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    Balbados/Balbaros/Balkeros Techniques by KenBanYa

    Updated: 05/28/98 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    VOOT -- Virtual On Oratorio Tangram
    KenBanYa's Bal-Bados/Baros/Keros techniques.  (5/28/98)
    *Basic Techniques:
    -Aerial dash:
            Forward aerial dash is hard to enter.
            Side Dashing and turning forward with a Vertical Turn is the easy 
    -Vertical turn (Watari-dash):
            You must master this!
    -Super Low Altitude Dash (S.L.D.):
            Needed for quick landing time.
    -Press start when Eject Right hand E.R.L.:
            Switches E.R.L. to Mines.
    -Rowing. only for Bal-Bados:
            Bal-Bados can run dash speed by boat rowing.
            only at ground. no effect in aerial.
            Bal-Baros become slower by Rowing.
            also Bal-Keros become slower.
            At CC distance, press turbo and enter lever to any direction.
            Your Bal will move quickly.
    *Mine Techniques:
    -High Bouncing Mine:
            -Eject left Thigh E.R.L. (crouch LTLW) and jump quickly.
            The E.R.L. follows the body for a few seconds after ejection.
            Thus you can place the Thigh E.R.L. in the air.
            The shoot Bouncing Mines with crouch LW.
            Use Double Jump is much better!
    -Mine snake:
            1. Eject right hand E.R.L.(LTRW)
            2. Change weapon(ST)
            3. jump and RTRW.
            Should be fire from low position if stage is enough clear.
            Eject Right hand E.R.L. DO any crouch attack for place
            Right Hand E.R.L. at low position.
    -Mine bridge:
            1. Eject Right hand E.R.L.
            2. shoot right weapon
            3. stop right weapon attack when counter reaches 1 or 2
            4. confirm right weapon is Mine mode.
            5. wait until Right gauge become 100%
            6. RW
            Right hand E.R.L. will return to Bal.
            But a lot of Mines are will be launched in an arch shape.
            Very low homing but beautiful!
    -Big Mine bridge:
            1. Machine gun Attack (Standing CW)
            2. Jump, Press Start and RTRW quickly
            1. Eject right hand E.R.L.
            2. Press Start
            3. machine gun attack (Standing CW)
            4. Jump and RTRW quickly
            Make mine Bridge by Big mines before(!) Machine gun attack..
            Better than Mine bridge and Mine snake.
    -End Less Mine:
            1st step is same as Mine Bridge.
            1. Eject Right hand E.R.L.
               Place at any corner of stage is better.
               also place high position by jump or double jump is better.
            2. Press start button to change mine mode
            3. Shoot right weapon. as you like.
               combination with other mines is more effective.
               - side dash crouch bouncing mine.
               - left hand mine
               also mine snake is good.
            4. Stop right weapon attack when counter reaches 2
               In case of mine snake, press start to stop it.
            5. Wait until Right gauge become 100%
               keep attack by left weapon.
               Move to another corner for keep distance from Ejected E.R.L.
               Do naturally.
            6. RW. you 'll see Mine bridge.
            7. Don't release Right trigger!
                 - Keep Right trigger pull.
               Don't stop walking any time!
                 - Keep moving. Escape from your Right hand E.R.L.!!
               Don't lost enamy.
                 - Keep Long Distance site always in screen.
               Don't dash any time.
                 - dash makes after dash freeze . E.R.L. catch Bal.
               Don't Mind gauge empty beep.
                 - this is a sign of keep attacking.
               Don't take distance from enemy.
                 - 300 m is maximum for effective attack.
                   should be walk around enemy.
               Use Rowing to avoid from enemy's attack.
            8. If your Bal have enough distance from Right hand E.R.L.
               S.L.D and any right hand mine attack is fine.
               after landing use DOI-2 dash for Freeze cancel.
               and pull Right trigger.
            9. when Right hand E.R.L. is back start over.
    -Mines flood:
            1. Eject right hand E.R.L. and Start.
            2. Shoot mines with LW until left gauge empty.
            3. Jump RTRW (8 Big Mines)
            4. Press start when right hand counter reaches 02 to stop the mines
            5. Land quickly (6-4)
            6. Side dash crouch LW ( to keep distance )
            7. fire RW RW RW RW RW .... while walking.
            8. after the right gauge is empty, RW LW RW LW RW LW....
            9. when Right hand E.R.L. is back start over.
            when shoot mine, E.R.L is always stop .
            RW while walking means E.R.L. never re-connect to Bal's body.
