    avoiding tidal waves. If you get washed out to the sea, you have to rapidly
    press A to get back. When on the beach, use the joy pad to move around and
    press A to jump. There are also crabs on the beach, so watch for those.
    42. Sky Bridge
    This accident can be found on the Fire Bird. On this one you are at the back of
    the Fire Bird. There are giant bridges that the Fire Bird is traveling right
    under. You have to duck for those, using the joy pad, but there are also rings,
    which you will usually have to use A to jump and get. If you hit a bridge, you
    fall off. Watch out!
    43. Sonic Parasol
    This accident can be found on Emerald Coast. In this accident, the sun is in
    the upper-right hand corner. There is a parasol you can get here, so be sure to
    get it. Why? The sun shoots out rings and Forcejewels every once in a while. If
    you don't have the parasol, you have to run back to a small wooden structure
    where you are safe. If you don't, the sun will knock out your rings. If you
    have the parasol, you can go around collecting the rings while the others are
    under the structure. By the time the others get out, the rings will nearly be
    gone. You can jump on the person with the parasol using A to get the parasol
    out of their hands. Of course, you use the joy pad to move around. There are
    crabs on the beach for you to watch out for. If you do not have the parasol,
    you can monitor the sun by watching it a bit. The redder it is, the sooner it's
    going to shoot out rings. The person with the parasol usually wins because they
    can get the most stuff.
    44. Through the Tunnel
    This accident is found on the Riot Train. You are on top of the train. One by
    one, boxcars are falling off. Your goal is to be the first to the first boxcar.
    On your way there, there are rings. You also need to duck for giant nets. Use
    the joy pad to move and to duck. Sometimes you'll go through dimly lit tunnels.
    Press A to jump.
    45. Earth Quake
    This accident ends Nature Zone. There is a giant fissure behind you. There is
    no way to fall in, so don't worry about that. You need to avoid any rocks and
    trees in the way, and if you want, collect rings. The primary goal is actually
    to get out of there first. Use the joypad to move left and right and use A to
    jump. As you move without hitting anything, you gradually move to the front.
    46. Sky Diving
    This accident ends the Fire Bird. The Fire Bird began to explode and you fell
    off. You have to skydive to the ground, where a balloon is waiting to have you
    land with safety. There are clouds and balloons you need to watch for, but
    also rings. Your real goal is to get to the balloon first. Press the joypad
    left to go clockwise, right to go counterclockwise, and up to dive down
    47. Sonic Surfing
    This accident ends Emerald Coast. The glaciers have melted and created a giant
    tidal wave. You have to surf to safety. There are rings on the way, but there
    are also logs. Your goal is to get to safety first. Use the joypad to move
    around the wave. Don't go to far clockwise or you'll fall down and fall behind.
    The amount of time left can be monitored by the wave's looks. The closer it is
    to a complete cylinder, the less time you have left.
    48. Stop the Train
    This accident ends Riot Train. The train is about to go over a cliff. So the 4
    players have jumped in front of the train to push it to a stop. You have to
    press A or B repeatedly (press whichever one is specified). If you push the
    wrong one or don't push at all, you will lose rings. The player who pushes the
    buttons most wins.
    49. Void Battle
    This accident ends Fourth Dimension Space. Void has transformed into a giant
    headless monster. (Read the word "headless". Now read it again.) You are in a
    partially destroyed Temple of Light. Void will shoot lasers and make small
    quakes to hurt you. There are many light switches all around. When there are
    lights around them, you have to jump on them. One hit at a time, though. The
    number of hits are kept track of on the platform in the middle. You will win
    this Mini-Game if you hit the most. Use the joypad to move around and use A to
    jump. You need to jump on platforms to hit them.
    G. DUELS:
    Duels cannot be found in the Toy Box. They can only be found in Versus Mode.
    They happen when two people land on the same space at the same time. Some
    spaces, however, can have two people on them, but no duel. These spaces are:
    any special stage spaces, special character spaces, event spaces, quest spaces,
    void spaces, and jewel shop spaces.
    How a duel works: There are many cards out, laid individually forming a square
    shape. Sometimes, you want to have the highest total (which is above your
    head), and sometimes, you want to have the lowest total. You pick cards that
    will add to your total. People who are not in the duel are switching around
    cards. If you pick a 3, you get 3 points. That's the same with the other number
    cards. If you pick a Special card, your total will double. If you pick the
    Eggman card, all your cards will go back to the arena. The winner gets the
    number of rings that is the difference from the other player. The loser loses
    a turn.
    Dueling Players:
    Use D-Pad to move around. Use A to receive card. Use B to send card to the
    other dueler.
    Non-Dueling Players.
    Use D-Pad to move around. Use A to rotate 4 cards on every side of you counter-
    clockwise. Use B to rotate 4 cards on every side of you clockwise.
    V. Mini-Events:
    Mini-Events can happen when you land on the event space. Here is a list of
    Mini-Events. There are 31 total. (Note that the number is not a real number,
    and just a number to help you keep track of where you are.)
    This is the section I will need the most help in....
    VI. Updates:
    Version 1.0
    Look for these things in a future update:
    The title of the pictures in the Sonic Room with their captions and a
    A list of Forcejewels.
    A map for each board.
    Events on each board.
    More Mini-Game descriptions.
    A list of Mini-Events.
    VII. Bibliography:
    Actually... so far, I have got information from playing the game itself... So
    when somebody helps out, I'll post it.
    VIII. E-Mail:
    My e-mail address is icy_dragon_54@lycos.com. If you have a question, e-mail me
    and I will put it in my guide. If you have something to add, e-mail it to me.
    I'll post it on here and give you credit.
    IX. Fine Print:
    Copyright 2001 Icy Flame.
    Sonic, Eggman, and all other names in this guide are trademarks of Sega. I am
    in no way incorporated with Sega.

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