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    Boss/Secrets FAQ by Forman

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/05/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

     Virtual On 2 - Oratorio Tangram Faq V 1.0 - By Forman (k.forman@virgin.net)
     'You were once the main attraction, but all that's in the past.' - Tangram.
     Update No. 3: 05-03-99
     A lot of stuff added from Peter Cheong Choon Wah (You'll see for yourself: his input has been 
     massive!), and a few new secrets added as well.
     Here's a question that Kieran Mcfarlaine asked me to add... or asked me, at any rate. I didn't
     have a clue so I thought I'd put it... to you!
     And that question is... can you use a custom VR in Arcade or Vs mode? Or is it simply for 
     distinguishing players over the internet? Answers to the usual address, peoples!
     New links also added... and I've still to put in Bal-Bados' specials. Rrr.
     Update No. 2: 14-02-99
     Hey there kids! Nice to see you all again!
     So, what is (quite literally) new in this update, I hear you ask?
     Well, there's the prerequisite corrections to any mistakes I've made, how to manually initiate
     Fei Yen's Hyper mode is also typed out for your viewing pleasure, as are a great many other 
     little bits and bobs.
     I've also decided to add some funky links to various places on the web, mainly about Virtual 
     On. In fact, right now they're only about Virtual On. Maybe later I'll add some to other
     Aw, hell. I'll put in my seldom updated homepage in as well. Why not, huh? You'll laugh! You'll
     cry! You'll send insulting letters to me!
     Finally, I don't have my Dreamcast right now, so updates may be sparse for a while, and I can't
     personally guarantee that all the tricks that get submitted to me will work. They should, but
     I can't promise anything for at least... ooo... roughly three weeks to a month.
     Update No. 1: 02-02-99
     Hello again, Virtual On peoples of the world! Glad to see you're all looking well!
     So, what's new for this revision? Well, how to fight and play as A-Jim is explained in this 
     update, as are a great many tiny little changes all over the place. Look and ye shall see, 
     Two things I have to quite literally announce to the expectant masses (That's you, by the way.)
     1. Thanks for the several billion mails I've had telling me how useful this faq has been! Nice 
        to know that it's appreciated, and be assured that I appreciate your reading it!
     Gah, now I sound like a... eh... something or other. Someone who gives lots of hugs in a non
     sexual way. One of them.
     2. In a completely nightmarish fashion, there was a rather unfortunate incident involving a 
        lighting storm, my house, and my PC a few weeks back, which fried a number of mails I had 
        yet to reply to. My apologies if you didn't get a reply, and if it was important, gimmie 
        another shout, I'm always here. Unless I somehow die. In which case I'll be here until they
        pull me from the room and prepare my funderal.
     So, that's it! Enjoy life and keep the chickens cooking in the oven!
     1. Storyline.
     2. Secret Moves.
     3. Boss faq.
     4. Secrets.
     5. URL's of utter joy!
     6. Credit, where credit is surely due!
     1. Storyline.
     It was a fine spring morning. The birds were chirping happily away in the sky, without a care 
    in the world, right before a rather large mech thundered past them and frizzled them to a crisp 
    with his afterburners. After that, they were no longer happy nor chirping. They were, in fact, 
    rather dead. 
     Such is the sickening face of war, unfortunately. Anyway, had they survived, they'd have 
    relieved themselves on top of a rather large military building, inside which were two
    representatives of the DNA and RNA corporations having a friendly discussion about how they 
    were going to put each other out of business.
     'Right, you rat eating vagrant,' said the guy from the DNA corporation in a cheerful voice. 
    'Either stop copying our mech designs down to the letter and simply respraying them in different
    colours, or I'm going to shoot you dead here and now. Crumpet?'
     'Don't mind if I do,' said the RNA executive, hereafter reffered to as 'King Jim'. 'Anyway,
    we're not copying the designs. We're stealing them. And if you don't back down on legal issues,
    we'll cunningly design a mech which has enough power to destroy the fabric of space itself, thus
    ruining your day completely as you dissolve into a thousand particles along with the rest of the
     Mr. DNA thought about this for a moment. King Jim didn't seem to be joking, despite his jovial
    tones. 'It'd have to be a really cool mech,' he said at last. 'Shaped like a big, bouncy ball
    and with a big, beady eye inside it. And it'd need to be launched into space. Can't have it too
    easy for us.'
     King Jim laughed delightedly. 'Now you're talking! No wonder we steal all our designs from you!'
     'And it'd need a suitably evil name, too,' said Mr. DNA, screwing his face up in thought. 'How
    about... Tangram?'
     King Jim punched Mr. DNA playfully on the arm. 'Now you're talking! Tangram it is!' He laughed
    suddenly. 'Oratorio Tangram,' he declared in a strangely italian voice. 
     Mr. Dna stared on impassively as King Jim declared himself to be the Ska Boss, before 
    headbutting through the wall furthest from him. 'Oratorio Tangram,' he repeated slowly. 'King 
    Jim, what the heck are you doing?'
     'Oratorio Tangram!' King Jim screeched, shoving his head through the newly made hole and 
    searching around for food. 
     'Oh God,' Mr. DNA sighed. He'd forgotten to turn off the cooker back home.
     'Oratorio... hey, chickens!' King Jim screamed, pulling through the corpses of the two birds 
    previously submitted to death by afterburners. He began tearing at the juicy, tasty flesh with 
    his teeth, crunching blissfully through bone and sinew alike. 'They taste-a good!'
     This was a lie, by the way. They were a little on the burnt side.