    *Laser Techniques:
    -Double attack:
            Crouch attack while walking, LW -> RW makes both mine and ring.
    -Trap Ring laser:
            1. Eject Thigh E.R.L. at stage edge, corner, building side, etc.
               such as enemy will go.
               Don't forget the place of your Thigh E.R.L.
            2. Press Start button for change weapon to ring.
            3. Fight naturally, without left Thigh E.R.L.
            4. Shoot dash crouch ring laser If enemy stays near Ejected Thigh 
            5. sometime, Enemy stumble over a ejected Thigh E.R.L.
    -Paralyze laser : 
            Crouch RTCW
            Shoot All 4 E.R.L. make line on land, Shoot laser to Forward
            that right angle reflect. Half Attack abailable.
            enemy will Paralyzed for a while when hit.
            If Enemy stayed at Elbow of Paralyze laser,
            He/she will have 100% Damage and gone immediately.
            Not only light weight VR but also All VR.
    *E.R.L. Techniques:
    -Energy Field (House beam/cage beam/vertical ring laser):
            -Crouch CW while center gauge is 80% or more.
            Bal crouches very low when he shoots this.
            When you cannot avoid enemy's machine gun, dagger, etc.,
            Use this attack then immediately jump and use a side aerial dash.
    -SEF(Small Energy Field):
            A small house beam by one Thigh E.R.L.
            Laser Density become half But, Damage is same as normal EF.
            Type 1.
            1. Left or Right half bit attack RTCW(R/L) (Half Machine Gun).
               ex. RTCW(L)
                 - Pull both trigger and press right turbo same time.
                 - Release right trigger and turbo immediately.
                 - Keep Left Trigger pulling
                 - Then Left hand and Thigh E.R.L fly to over enemy
                   and attack by machine gun.
            2. Wait Center gauge regain 80% or more.
                 - You can fire any Right side weapon except Right Thigh E.R.L. 
                   Eject Attack while waiting.
            3. Crouch CW.
            Type 2.
            1. Forward dash Crouch CW(L/R) (half Claw)
               ex. crouch CW(L)
                 - forward dash
                 - crouch
                 - pull both trigger.
                 - Release right trigger immediately.
                 - Keep Left Trigger pulling
                 - Then Left Thigh E.R.L make claw attack.
            2. Wait Center gauge regain 80% or more.
                 - You can fire any weapon except Right Thigh Eject Attack while  
                   I suggest to use side dash mine for next attack.
                   also right hand E.R.L. eject and press start is fine.
            3. Crouch CW.
            To continue the SEF ,
            4. Keep watch center gauge.
               You can fire next SEF when center gauge regain 80% or more.
            If you enter close combat area (Less than 85 m)
            SEF command make CC half crouch claw.
            Please keep distance about more than 100 m
            In my case,
            Keep 100 m and used to use aerial forward dash Mine.
              - Jump
              - aerial Side dash
              - Forward dash by Vertical turn.
              - Left Hand Big Mine
            Or Step in and Tekken attack.
    -QSEF (Quick Small Energy Field):
            1. Do Crouch CW
            2. Crouch LTRW or LTLW immediately.
               command should be entered while E.R.L. staying side by Bal
            to continue the SEF ,
            3. re-enter crouch LTRW/LTLW command to re-connect Ejected E.R.L.
            4. Keep watch center gauge.
               You can fire next SEF when center gauge regain 80% or more.
            QSEF has big off guard timing after first attack.
            it is very hard to use.
    -Jump Turbo attack while E.R.L.s are attacking:
            1. Standing CW
            2. start button
            3. jump RTRW
            Right hand E.R.L. will shoot machine gun and 8 Big Mine.
            1. Jump CW
            2. Start button
            3. Jump RTLW
            Search laser and Big Mine combination.
            Back dash CW or Aerial back dash CW.
            Shoot both hand E.R.L.s and make many sparks above enemy.
            Enemy will Paralyze, If Hit.
            This Attack use only 5% of energy.
            so use this attack for make Special Attack .
    -Side dash crouch CW:
            Shoot All four E.R.L.s and shoot Mine and Ring laser from side of 
            sometime this attack give 50% damage
            Back dash crouch CW
            Thigh E.R.L.s keep a beam between them and rush the enemy.
    -Thigh E.R.L. Cancel:
            Hurdle/Rope Attack (Back dash crouch CW) can cancel all kind of
            Thigh E.R.L. attack.
            Do EF (Crouch CW) , Enter Back dash crouch CW right after shoot
            vertical ring at enemy's over head.
            then , E.R.L. will back to Bal but, E.F. still have effect.
