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    Strategy Guide by Wolf Feather

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    Wolf Feather/Jamie Stafford
    Initial Version Completed: October 2, 2002
    FINAL VERSION Completed:   October 15, 2002
    The Strategy
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    Having set aside this game for several months, I decided to
    restart from the beginning and wiped all files from my memory
    card.  In considering all that there is to unlock in the game
    (circuits and cars), this can be quite a daunting task for
    those who wish to unlock everything, especially those
    attempting to unlock all circuits and cars in the least
    amount of time possible.  Therefore, this guide provides a
    strategy for unlocking everything in the game.
    First, circuits and cars are unlocked by simply winning
    races; the CPU does not care whether this is done on Easy,
    Intermediate, or Hard difficulty.  Therefore, those wishing
    to unlock the many elements as quickly as possible will
    likely wish to use Easy difficulty; after all, it would be a
    real shame to spend twenty-four hours in the full Le Mans
    2000 race and end up losing by less than a lap on Hard
    difficulty :-(
    As with all other games, the first thing a player should do
    is to go to the Options menu and make sure controls and game
    settings are to the player's liking.  Note here that of the
    race-related settings, only Quick Race settings cannot be
    changed before entering a race in Quick Race Mode, so it is
    important to make sure these settings are to the player's
    liking (note that the default race length is three laps).
    While in Options, take note of Progress.  This section gives
    a quick visual reference as to which races/events have been
    completed, and - except for Quick Race Mode, which only
    unlocks circuits - also shows which cars have been unlocked.
    Once ready to begin racing, the player needs to first sweep
    through Quick Race Mode - again, the settings for Quick Race
    Mode can ONLY be adjusted in the Options menu.  Only four
    circuits (Le Mans, Suzuka East, Donington National, and Road
    Atlanta National) are initially available; winning at each of
    these circuits will unlock another circuit, winning at the
    unlocked circuits will unlock more circuits, etc.  Finally,
    once the player has won at least one race at all twelve
    circuits in Quick Race Mode, the three reverse circuits will
    open; this is essentially optional, as there are no bonus
    cars to be unlocked at the reverse circuits in Time Trial
    Mode.  Note that players will be racing against nineteen
    competitors in Quick Race Mode.
    While Quick Race Mode only unlocks circuits, it is important
    in he overall scheme of the game, as Time Trial Mode only
    allows players to race at the four initially-available
    circuits plus those unlocked in Quick Race Mode.  However,
    the few initially-available cars simply CANNOT be used to
    best the posted goal times in Time Trial Mode (thus unlocking
    new cars), so once Quick Race Mode has been completed,
    players need to progress to Championship Mode.
    Championship Mode consists of several points-based series
    (Rookie GT, Pro GT, GT Enduro, Open Prototype, Closed
    Prototype, Prototype Enduro, Super Enduro, and Winter
    Challenge).  Winning each championship depends upon having
    the most points at the end of each championship.
    Unfortunately, should a player wish to skip a race in a
    championship, the only way to do this is to actually enter
    the race, then cancel out (and confirm) just as the race
    begins.  The championships themselves begin with fairly few
    races with just a few laps each, but then add more and more
    races of longer and longer length, with the final
    championship (Winter Challenge) adding the nuisance of
    constant rain; however, those who can drive well and still
    maintain a fast speed in wet conditions will note just how
    much the CPU-controlled cars slow down in wet conditions.
    Note that the medium- and long-length championship races will
    each require at least one trip to Pit Lane to refuel and
    (likely) to change tires, although double-stinting the tires
    (i.e., changing the tires after every other Pit Stop) may be
    possible for really good drivers.
    Winning each championship unlocks another car.  These
    unlocked cars are all better than the initially-available
    cars in some respect, but GT cars are still slower than Open
    Prototype and Closed Prototype vehicles.
    Once a player has unlocked several prototype cars, they
    should be viable enough to unlock more cars in Time Trial
    Mode (which, again, depends upon the initially-available
    circuits and those circuits previously unlocked in Quick Race
    Mode).  The trick is finding the right car with the right
    set-up and the right racing line for an entire hot lap around
    the chosen circuit.  While Time Trial Mode does not show the
    tire indicators (which theoretically means that tire wear is
    not an issue), this mode DOES include tire wear - which is
    quite noticeable for those using Soft Tires and running for
    more than about six laps.
