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    Virtual On OT - Pilot Basic Control Info <by friction>
    Walk by moving the sticks in a direction.
    Turn by moving one stick up and one stick down (tank-style).
    Jump by pulling the sticks out, apart from each other. Jumping will 
    automatically turn you to face your opponent. To land quickly, Jump-Cancel by 
    pushing the sticks inwards.
    Dash by moving the sticks in a direction and pushing either Turbo Button (the 
    thumb buttons).
    When you face your opponent, a Lock-On Sight will appear, and your weapons will 
    home in on your opponent. If you lose sight of your opponent, your Lock-On will 
    Jumping will automatically give you a Lock-On! Then quickly land with a Jump-
    You will automatically turn to the opponent during a Dash Attack. So, you can 
    dash forward past your opponent, then pull a trigger to turn and hit them in the 
    Forward-Dash attacks are the most powerful attacks! Side Dashes are good for 
    avoiding incoming fire, but make weak attacks. Dashing Backwards is not 
    To cut your Dash short (Dash-Cancel), push either Turbo Button a second time. 
    This is a good evasive move, and is a good way to trick your opponent into 
    committing to an attack. 
    Note: you cannot do this if you have already fired a weapon during your dash.
    To change direction during a dash, return sticks to neutral and then move in a 
    new direction.
    Execute an Aerial Dash by dashing during a jump.
    Diagonal dashes are effective for avoiding incoming fire and counterattacking.
    You have three main weapons. Pull the Right Trigger to fire your Right Weapon. 
    Pull the Left Trigger to fire your Left Weapon. Pull Both triggers to fire your 
    Center Weapon. The three Weapon Gauges at the bottom of your screen show you how 
    far your weapons have recharged. 
    When you are in close range, your weapons will automatically switch to Close-
    Combat mode. 
    Close Combat:
    When the enemy is in close range, you will enter Close Combat Mode. Your 
    triggers will now activate your Close Combat weapons. To Block a close combat 
    attack, push the sticks together. To Circle around your opponent, push a turbo 
    button and then move a stick left or right. For an unblockable Crouch Attack, 
    push the sticks together and then attack. 
    For a Jump Attack, jump and pull a trigger.
    Turbo Attacks:
    You can activate many variations on each weapon. For example, pushing the Right 
    Trigger with the Right Turbo button, while standing still, will give a Special 
    Attack. The Left Turbo will give a different one. Also, dash attacks vary 
    depending on your direction of travel. A forward-dash attack is the most 
    powerful. Back and side dash attacks are much weaker. 
    - Make the opponent attack first, so you can evade and counterattack. But don't 
    be a chicken! Running away will get you shot in the back! 
    - Use quick Jump-Cancels to turn towards your opponent. 
    - Don't fire every time you dash! Be unpredictable. Use dash-cancels and jump-
    cancels to throw your opponent off. Mix up your attacks by walking, dashing, and 
    - Heavy machines can trade hits with their superior weapons and armor. Stay out 
    of the air! 
    - Light machines should use their speed, staying on the move to avoid big 
    - Know each of your weapons! Does it fire quickly or slowly? How well does it 
    home in? How much damage does it do? How quickly does it recharge?
    Note to readers of the online version of this Info Sheet: 
    Please keep in mind that this guide was intended as a ONE-PAGE guide to Basic 
    VOOT play, to be posted near a VOOT machine. I have intentionally avoided too 
    much VO jargon.  The purpose of this guide is to help the beginning and 
    intermediate player understand the game as quickly as possible. Unfortunately 
    the .txt version of this page cannot contain the highlighting and formatting i 
    used to emphasize key points, so keep that in mind as well.  Please send any 
    comments, feedback, improvements to me. 
    Also, if anyone wants to work on a ONE PAGE guide that includes info for each 
    individual VR, emphasizing basic attributes, strategy, and the most important 
    techniques, I'd love to discuss it with you...

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