            If you missed S.E.F. and shoot normal E.F. ,
            then enter Back dash crouch CW immediately.
    -Endless Hurdle:
            1. Back dash crouch CW
            2. Back dash crouch CW
            3. Back dash crouch CW
            Hurdle ( Back dash crouch CW ) use only a few center gauge.
            You can shoot Hurdle forever.
    -Machine gun Attack:
            type 1
               DO Right half CW while Right side dashing.
               Right thigh also fly away If center gauge is 100%.
            type 2
               When Fire left half machine gun (CW(L)) while right side dashing,
               re-pull Right trigger before shoot.
               Left hand and right thigh E.R.L. will fly away.
            type 3
               When left half machine gun (CW(L)) while right side dashing,
               release Left trigger and re-pull Right trigger before shoot.
               Right thigh E.R.L. will fly away.
    *Close Combat Techniques:
    -Big Wheel:
            -dash forward (8-8)
            -pull levers back (2-2)
            -center attack (CW).
            Note: Using the Big Wheel while curve dashing will
            cause attack area to be a cylinder instead of a line.
            Do Big Wheel after all E.R.L. Ejected.
            there are no blade, but still make big damage.
    -Bal Spin:
            Single spin turn with 4 Blede.
            Make damage without any E.R.L.
            All round attack to enemy for wake up attack.
            You must move after Bal spin immediately.
            Enemy will be waiting Bal spin finish.
    -TEKKEN (Fist Shoot/Rocket punch):
            -RTRW while in CC
            Although this move is slow to fire, if the enemy comes in contact 
            with your Right hand anytime after you have activated the attack, 
            he/she will still take big damage.
            Tekken can reflect Laser weapon.
            ex. Raiden Laser ,Bal's Breast laser
    -Tekken Cancel Jump:
            If Enemy(Apharmd etc.) rum into In fight area with sword or tongfer.
            use Tekken Cancel Jump.
            Bal will Jump. but, Tekken will remain original place for a while.
            Enemy rum into Tekken and have Big damage.
    -Tekken Cancel Guard: Bal can Guard Enemy's Attack.
            But Enemy will have Big Damage.
    -Double Hit TEKKEN!:
            When enemy staying in 0 (or few) Distance Right side back of Bal.
            After fall down, enemy sometime stay there by Qstep.
            Use Tekken!
            1st hit: when stand-by pose of Tekken. (Bal hold Right hand over his 
                     Tekken makes big damage to enemy in back.
                     Enemy is always blow off to forward of Bal.(this is VOOT 
                     But, in this case, Enemy was blocked by Bal's body.
                     so enemy still stay back side of Bal.
            2nd hit: "Zgaan!" enemy will have damage once more by Tekken shoot.
            Only one shoot! for light weight VR.
    -Some CC Combinations:
            a. TEKKEN, Guard, RW left sword
            b. (EF), TEKKEN, Left Qstep , RW left sword
            c. Back Qstep , TEKKEN
            Tekken / Left Q step cancel is one of basic CC technique.
    -TEKKEN Cancel:
            In case of enemy does not move.
             0 distance : Diagonal left Qstep -> Diagonal left Qstep
            15 distance : Diagonal left Qstep -> Forward Qstep
            17 distance : Diagonal left Qstep -> Diagonal right Qstep
    -CC without E.R.L.:
            You may stay CC distance when all E.R.L. Ejected.
            Don't worry! Bal has some CC Attack without E.R.L.
            1. Tekken
                Anytime, Right Hand E.R.L. return immediately
                when you enter Tekken (RTRW) command.
                you can shoot Tekken as you like.
            2. Sliding Kick (Crouch RW)
                There are no blade. but, you can use same as regular time.
                But this is only for Bal-Bados.
                Bal-Baros cannot kick without E.R.L.
            3. Claw Attack (Crouch LW)
                There are no blade. Need 0 distance.
                Only for Bal-Bados.
            4. DARUMA (Dash CC RW)
                Need super technique.
            5. Bal Spin (RTCW)
                There are no Blade. But, Thigh can make damage to enemy.
            Both Hands cannot attack Only Thigh can attack without E.R.L.
              You can guard without E.R.L. (Different from Bal-Bas-Bow in VOOMG)
    -Bal Screw:
            you cannot do this on Ver. A ROM system
            only Ver. B or C ROM system can cancel turbo close combat attack by 
            1. DO Tekken
            2. Enter guard command (6-4) immediately.
            3. Release Guard (5-5) quickly.
            4. Shot Tekken cannot back until Bal move.
            5. Shot Tekken is screwing and stay around right hand.
            6. If enemy touch it, he/she will blow off!
            Tekken can reflect Laser weapon, also Bal-Screw too.