    As more and more cars are unlocked in Time Trial Mode, the
    player will gain greater familiarity with the various
    circuits.  If there are any championships to be completed,
    the time spent in Time Trial Mode will be greatly beneficial;
    also, the player will have access to more and better cars to
    use in completing Championship Mode.
    The final set of races to complete is in Le Mans Mode.  Here,
    the player can participate in Le Mans 2000 or Petit Le Mans.
    There are four time intervals for races at each circuit
    (remember the Petit Le Mans is held at the full Road Atlanta
    circuit).  With the many cars unlocked previously in the
    game, players should be able to either blow away the
    competition (especially if using Easy difficulty) or at least
    be very competitive for race wins.  Winning each event at
    each time interval unlocks one more car; winning Le Mans 2000
    at the full 24-hour time interval unlocks TWO cars.  Note
    that those cars unlocked by winning at the four time
    intervals in Le Mans 2000 can ONLY be used in Le Mans Mode.
    If the player still has Challenges to win or cars to unlock
    in Time Trial Mode, the cars won at the 10-hour and 24-hour
    time intervals in Le Mans Mode should help nicely :-)
    Total minimum game completion time estimate: SIXTY HOURS.
    To my knowledge, I am the only person on the planet who has
    written game guides for Le Mans 24 Hours.  This may or may
    not actually be true, but on the gaming Web sites I frequent,
    only my guides are available for this game.  Some of these
    guides may be of great use to players:
    Car Acquisition       This guide lists ALL the cars in Le
       Checklist:         Mans 24 Hours, but does not list how
                          these vehicles can be acquired.  This
                          is great for those who want to be
                          surprised by the cars they unlock in
                          the game, yet have a list handy to
                          visually see how they are progressing
                          in terms of car acquisition.
    Challenge Mode Guide: This guide provides tips for Challenge
                          Mode, and suggests cars and set-ups for
                          each circuit in each Championship.
    Circuit Histories     Those interested in the history of each
       Guide:             race venue in Le Mans 24 Hours will
                          find this guide rather interesting.
    Circuit Instructions  For visually-oriented persons such as
       Guide:             myself, this guide in Adobe Acrobat
                          format presents the detailed driving
                          instructions of the Driving Guide with
                          maps of each circuit in the game.  This
                          allows players to scrutinize the maps
                          to better spot potential trouble areas
                          at each race venue.  This guide is ONLY
                          available at FeatherSites and at
    Driving Guide:        This is essentially a general guide to
                          Le Mans 24 Hours, with detailed driving
                          instructions for each circuit as well
                          as a full listing of the cars and
                          circuits in the game and how to unlock
    Le Mans 2000 Guide:   This is an in-depth guide covering the
                          Le Mans 2000 race, primarily the longer
                          time intervals (240 minutes, and 24
                          hours).  Suggested car set-ups are
                          provided, along with general tips and
                          detailed driving instructions for the
                          Le Mans venue.
    Petit Le Mans Guide:  This is similar to the Le Mans 2000
                          Guide, instead covering the Petit Le
                          Mans held annually at the full Road
                          Atlanta circuit.  The Petit Le Mans
                          Guide focuses upon the 100-minute and
                          the 10-hour time intervals of the Petit
                          Le Mans race.
    Time Trials Guide:    This guide presents general Time Trial
                          Mode tips, lists the goal time for each
                          circuit (for reference purposes), then
                          presents circuit-specific tips to
                          achieving the lowest possible lap
                          times.  Also included are the game's
                          circuits and cars and how to unlock
                          them all, as much of this is directly
                          related to Time Trial Mode.
    For rants, raves, etc., contact me at FEATHER7@IX.NETCOM.COM;
    also, if you have enjoyed this guide and feel that it has
    been helpful to you, I would certainly appreciate a small
    donation via PayPal (http://www.paypal.com/) using the above
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