     'Well,' began Mr. DNA, obviously signalling that the discussion had come to a close. 'I'm 
    afraid I can no longer listen to a voice which seems like a cross between Mario and Jar Jar 
    Binks. Best of luck on your world destroying device, and remember to keep us informed of how 
    it's coming along.'
     'Uh-huh,' crooned King Jim, impersonating Elvis now. 'Shake it baby, 'cause you ain't nothing 
    but a hound dog! A-cryin' all the...'
     'And I'm sure you'll be pleased to know that I no longer intend to shoot you dead,' continued 
    Mr. DNA smoothly, producing a large hammer and some six inch nails. 'I think it'd be a rather 
    funny joke if I just nailed your hat to your head instead.'
     'Uh-huh-huh,' said King Jim, retreating into his private space where milk was pink, as were
    the fluffy clouds he drifted among. 'Uh-huh-hu-ARGHMYBLOODYHEAD! AGH,NO! NOTTHEEYES! AIEEEE!!!'
     Mr. DNA dusted off his hands, spattering blood all over the carpet. A job well done indeed. He 
    could see why they trusted him to do the more delicate business negotiations within the company.
     After he had seen out King Jim, who had, for some reason, kept banging into walls on the way to
    the door, he picked up the phone and dialled for a pizza. He could still hear King Jim making 
    his way along the corridor, accompanied by loud banging sounds. 'You think I'm - ow! - old now! 
    I got the - ow! - skills to beat you and - ow! - knock you out!'
     He casually flipped a switch beneath his desk entitled 'corridor-o-fry'. There was a sudden 
    flurry of sparks coming from underneath the door, as well as the smell of burnt flesh. He 
    watched King Jim lumber into a taxi from his window, and saw the ill mannered boor turn and
    give him the victory sign, laughing maniacally before producing a petrol bomb from his underwear
    and hurling it forcefully at Mr. DNA.
     Mr. DNA stood calmly as the bottle smashed over his head and set him ablaze. He then walked 
    over to the phone and cancelled his pizza, as he wasn't really hungry after all. He was sure 
    there was something else too... oh, yes. He phoned for an ambulance as well.
        --- Later... ---
     In an aerial battleship many miles off the ground, Mr. DNA watched with pride as the elite of 
    his armoured forces shot out of the launch pads in order to combat the threat of Tangram. He
    watched with slightly less pride as most of the engines cut out in mid air, hurling all but one
    of the pilots to a frankly embarrassing and messy death.
     He cursed cutting the military budget by 100% at that point. It had seemed such a good idea at
    the time, meaning more donuts for the officers as well as a pinball table. A pinball table! He
    began to drool at the very thought of its pinball-ey perfection.
     Ah well. You live and learn, he decided as he watched the rapidly plummeting dots making their
    way earthwards.
     And now it was time for a coffee break and crumpets.
     2. Secret moves.
     Well, what's any kind of combat game without special moves, eh?
     Hrmm. Probably a combat game without special moves, I'd say. 
     Anyway, Virtual On 2 is chock full of special moves, thus enabling those who know the specials
     to utterly trounce the people who don't. There's also some information on their strengths and 
     Best get reading, kids. And remember - it's all in alphabetical order.
     Ballistic Explosion: Hold right (Analogue), Center Weapon.
     A-Jim goes absolutely psycho and explodes with an all-consuming power. Literally. Do NOT get 
     hit by this under any circumstances.
     In simplified terms: A-Jim go bang, opponent go splat.
     Plus Points: The blast radius is not so much huge as absolutely insane, and it absolutely 
                  destroys health in no uncertain terms.
                  And if that wasn't enough, the opponent's virtual armour hits 0 as soon as the 
                  blast hits them. 
                  Finally, the effective hit distance is really around 270 - 300 metres. Still
     Down Points: It's one of those 'lose half your energy and I'll waste the opponent for you' 
                  moves. Besides this, he takes about 5 seconds or so to reform after he performs
                  the move, having blown himself to pieces. 
                  Oh, and his left and central weapons take bloody ages to recharge after the move
                  is pulled off. Obviously to stop you abusing it, and rightly so.
                  And finally, you can be knocked off your feet before you finish the move. 
     Overall:     Look at the move. If you surprise your opponent when he has less than half health,
                  or you're behind cover when he's close and unsuspecting, you win.
                  Alternatively, you could be whupped while you're reforming, especially when you 
     Angel Wings: Hold crouch, tap up. (Analogue)
     Angelan shows off her angelic prowess by growing a large pair of wings. Funky!
     Plus Points: Thou art now faster than thou wert previously. Thou also has a cool new health
                  sucking move, which doth be your in-close Right Turbo + Right Weapon attack. 
     Down Points: You lose 50% of your available health. Never a good sign when playing someone
                  The amount of time it takes to complete the move is almost ungodly. Start it in a
                  safe place, or be laughed at when you get creamed. 
     Overall:     Useful, but don't abuse it. And once you do, try and suck their energy out of 
                  them to replenish the health you've lost.
     Apharmd B
     Flying Kick: Jump, airdash forwards, Central Weapon.
     As benefits a hand to hand mech, Apharmd isn't afraid to go for a good, old fashioned flying
     kick to the knackers of his enemy. Such a sweet little boy.
     Plus Points: Fairly damaging. You can airdash to the side, forwards, other side, forwards...
                  anywhere as long as you do it before your airdash expires, and you're dashing
                  forwards as you press the central weapon.
                  Can be used anytime your central gauge is full.
     Down Points: No homing ability whatsoever. (Strangely enough, I like this fact. Makes it all
                  so sweeter when you hit your opponent with it)
                  Also, it's at a downwards angle, thus limiting the range of the move.