            Bal-Screw's effective anti laser area placed in backof Bal.
            Try this if enemy down.
            1. Move to 0 distance.
            2. move to left a little.
            3. Do Bal Screw above enemy.
            4. stay...
    -Bal Field:
            Bal-Bados only.
            RW shoot at out of Double Lock-On area after Bal-Screw,
            will not fire Ring laser, But motion.
            then Shot Hand E.R.L. round in front of Bal like buckler.
            so anti laser shield come in front of Bal.
    *Special Techniques:
    -Special attack:
            Use RTCW when all four E.R.L.s are ejected and all gauges are 100%.
            -Jump RTCW       Reflect Laser : powerful attack
            -Standing RTCW   Black Hole : vacuums enemy attacks
            -Crouch RTCW     Delta-End : enclose enemy in it.
            Combination attacks are available:
            1. Eject All four E.R.L.s.
            2. Wait until all Gauge 100%.
            3. Black Hole
            4. Delta-End
            5. Reflect Laser
            Secret: Escape from Delta-end.
              The Top of Delta-End is always Right hand E.R.L.
              and Bottom E.R.L.s are Left Hand and Both Thigh E.R.L.s
              Basiccaly Enemy cannot escape to outside.
              But, Left hand does not give any damage.
              So you or enemy can go out side of Delta-End from left hand E.R.L. 
              How to find Left hand E.R.L.? watch carefully.
            Attention: Black hole.
               Black hole can vacuum all kind of enemy's attack.
               Also Bomb of Temjin , Apharmd and etc.
               But, Bomb explosion still give Damage.
               keep enough distance from Black hole.
    -Quick Black Hole:
            1. Back dash CW
            2. Back dash crouch CW
            3. RTCW after center gauge reaches 100%
    -Quick Delta-End:
            1. Back dash CW
            2. Back dash crouch CW
            3. Crouch RTCW after center gauge reaches 100%
    -Multi Delta-End:
            Delta-End uses only a few Center gauge.
            You can re-enter Delta-End command until catch enemy.
            But, effective time is 7-8 second from first Delta-End command.
            You may create 5 or 6 Delta-End maximum.
    -Quick Reflect Laser type 1:
            1. Back dash crouch CW
            2. Back dash CW
            3. Wait while Thigh+Hand E.R.L. attack finish (Center gauge will 
               become 100%)
            4. Jump RTCW before Thigh E.R.L.s are returning
    -Quick Reflect Laser type 2:
            1. Eject Right and Left hand E.R.L. one by one.
            2. crouch CW
            3. Do Delta-End (Crouch RTCW)
            4. Jump RTCW immediately.
    -Triple Reflect Laser:
            1. Eject Both Thigh E.R.L. one by one.
            2. Do half Flash Attack (back dash CW(L/R))
            3. Eject another hand E.R.L immediately.
            4. Do Reflect Laser (Jump RTCW)
            5. You 'll see original reflect laser and eight lasers shoot to 
               ground from hand E.R.L.that doing Flash Attack.
               4 of 8 laser are fixed direction laser.
    -Black Hole Bomb (Only for Bal-Keros, at Tangram):
            1. Eject both hand E.R.L.s
            2. 4-6 RTCW
            Does 40% damage to Tangram (when the eye is open)
    *? Techniques:
    -Block a enemy's way:
            Double lock on side walk.
    -Tap Dance:
            Double lock on side walk with one lever clattering
            -Dash forward (8-8)
            -Pull levers back (2-2)
            -Right attack (RW).
            Your Bal-Bados become fresh shrimp. Jump and lay with sword
    -Yellow tail:
            -Dash forward (8-8)
            -Pull levers back (2-2)
            -Right attack (RW).
            Your Bal-Baros become fresh YellowTail. Jump and lay with sword
    -Bal Skate:
            clatter any one lever while side dashing:
            Left Skate : 4-4D 5-5 4-5 5-5 4-5 ...
            Right Skate : 6-6D 5-5 5-6 5-5 5-6 ...
            Key point is keep another lever neutral.
            This move is inescapable and always hits!!
            Unfortunately, it does no damage, but the enemy player will
            be shaking with laughter... (and you too!)
            I consider it an indiscriminate direct attack to enemy and Gallery!
    -Aerial Bal Skate:
            Use Bal Skate command while in Aerial dash.
            It looks faster than non-skate aerial dash.
            and it is also funny!
