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    Cypher by ATan

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    Subject: VOOT: Cyper miniFaq
    From: Alan Tan <anntlh@pacific.net.sg>
    Date: Sun, 28 Jun 1998 10:17:34 +0800
    Reply-To: anntlh@pacific.net.sg
    Newsgroups: rec.games.video.arcade
    Here is a short thing I have written about Cypher. Please note that I am
    not very proficient with Cypher, although I don't lose that badly but I
    am having problems winning quite a lot of people. Thus I hope for
    Feedback on how to play Cypher.
    Cypher miniFAQ ver 0.1
    by Alan Tan
    The following FAQ is a discussion about how to play Cypher against Human
    RW= right weapon
    LW= left weapon
    CW= central weapon
    RWRT= right weapon right turbo.
    and so on
    General comments
    Cypher retains Viper pathetic armour and with the vast improvements to
    other people's weapons, it makes it more difficult to play Cypher well.
    The big change is in the aerial battles. Cypher can air dash VERY fast
    and fire TWO shots. That is Cyphers main weapon.Cypher's weapons.
    RW: Vulcan
    Vulcan is basically Cypher's weapon to make opponent move and hopefully
    make an opening for his homing beam. Seriously, sometimes I wonder why
    the opponents bother to even dodge the Vulcan. At long range, it does NO
    damage due to virtua armour. At short range chances of bouncing of is
    still very high. But for MOST people (VOOM regulars), it is against
    everything they have learnt to stand still and take the hit so vulcan
    still works.Can fire while walking.
    RWRT: Laser.
    Fast, damaging, cancels opponent weapons and targets opponent. Quite a
    good weapon actually. The weapon cancelling provides some cover for the
    period of immobility due the laser shot. Cypher recovers quite fast and
    this makes this move quite a good move actually. The main use is in
    catching the opponent unaware at long distances as the speed of the
    shot is very fast.
    duh...I dun use this a lot so it must be useless :) actually all it does
    fire a stream of slow but homing vulcan.
    dash crouch RW: faster vulcan.
    One thing about Cypher dash shots is you can fire faster by using a
    crouch chot but with the obvious advantage of air dash, I seldom dash on
    the ground.
    LW: daggers
    big improvement from Cypher's 7way missles.
    by pressing the trigger twice you can launch 2 sets of 5 daggers. VERY
    effective at close to mid range. VERY effective. This is the only way to
    attack a good opponent. What I do is hit left trigger, make a turn and
    cancel the daggers then fire two sets of 5. This gives me around 12-13
    daggers and a higher chance of hitting a jumping opponent. Dagger slows
    opponent for around 2-3 seconds.
    You can fire infinite daggers by pressing the Left trigger continiously
    and shaking the right stick. You will fire 2-4 daggers the cancelling by
    crouch then fire again. If you cancel the daggers, no ammo gauge isused.
    Useful only if opponent dashes to your right as daggers come out
    only to your right. This move requires you to remain stationary.
    fire around 7 daggers. MORE damaging than normal dagger, around one
    beam damage. requires you to be stationary and cannot cancel so you are
    frozen for around 2 secs. dodged easily by jump cancel though the wide
    of attack may be useful.
    fire 3 daggers. MORE homing than usual but quite useless actually as
    few daggers and easily dodge. Like most LT weapons, can be fired at
    combat ranges and can be canceled instantly so that may prove useful as
    Cypher has lousy CC weapons.
    air dash
    seldom use air dash daggers as I like to reserve them upon landing as
    Dagger are most powerful on ground. When you don't have homing beam
    and dagger second shot may be needed to ensure safe landing.
    CW homing beam
    different from Viper's as you can fire while walking and homing beam
    straight forward
    CWRT blinking homing
    sigh one of the mysteries of Cypher. Sometimes it hit sometimes it
    even home. "Useful" only in lond distances or when Cypher is in the air.
    CWLT 4way homing
    GOOD weapon. The way I use this weapon is press all 4 buttons and then
    release either RW+RT or LT+LT so that only two homing beam comes out.
    is reduced but doesn't consume much guage. very worth it. Can be cancel
    dashing so it is very safe. Very good weapon. Knock down opponent.
    side air dash: 4way homing
    good as second shot to ensure safe landing as it knocks opponent down
    forward air dash: normal homing
    good attack.
    Special moves
    Double jump (full ammo), start
    transform to plane and LW becomes 4way homing.
    quite useless actually as I can't seem to see opponent. Very hard to
    control. All 4 buttons for SLC. This SLC DO NOT require full ammo BUT
    cannot turn during SLC. Information on useing Cypher's Unique move is
    forward air dash (full ammo), CW
    SLC, does not home, not invulnerable but Cypher is highly mobile. USeful
    against CPU as CPU do not jump to dodge. BUT highly USELESS against
    humans unless you hit in first pass as a simple jump cancel dodges it.
    VERY VERY hard to hit opponent. SO unfair. I think Sega made a blunder
    designing Cypher as his plane mode and SLC is sooo useless. wonder if
    anyone has any successs with these two weapons.