     Overall:     Yet again, best used if you're sure of a result. I use it a lot, as it's highly
                  damaging to a stationary mech. Try and time it so that it hits firing or landing
                  mechs without getting yourself creamed.
     Power Surge: Double Jump, Central Weapon.
     Evidently, Apharmd loves his Ready Brek more than is good for him. There's nothing scarier
     than seeing a bloody large and undeniably glowing mech bearing down on your general person.
     Plus Points: For as long as it lasts, you are faster and have a better defence from attacks.
                  Your own attacks seem to travel a little faster, too.
     Down Points: It can take a little longer than is comfortable to hit the ground after being 
                  initiated, and can only be used once per game. 
                  Yes, per game, rather than per challenger.
     Overall:     A good move, but you have to know the best time to use it, otherwise it'll be 
                  wasted. Make sure you use the crouch button to get down from the air as fast as 
                  possible, giving you more time to play around with that lovely protective glow.
     Apharmd S
     Pretty much the same as above. His Shoulder Crush is exactly the same as the flying kick, and
     his power surge is also exactly the same.
     Bal Bados
     I've heard of a few, but I can't get the damn things to work! You have to launch all your
     limbs, but how do you do this without emptying your gauge?
     Answers to the address at the bottom of this faq, please!
     SLC (She's lost control) air-dive: Jump, dash forwards, Central Weapon.
     Cypher turns into a jet and chases the opponent like a madman. It's really quite scary being
     on the opposite end of this, as a great big glowing thing chases you around the screen.
     (Note: Use the analogue pad to steer)
     Plus Points: This attack does some pretty impressive damage when it hits, and it can hit more
                  than once in a single attack if you're good at flying the thing.
                  Can be used anytime all three gauges are full.
     Down Points: You have to steer Cypher manually in order to hit your opponent, and should you
                  hit the arena boundary or an obstacle you revert back to normal with very little
                  firepower. You're not invincible whilst pulling off this move, either.
     Overall:     A very cool move indeed. Scares opponents and does a lot of damage.
     Jet Fighter: Double Jump, up. (Analogue)
     Now we're cooking with gas. Turns into a fighter jet for a short time (Around 12 - 15 seconds),
     and the player can steer him with a mix of both the analogue and standard d-pad as shown below.
     All his weapons are different too.
     (Note: Left and right on the analogue pad steers him, up and down on the d-pad changes his
      altitude. Turbo holds him in place, and you can attack as normal.)
     Plus Points: Despite requiring all three gauges to be full, it doesn't use up any weapon 
                  power! Mwahhahah! And all his moves are different, allowing for confusing tactics
                  to be employed.
                  Also, his mobility laughs in the faces of slower mechs.
     Down Points: Saying that it's hard to steer with the standard control pad is a masterful
                  understatement. He also has no virtual armour, so he cannot deflect any shots that 
                  hit him.
     Overall:     Great with the twin sticks (I presume), but a little too hard with the standard
                  pad. Can't really comment as I don't own the twin sticks... Argh!
                  Howveer, Peter Cheung Choon Wah (who's been lucky enough to play the Arcade 
                  version) says that even with the twin sticks it's bloody difficult to attack 
                  effectively in this mode. So the main use for it tends to be in order to avoid 
                  getting hit, as you're now a smaller and faster target.
     Aerial Rage: Air dash.
     Hmm... not 100% sure that this should be in a faq based on secrets and specials, but some 
     people keep pointing it out.
     Basically, when air dashing Cypher can unload two weapons one after the other, while everyone
     else in the game can only pump out one.
     Enlargement: Tap up. (Analogue)
     Ho ho. Just THINK about how many piss poor jokes you could make out of this one. Probably about
     half a joke, then your friends would see fit to break your head over a nearby rock.
     Anyway, this makes him so massively large that he dwarfs everything on screen.
     Plus Points: Hmm... you can now stamp on opponents with your in close right attack, doing 
                  decent damage.
     Down Points: You are now the world's biggest target. Enjoy the way that even the worst player
                  in the world can now hit you.
                  Can only be used once per game. Not even just once per opponent, but once per 
                  game. Grrrr....
     Overall:     Pretty poor, actually. Good for scaring opponents, but of no real value. If you
                  can prove me wrong, get in touch.
     Spinny Drill of Death: Hold right (Analogue), Central Weapon. 
     This is a lot like Temjin's Spinning Slash attack, as a matter of fact. Disturbingly so.
     Plus Points: Faster than Temjin's attack, this does very good damage indeed. Can be used any 
                  time your central weapon gauge is full, and homes in well.
                  It also hits at a 360 degree angle, so if someone's landing when you do it, you've
                  got an almost guaranteed hit.
     Down Points: It cannot be cancelled once started. Make sure nothing hits you during the 
                  powering up phase, otherwise you can be knocked out of it.
                  The range is slightly less than Temjin's variation.
     Overall:     Highly useful. Learn to use it at the appropriate time, and you'll be a deadlier
                  opponent than you were before.
     Fei Yen Kn
     Hyper mode: Get knocked down to less than 50% health or simply tap up. (Analogue)
     Well, you won't have to worry about remembering how to pull it off if you're a bad player, 
     that's for sure...
     Plus Points: You're now faster and more powerful. More bullets come out when you attack, and
                  they do more damage. Very useful, even if it is automatic.
     Down Points: Umm... if you didn't tap up to activate it, you're at less than 50% health. Not
                  Secondly, you can only activate it yourself if you're playing a version above 
                  v5.4 such as v5.45, which is the Dreamcast's main mode.