    -A Day of Machine Freeze.  (not a technique.):
            When Bal vs Bal
            Use 'Endless Mines'/'Mine Snake'/'Mine Bridge'/
            'Bouncing mine' each other.
            You 'll see over 60 mines in stage
            and screen freeze.
            If you can see this freeze with only your mine,
            You are the Mine Master.
    -Pyramid power:
            Do this with your friend for gallery.
            1. Use Bal-Bados and DorDray.
            2. After start at Angelan stage.
            3. put dordray on the sanctuary.
            4. Eject All four E.R.L of Bal. one by one
            5. Do Delta-End (Crouch RTCW) by Bal
            6. Press start for DorDray growing.
            7. You'll see the praying Bal and growing DorDray in the pyramid...
    -Short range fight technique for light weight VR:
            Aerial forward dash LW.
            The Aerial forward dash LW mine has:
            - High homing performance
            - Big Damage
            - Erases enemy's beam weapons
            - Enemy cannot escape by jumping
            After you shoot LW, use quick landing (lever at 6-4)
            After Landing, options are:
                    - Breast laser,LTCW
                    - re-Jump and continue Aerial forward dash Attack.
                    - Tekken.(Rocket punch)
                 I used to use Re-Jump Immediately and continue Aerial Attack.
                 Side-dash and Vertical turn to forward.
                 Big Mine or Ring laser.(Depend on Weapon Gauge.)
    -Vs. Heavy VRs:
            Eject right hand E.R.L.(LTRW)
            Change weapon to Mines (ST)
            Move to another side of the arena naturally while fighting.
            When Enemy cannot see Ejected E.R.L., shoot mine(RW) while walking.
            Combination with Bouncing Mine (dash Crouch LW) is effective.
    -Vs. Bradtos (normal):
            Avoid fire until the core opens.
            Eject all E.R.L.s one by one after the 2nd set of box lasers.
            Once you become experienced in ejecting,
            it will take only a few seconds to eject all E.R.L.s.
            If you can eject all E.R.L.s quickly, you can finish him now.
            Use Double jump and RTCW Reflect Laser.
            Double jump avoids Bradtos's core laser.
            If you cannot eject all E.R.L., avoid the lasers and wait.
            When the core opens again, fire the Reflect Laser, shoot breast
            laser, and rings and mines.
            Opened Hand E.R.L. parabora will reflect Bradtos's laser.
            So Eject both hand E.R.L. at same place and
            Enter Reflect laser Command in the back of that hand E.R.L.s.
            Your Bal will not have any damage by core laser.
    -Vs. Bradtos (Quick):
            1. Eject right hand E.R.L. right after stage opening.
            2. Avoid Bradtos attack until open core.
            3. RTCW(L)
            4. Eject Right Thigh E.R.L.
            5. Half reflect laser.
    -Vs. Tangram (Normal):
            1. Eject both Right and Left hand E.R.L one by one.
            2. Avoid Fire until eye open.
            3. Shoot Black hole bomb.
            4. Eject both hand E.R.L. as fast as you can.
            5. Shoot Black hole bomb.
            6. Breast laser.
            7. Ring laser.
    -Vs. Tangram (Quick):
            1. Eject right hand E.R.L. right after stage opening.
            2. RTCW(L)
            3. Eject Right Thigh E.R.L.
            4. Half reflect laser.
            You can finish Tangram before eye open...
    -Bye-bye chicken Angelan*:
            -Aerial back dash CW (L)
            -8 BIG mines.  Eject Right hand E.R.L. Aerial RTRW
            -SEF(QSEF) left
            -Aerial back dash CW (R) with Start and Aerial RTRW
            * Chicken Angelan: makes two Ice Walls at the corner of a stage
              and stays inside, firing Dragons...
    -Bye-bye dragon:
            Use LW when Dragon come.
            Just keep fireing LW is OK for Dragon return.
            and Mine it self has no damage.
    -Bye-bye dual dragon:
            Side dash and forward walking is an effective way to avoid them.
            If Dragons come from overhead, a forward dash is a good answer.
            Dragon does damage at the head.
            If the Dragon hits his head on the ground or an obstacle, he will 
            If you are using a bomb-VR like Temjin or Apharmd,
            using the wall bomb is best way to turn the Dragons back.
            But Bal has no such bomb weapon.
            The 'Black hole' can vacuum Dragon, but there is not enough time,
            even if you start quick ejecting when you see the dragon.
            In my case anyway, Back dash CW, Back dash crouch CW, RTCW takes 2 
            sec. and the Black hole appears 1.5 sec after you enter the command.

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