    VS combat tips
    1) nothing beat standing daggers. at close range. after unleashing
    it is a good idea to jump air dash and continue attack as opponent may
    be hampered by a dagger hit. Good attack is walking daggers, jump
    immediately air side dash (super low attitude dash), immediately forward
    dash (towards opponent), fly past him shoot vulcan, from his blind side
    launch homing at APPROPRIATE timing.
    2) double shots (most IMPT thing is this miniFAQ)
    Cypher can fire twice in air dash but you DON'T have to fire twice
    everytime. After the first shot (usually vulcan) you should have clear
    sight of opponent. LOOK. decide if your homing can hit depending on what
    opponent is doing. If opponent dash shoot, go ahead and fire. If you are
    his blind side, shooting is also good. If he is facing you, not doing
    anything you should delay your shot. You can shoot the second shot
    after your first shot. you CAN delay until opponent move towards you to
    catch your landing b4 firing. This is very impt as it helps you to land
    safely and increase you chance of hitting. The second shot also changes
    your landing timing so it makes it harder for opponent to catch you.
    mix it up without firing and make a fast landing by holding sticks
    3) side jump
    walk, immediately jump. You should have a jump that has a fast sideways
    GOOD for targeting and dodging very safe way to orientate yourself. Most
    the time use a jump cancel. Can fire 2way homing jump again.
    4) remember to change direction in Dashing.
    5) Cypher has weak close combat attacks. Don't bother.
    6) learn how to pilot Cypher in the air and how to dodge things. Cypher
    dodge a remarkable number of things in the air so learn to feel there
    are the
    projectiles coming from and where to dodge. This is VERY impt and
    Cypher is quite manuveourable even after an airdash, I have dodge things
    like Feiyan hyper heartbeams so learn.
    &) Cypher is the strogest at close-mid range whereby he can dashes to
    opponents blind side and use his walking daggers effectively. So try to
    close. At least mid range.
    Specific tips against opponents
    1) temjin
    Watch out for temjin forward dash rifle when landing. This makes you
    timing of your second shot all the more crucial. Other than that, Cypher
    a good match against Temjin. Use your standing daggers a lot. Against
    good temjin try not to air dash too often. Actually a tip for Temjin
    players againts Cyphers, the way to catch a landing Cypher is
    NOT to dash and shoot, you will not hit. Dash towards a landing
    Cypher DUN shoot and hope he misses his homing beam and you
    dun get knocked down (as you can change direction in dash you can close
    in safer than if you have tried to fire). Fire your shots on the second
    dash at
    point blank range as nowadays everyone has perfect shot rotation b4
    At point-blank range it is almost a certain hit and HUGE damage.
    2) Feiyan
    I HATE the powerup heartbeam. Ridiculously big and homing. Very hard to
    dodge. If you commit yourslef to an air dash attack, you are dead as the
    hyper heartbeam is VERY VERY hard to dodge and it takes off lots of
    Furthermore, it slows you down for quite a well. VERY dangerous. Against
    a hyper Fieyan, standing daggers or 2way homing. only air dash in
    and watch out for the fast sword beam of hers. You cannot afford to get
    hit. Regarding the air dash thing, if you can dodge the heartbeam,
    you can deal more damage to feiyan so airdashing a non-hyper Feiyan is
    quite a good idea. maybe you can play machi for first half of the
    3) Grys-vok
    I got trashed some time ago by this very lousy Grysvok player. He just
    dashed away from and fire his weapons. Grys-vok has soooo many missiles
    it is really hard to dodge them. Grys-vok can fire 10 missiles at one
    go and has very good armour compared to Cypher. From long distances,
    vulcan is useless, daggers dun track well, homing beam is just one shot.
    I have thought of a way to win though. I think the cruz is using the two
    homing to kill Grys-vok from far range. Dun try to close in recklessly.
    Still at long range, Cypher is very weak.
    4) Bal series
    I am really happy that there is a good Bal player in the arcade I've
    I didn't manage to play with Chris b4 he left so this bal player is the
    only good player here. Bal is very fun to play against as he has tooo
    tricks, lasers, energy fields, trip wires, hidden appendages :) it is
    always a mad rush as you cannot stay still. Cypher should play close to
    range with Bal. Never play from far as his mines and assorted stuff will
    whack you from your blind side. It is best to stay close, use air dash
    him. Bal is not manuveourable so it is possible to score big hits and he
    not have strong weapons to catch your landing.
    5) angelan
    mm.. not many good angelan players. way to dodge dragon lasers is to
    dash then jump. side dash will dodge the first few shots, the side jump
    will reorientate you and the change of direction is dodge the remaining
    lasers, putting you is a good position as you are safe and can see
    any thoughts on her double dragons?? I got hit from the blind side a few
    times after dodging them. I seldom play Angelan so I dun really know how
    the double dragons move but a word of advice is dun stand still even
    you dodge their initial charge.
    6) Cypher
    mm... not much can be said, just timing and thrust vectoring to catch
    after his air dash.
    7) Ajim is weak vs cypher I think. Air dashing past Ajim is a good idea
    he has (shock and horrors) weaker armour than Cypher and not much good
    and he cannot turn properly :) just dash onto his blind side.
    )8 the rest...
    dun really remembering playing anybody else...

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