     Overall:     Eh... it's great, but try to avoid it if possible, since it means that you're 
                  getting hit by the enemy.
                  Since I got my DC back I noticed something not so desirable... activating it 
                  yourself takes you from 100% health all the way down to 29.7% (at least in v5.45.)
                  Allow the opponent to knock you into it - it's less painful.
     Grys Vok
     Nuclear missile: Hold crouch, tap up. (Analogue)
     Now this is just plain nasty. And pretty funny into the baragin! 
     Grys Vok is certainly a mech who knows his priorities. Why waste time with futile exchanges of
     gunfire when you can just launch an Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile at your opponent?
     Ah, the true joys of technology, laid bare for all to witness!
     Plus Points: The blast range of a nuclear missile tends to be rather large indeed, and this is
                  certainly no exception. It also does a hefty whack of damage to your opponent.
     Down Points: As might be expected, being underneath it when it explodes can seriously ruin your
                  day. As well as your health and paint job.
                  Another thing about it is that it can only be used once per opponent. 
                  Finally, it takes a hell of a long time to hit your opponent. Somewhere around
                  seven to ten seconds, in fact.
     Overall:     A truly great move. Powerful, and excellent for a laugh.
     Armour Breaker: Double jump, tap up. (Analogue)
     Sounds pretty cool until you find out that it's your own armour that gets broken into tiny 
     little pieces.
     Plus Points: You are now exceedingly fast. Probably faster than any other character in the 
                  game, in fact. Dashing, walking and jumping are all sped up greatly.
     Down Points: You lose a whopping 90% health, and did you hear that noise? That was your virtual
                  armour being flushed down the toilet. Whoops.
     Overall:     Are you any good? Simply put, the better a player you are, the more use you'll
                  get out of this move.
                  I quite like it, but it's better used when you're already low on health. Losing
                  90% of 1% isn't that great a deal, is it?
     13 second Warning: Up, Up. (Analogue)
     You must be standing still to perform this move, by the way.
     Once initiated, you have 13 seconds to do or die. You're immortal, but you're also almost out
     of time already. The timer appears on screen reminding you how long you have left: if it hits
     zero, you hit the deck.
     Plus Points: You can't die until the timer runs out. The opponent has no way of knowing that
                  you're invincible, unless you suddenly change your play style to suicidal attacks.
     Down Points: Gee, let me take a wild guess... if you're too slow in killing your opponent you 
                  die instantly? Could that be a down point?
                  Strangely enough, you can also only use it once per round.
                  Getting knocked down is a BIG problem with this move. It takes around four seconds
                  for him to get back on his feet, by which time you're practically finished.
                  And finally, if a match has five seconds remaining, for example, and you input
                  the 13 second warning, you'll die in five seconds rather than thirteen. Joy!
     Overall:     Depends on how desperate you are, really. If you've no energy left, and you're 
                  about to get hit, go for it!
                  Even so, you'll have to go hell for leather in order to win with it activated.
     Hockey Slide: Dash forwards, crouch + Central Weapon.
     In a bid to break his opponent's legs, Specineff slides feet first into them. 
     That'll teach the vagrants.
     Plus Points: Quite a damaging move, really.
     Down Points: For what it is, it takes a little too much off your gauges: it empties them all.
                  Also, you have to steer yourself into the opponent manually, encumbered by its
                  really short range and non-invincible antics.
                  Oh, and Specineff's weapons take a while to charge up after being used.
     Overall:     Powerful, but in the main it's more trouble than it's really worth.
     Spinning Sword: Hold right or left (Analogue), Center Weapon.
     Can be performed anytime you have a full central weapon gauge.
     Rather than start with a crap 'I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning' quote (which I was severely
     tempted to do), let's just say that anyone who gets hit by this probably won't have a head to
     get dizzy with. 
     Three spins of his sword and you're out!
     Plus Points: Does a decent whack of damage to the opponent and has fairly decent homing 
                  The sword strikes at anything within a 360 degree radius, so your opponent will
                  get hit if he tries to be a sneaky sod and jumps behind you. 
                  And yes, you can use it at any time your central weapon gauge is full.
     Down Points: Takes a bit of time to power up initially, during which you are both stuck and 
                  vulnerable. You can be knocked out of it very easily at this time. 
                  Once you perform this move, you have to ride it out. There's no turning back,
     Overall:     A fairly useful move, which can destroy opponents if used correctly, or yourself
                  if used badly. Certainly worth getting to grips with.
     Gliding Ram: Jump, airdash forwards, Center Weapon.
     Can be performed any time all weapon gauges are full.
     Temjin really knows how to surf, that's for sure... leaping valiantly upon his surfboard / 
     sword, Temjin homes in on his unsuspecting opponent. And getting hit by this really, REALLY 
     Plus Points: The homing ability of this move is really rather impressive. It goes for a goodly
                  distance as well, and does a huge amount of damage when it hits. It can also be
                  used every time you have the required weapon powers.
     Down Points: It drains all your weapon gauges to zero, making you a prime target for getting
                  utterly minced by a truly vengeful opponent.
                  If you happen to be flying for too long, it'll cut out automatically. This happens
                  more often in the larger arenas, usually right before you hit the opponent. GRR!
                  What else? Hmm, hitting the area boundary spells a premature end for your surfing
                  Oh, and you're not invincible. Getting knocked out of it totally sucks ass.
     Overall:     Despite the downsides to it, this is a wonderful, wonderful attack. Do it as 
                  they're landing and you've got an almost guaranteed hit.
     Incidentally, I preferred my names for these specials. (Grumble)
     3. Boss Faq.
     Right. THIS is the real reason for this Faq. Tangram is a complete and utter b... er... 
     blighter. Run out of time against him and - whack! You're dead. The universe is shaken to 
     bits, and you're forced to restart from the very beginning. 
     Suffice to say, I almost went insane trying to finish the game with Angelan.
     As for Bradtos, I'll only give you hints for doing it with Temjin and Apharmd, as you can 
     switch over to them if you're killed. Grys Vok is also highly useful against him.
     Actually, now that I'm updating I'll add in the info that Peter Cheong Choon Wah sent in. 
     Aren't I just the best?
     Don't answer that.
     Let the show begin, charles!
     Bradtos is the mid boss of the game, despite appearing at stage six. He probably just missed 
     the bus or something and came in too late to be in stage five, allowing Angelan to nip in 
     If you're having hassle killing him first go, don't worry! He weakens steadily for three 
     continues, by which point you should be able to rip him apart. 
     One tiny little addition: the gravity seems to be a little less in this chamber. Seems to be,
     at any rate. Maybe it's not, but it doesn't matter enough to be crucial. 
     Peter Cheong Choon Wah declares:
     All rapid fire attacks are crap against Bradtos, so ditch them before you even start. Some VR's
     bombs can temporarily block his fire to give you a few seconds respite from attacks.
     Also, he sent in the strategies for Angelan, Fei Yen, Apharmd B and the 'others' column. I
     just put them in as a straight cut and paste, so these are his words of wisdom without any
     embellishments whatsoever!
     To kill Bradtos with:
     In version 5.2  Angelan can simply put up a LTCW Ice Shield to deflect almost
     all attacks... I dunno whether there's a cap to the no. of Ice Shields you can
     put in 5.45, but anyway, you should know that Angelan's own weapons can just go
     right through her own shield without any ill effect.
     Mostly, the only weapons that can destroy the Ice Shield prematurely are
     explosion-based (like bombs, napalm, etc.)   However, Bradtos have none of such
     stuff...so you get the picture?  Experiment!
     Dunno if it works in 5.45, but in 5.2, when a normal CW heartbeam impacts on
     Bradtos' diamond, the explosion temporay blots out the lasers.  That can buy
     quite some time for Fei-Yen to attack with her other weapons.
     Aphamrd Battler: 
     His RTCW Soccerbomb do moderate damage against Bradtos, but to kill him off
     you're still better off relying on his Tongfer.  Oh, and if you got the guts, go
     for his Kick attack as a finishing move (the Kick should do about the same
     damage as the Tongfer)
     Check if Dordary's Forward dash LW where he does his Drill Ram is invulnerable
     once the Ram gets underway (the flames form around Dordary's Drill).  It
     definitely is in 5.2, though doing slightly less damage than Dordary's
     not-invulnerable Forward dash CW CD Ram.  The invulnerability does lend to some
     otherwise crazy tactics, like Drill Ramming the bosses (I heard, but not seen
     personally that Dordary's Drill Ram can survive even Tangram's Megalaser!!!)
     Start off by dashing right to evade the laser fire and stun gates he hurls at you. Once he 
     opens up, get in close and perform his spinning slash (Analogue stick right + Center Weapon). 
     Once you wind down, perform his laser sword attack (Right Turbo, Right Weapon) and then make a 
     break for it by dashing right between his laser fire. Evade the CD's and gates, then go for it 
     again. Jumping may help in a pinch, too.
     No problem, eh?
     Apharmd B:
     A slightly less tactical approach here. Avoid the lasers and stun gates as much as you can,
     wait until he opens, then kick the living snot out of him with your tonfas until he dies
     (In close, Center Weapon). If you're getting knocked back by laser fire, evade and wait until
     he re-opens.
     Jigoku de aou ze, baby! 
     As for Tangram:
     Grrr. Tangram. He must die! DIE! DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Kyahahhahaha!!!!!
     Obviously, I'll be giving tactics on how to beat him with every character, considering that's 
     the only way I know of with which to get the arcade mode.
     One little warning: Do NOT run out of time against him! If you haven't damaged him at least
     50% by the time his eye closes for the first time, let him kill you off. Otherwise, you run the
     risk of not killing him by the end of the time limit, at which point he'll laugh at you 
     scornfully and dance upon your grave.
     In general, two out of most VR's right turbo attacks should cause serious damage to Tangram,
     and the third should be left alone. Eg: Cypher's Right turbo + Right weapon and Right turbo +
     Center weapon are effective, whilst his Right turbo + Left weapon isn't quite so useful. 
     Peter Cheong Choon Wah told me that last bit about two out of three being effective, by the 
     Something else you should know: you ARE in space. It's like a gravitational core with Tangram
     at the center. Jump raises you, crouch lowers you. It's that simple.  
     Unlike the Bradtos tactics, this one IS in alphabetical order...
     To smash Tangram to bits with:
     Peter Cheong Choon Wah says:
     Angelan vs Tangram:
     If you got the guts and skills:
     Get real close to Tangram's eye when it appears and unload with her Left turbo + Right weapon
     (Sorta Ice laser) and Right turbo + Left weapon (Big Ice pillar) as well as her Right turbo +
     Centre weapon (Double Ramming Dragon). Remember the Right Turbo attack temporarily immobilises
     the VR, so pick carefully when to use them.
     And yet, Forman used to say:
     That's what I have to say. Her right shot is amongst her most useful moves against Tangram, as
     are her ice pillars (Left Weapon) and laser shot (Left Turbo + Right Weapon)
     Avoid his attacks whilst firing until he opens up, then unload everything you have into him,
     avoiding the triple shot laser and especially that central beam. If you don't damage him by at
     least 50 - 55% by the time he closes up, restart.
     Good luck. With Angelan, you'll need it!
     ..... Out of the two, I'd trust his technique more than mine. It took bloody ages for me to win
     using my way! And since he claims (nay, insists) that it's possible to whup Tangram within one
     opening of his eye, I'd go for his style.
     Apharmd B:
     The return of in close violence! Since Apharmd B is the only character in the game able to
     perform standard in close attacks on the bosses, you should take full advantage of it.
     Anyway, the trick here is to dash away whilst firing, allowing you to keep him in your sights
     at all times. When you see his armour shatter, get in close and attack the eye with your 
     central close in attack for maximum damage. 
     Then, escape from his three lasers he fires, and get in close again. Attack with your central
     weapon again, and make sure to get out of the way before he uses his massively damaging 
     concentrated light beam type thing. Dash around his side if possible, as this'll cut off his 
     laser faster.
     Once the eye stops and looks at you, let him have it with your in close attack until the armour
     closes up once more. Then run like hell.
     After this, just repeat the process and he's toast!
     Apharmd S:
     Due to the fact that Apharmd S cannot engage Tangram in hand to hand combat, certain 
     adjustments to your strategy are needed in order to kick his ass.
     As you'll see, the good old Right Turbo + Right Weapon attack is highly useful, launching a
     stream of rockets at his ugly face. His central weapon is great when dashing, as is his 
     standing Right Turbo + Central Weapon.
     Now that you know how to attack him, simply avoid his shots, fire to keep him sighted, and blow
     the crap out him the moment he opens.
     As usual, avoid his attacks when he opens at all costs, and take full advantage of the lapses
     between his attacks.
     Bal Bados:
     Scott Robinson's suggestion:
     The easiest way to kick the seven sizzling sausages out of Tangram is as simple as jumping and
     releasing your central weapon, then, in a rare feat of sheer cunning, ducking and releasing
     your central weapon.
     As might be expected, keep yourself out of his line of fire or get fried in a variety of 
     amusing ways. Avoid that big focal beam type thing alongside his lasers and you should be 
     Remember! Save lots and lots of weapon power for when that eye opens!
     Well, if that was his way of doing it, what was mine? Read on!
     Forman's previous, and not particularly helpful, suggestion:
     I'll be honest here. I can't play Bal Bados worth monkey spit. So, thrash the buttons whilst
     evading the lasers and you might just get away with it.
     I did.
     Did you know that Bal Bados has a totally new weapon that can only be activated on Tangram's 
     stage? No? Well, read on!
     First off, get rid of his arms. Go on! (Left turbo + Left weapon and Left turbo + Right weapon)
     And now? Simply use your central weapon along with his right turbo, which will open a black 
     hole in his midst, hoperfully scuppering his plans for world-meltage for good!
     Cypher is better at killing Tangram than you might expect at first. Despite his low armour, his
     attacks do decent damage, and he can move fast enough to avoid practically anything Tangram can
     hit you with. 
     His standing Right Turbo + Central Weapon does decent damage, as does his Slash laser (Right
     Turbo + Right Weapon). In fact, the slash laser is what makes it so easy: You can do it four 
     times on the trot, and it recharges very quickly indeed.
     So, other than that, employ the usual tactics of not getting shot, and hitting him much more
     than he hits you. And when his eye opens, make sure your weapon power is adequate to give him
     a jolly good pounding.
     His fireball attack (Right Turbo + Right Weapon) is probably your best bet here, even if they
     do empty the weapon gauge more than is desirable.
     As usual, avoid Tangram's initial attacks by dashing and fire away at him to keep him in your
     sights. Then shoot him to bits with your right weapon attacks the moment he opens up, avoiding 
     those lasers at all costs.
     If you're feeling crazy, you can also ram him (Dash forwards, Central Weapon). This'll probably
     get you killed unless it's your finishing move, but it does look pretty cool.
     So, that's all right then!
     Fei Yen Kn:
     Okay, first off: It's probably a good idea to get hit a few times early on in the match so that 
     you go into hyper mode (less than 50% health remaining).
     After this, dash away from his attacks and keep firing with all three standard weapons. This 
     alone should be able to defeat the scumbag, so just keep hammering him the moment he opens up,
     avoid those lasers he chucks at you, and take full advantage of the pauses between his attacks.
     Grys Vok:
     This hardly needs a strategy faq at all. Most of his attacks are damaging enough on their own,
     so keep plugging away at the scumbag with your dashing right attack, central weapon and make
     sure you take full advantage of his amazingly large arsenal when the eye opens. 
     That really is all you need to know for Grys Vok.
     At the start, hit Tangram in the face with the good old rocket attack (Right Turbo + Right 
     Weapon). Then dash right and cause some damage with your dashing central weapon. Keep him in 
     sight by hurling grenades (Left Weapon), and you're all set to cause some damage.
     As usual, escape everything he throws at you, and rely on the rockets to do the damage. Avoid
     the triple laser, avoid the central beam, then smash the dirt out of him when he looks at you
     in a strange way.
     It's just like going to your local pub!
     Surprisingly easy, as a matter of fact. His standard right attack has decent power behind it,
     and if you press (Right Turbo + Right attack) at the same time, you get a more powerful version
     of the shot.
     Avoiding the lasers as usual, dashing and firing, wait until you see the armour open and unload
     your right shots, with or without Right Turbo, into the eye. Then avoid his 3 lasers while 
     recharging and dashing (You can keep a bearing on him by firing your center weapon), and 
     continue to fire away again. Avoid that bigass central beam, and plug away until his armour
     returns to him.
     After that, just perform the operation again until his armour re-opens! Then you finish him 
     off for good! 
     Temjin has been classified by the Forman Board of Mech Classification as 'Tangram Killer'. This
     means that with Temjin, you will kick Tangram's rear end all over the shop, should you be any
     The reason for this being? Well, his sword laser (Right Turbo + Right Weapon) cuts through 
     Tangram like a hot sword through your average human.
     The second you begin, fire the laser! Then dash away and bung a grenade at him (Left Weapon).
     Then continue to dash as normal, firing to keep him in view. When his armour opens again, blast
     him in the face... eye... with your sword laser. And again. Then evade his three laser attack 
     by dashing right, whacking him in the fa... eye... with your central weapon (ranged version, 
     Hit him again with the sword laser as he finishes the three laser shots, then evade that pesky
     central beam. And guess what? Once he stops, hit him some more.
     Once he clams up again, simply repeat the above process until he becomes meat.
     4. Secrets.
     Woohoo, I know how to get A-Jim now. Or how to fight against him at least... see below, you 
     crazy kids!
     Anyway, here's the amazingly detailed secrets I've found so far.
     1. Arcade mode.
     Ever noticed how the game's Dreamcast mode is entitled M.S.B.S. Version 5.45? Wouldn't it be 
     just great if you could play it in version M.S.B.S. Version 5.2? 
     Well, you can! Just complete the game with each and every character and the extra mode is 
     Basically, it makes the tuning for each mech completely different. This can be the attack power
     of certain weapons, or the amount of weapon power used up for each move could be changed.
     An example? Well, Temjin's laser (Right Turbo + Right attack) usually takes off 50% of your own
     weapon power. In Version 5.2 it wipes out 100% of your weapon gauge, thus making you unable to
     use your right weapon until it recharges.
     Oh, and check out the Public Port stage in this mode. Then pull your jaw off the floor, you
     complete and utter zombie!
     2. Bigger screens in Vs. mode.
     Notice how small that screen in the Vs. Mode is? Pretty damn small, huh? Well, fear not. Simply
     pause the game and change the screen type from the menu that appears. It's the one which just
     says 'Normal 1'.
     This may sound obvious, but it took me longer than I'd care to admit in public.
     Even though I just did. Damn.
     3. Fight against A-Jim.
     Yeeha! I now know how to fight against A-Jim! And out of the goodness of my heart, I will now
     share my knowledge with thou. Nice of me, isn't it? Donations and daughters freely accepted!
     Okay, first off you have to have the game with a time limit set. 90 seconds is probably the 
     best bet, as it'll give you ample time to whup his sorry little ass. You can't win by time
     over, you see.
     Now, what you have to do is start the game as normal and kick the living donkey meat out of 
     your opponent, but refuse to finish him off. Instead, retreat to a safe position and taunt him 
     mercilessly, flicking the v's at him from time to time. Baring your buttocks at the sceen works
     wonders too, but don't let anyone catch you doing that.
     Anyway, since you have the bigger bar when time runs out, a mixture of grief and a completely 
     and utterly bizarre coincidence will cause your opponent to explode into tiny pieces while you
     perform the victory jig over his grave. Perhaps it had something to do with you wiring up
     several nuclear bombs to his mech while it was still in the hangar?
     Well, one of two things will happen now: 
     A) You'll go onto your next opponent feeling cheated and you'll have to do it again with this 
     B) You'll go onto your next opponent and notice an arrow pointing up off the screen in a 
        rather ominous fashion.
     Should you be fortunate enough to go witness the latter, King Jim... sorry, A-Jim... will 
     descend like a totally smarmy God from legend and destroy your opponent's mech in one fell
     swoop. The buttock munching vermin that he is.
     Now, when you first fight him you'll notice that A-jim isn't really all that hard. He's more
     sort of mind breakingly, teeth shatteringly, spirit crushingly powerful. How nice.
     Let's be honest: anyone with the name 'Jim' is bound to be a complete hard case. Just look at
     King Jim's majestic part in the storyline! And it doesn't stop there, either: there was 'Dead
     Jim' from the Muppet's Treasure island, Earthworm Jim, Sir Jim Moses who parted the Red Sea 
     (commonly referred to as just plain 'Moses') and 'Rabies infested psychopathic killer with a 
     deathwish who enjoys killing children and eating babies in his spare time' Jim, also known as 
     the creator of the Teletubbies. 
     As for Mr. A-Jim? What about him?
     Okay, he takes roughly half of the damage he's supposed to. He can practically blow you to hell
     with just two moves. He's transparent. Which, collectively, means that you're possibly screwed.
     Or, perhaps you're not. In a rather melodramatic and cheesy Hollywood fashion: I believe in 
     you. You can do it, boy!
     How did I beat him? Temjin, and a lot of surfing timed to perfection. Also, the arena was 
     suited for surfswording antics, being the wide open area that is Angelan's.
     Well, some tips to help you beat him to a bloody pulp:
     DO: Make sure the timer is set at 90 seconds. 60 gives you a lot less time to smash his teeth
     DO: Run like buggery if you see him doing what looks like Apharmd's initialization move on the
         ground. The resulting blast will blow you to hell, and it makes Grys Vok's nuclear 
         capabilities look like a damp firework.
     DO: Find out which of his attacks refills your energy. It's one of the multicoloured balls he
         spits out one after another.
     DO: Use your most powerful attacks in order to beat him. Weaker ones don't damage him enough,
         so only use them to whittle away the last of his energy.
     DO: Destroy that blue ball he spits out as soon as possible. It homes in more persistantly than
         even Specineff's shots can, and does around 20% damage. Turn your back on it and you'll 
         probably cop it off the side of the face. Use any kind of attack possible to do it.
     DON'T: Tip over Forman's bins and then run away! I'll catch you yet, you vagrants!
     Keep away from my bins! 
     What does Peter Cheong Choon Wah have to add, I hear you ask? Well, he says...
     When A-Jim appears for a start, laughing in the face of his paper mache-like opponent, he's
     utterly invincible. He loses it, of course. (I lost it a while ago, but it was his 
     invincibility I was referring to.)
     So what does that have to do with anything? Well... it allows you to hurt him bigtime before
     he can move. Peter's suggestions were...
     Temjin: Right turbo + Right weapon (Laser)
     Cypher: Right turbo + Right weapon (Laser) or Right turbo + Center weapon (Homing Beam)
     Raiden: Center weapon (Laser) or even better Right turbo + Center weapon (Screw Laser)
     Apharmd B: Crouch (Keeps it low) Right turbo + Left weapon. (Soccerbomb)
     I'd agree with those, but I'd add Temjin's Gliding Ram as a great start off move. (Jump, 
     airdash forwards, Center Weapon.)
     You'll note that these are based on lasers or explosive attacks. This means they linger like 
     a bad smell and have enough of a radius to hurt A-Jim once he becomes vulnerable.
     I forgot to add the invincibility bit in the last update, by the way. Stupid, insignificant 
     little me. 
     4. Play as A-Jim.
     Ooo... To play as A-Jim you first have to be good enough to beat the little punk. That's what 
     the tips above were for. And hopefully you have what it takes to break him apart by now, 
     especially after reading this faq and learning the specials.
     So, you've done that. Great, go and have a congratulatory icicle to cool yourself down! And
     make it last, because you can't play as A-Jim until the latter half of each month.
     Or you could just cheat completely. Simply go into the system menu of your Dreamcast and alter 
     the time setting so that it quite literally displays the date as the latter half of each 
     With this done, go into the main game, pick either Dreamcast or Arcade mode (as described in
     secret no. 1, remember?) and get thineself over to the random select cursor. Then simply hold
     down both turbos and Bob's your uncle!
     Unless he isn't. He could be called George or something equally sinister.
     Anyway, keep them held and press the button to select... Jim. A-Jim to his friends.
     And wonder in perplexity as to why the hell your energy is leaking and you don't have 
     incredible defence. It's always the same with bosses, isn't it? And remember to re-set your
     timer when you're finished with your A-Jim antics!
     A little tip from the Formster: if you're intending to play as A-Jim, pick Arcade Mode in 
     order to stop your health depleting. Otherwise, it leaks at a rate of about 1% every second.
     And yes, it can kill you off.
     Last thing: Dash forwards in the air and pull off your Central Weapon to increase mobility,
     which is pretty self-explanatory. On the ground it'll increase your armament, which increases
     the damage you inflict.
     5. Get the real ending.
     Yes, you've completed Virtual On. And then you said 'Cor blimey guvnor, but that ending was 
     crap. I could do a better one by scraping my forehead against a cheese grater for several 
     hours, make no mistake'.
     And then everyone laughed at you for sounding like a git.
     Still, your words were wise. But then, you haven't done it yet have you? That is, you haven't
     performed the simple task of finishing the game on the Dreamcast mode (5.45) with every 
     character without using a single damned continue, have you? 
     Well, get going! Do that and reap your CG based rewards!
     Oh, and if the computer's about to whup you, press start on controller two in order to keep 
     your record quite literally unbroken. Yes.
     5. URL's of utter joy!
     You know something? So do I! What a coincidence, huh?
     Anyway, here are some web pages of interest to humans the world over. Unless they don't 
     interest you. If they don't... give me back my faq, you miscreant!
     Virtual On orientated goodness!
     Since you're reading this, I assume you're at least mildly interested in Virtual On. Unless you
     hate it and you're trying to learn at least something about the game. Either way, I point no 
     fingers at your taste in games, you idio... treasured friend.
     1. http://www2.jps.net/~shimizu/kenbanya/balindex.htm
        This is a Bal-Series orientated site which will solve all those worrying questions about 
        Bal-Bados and chums. You know, the other one which levitates rather than walks. Which I
        don't know how to select. Rrrr.
     Other sites. 
     What a magnificent description! It gets the point across wonderfully that these sites aren't 
     about Virtual On! Mwhahahahahacoughcoughhack.
     Manical laughter really hurts your throat, you know that?
     1. http://freespace.virgin.net/k.forman
        Hrrm. My site. Filled to the gunnels with practically nothing, and written more poorly than
        most beggars are. Some of the links don't even work, and probably won't for a damn long 
        time yet.
        Still, check out the miscellaneous section for some funky stuff, and the fanfic and gallery 
        sections hold some pretty decent works, such as other people's artwork and my own highly 
        sought after Metal Gear Solid fanfic. Trust me, would I lie?
        Incidentally, I'm also the Duke of Spain and I hold ninety billion pounds worth of 
        cornflower oil. Oh yes!
     2. http://eagle.ca/~cadams/lex.htm
        Probably the most accomplished site ever devised, and it's going to dust in three months.
        It's the ultimate tragedy ever devised, so get your butts there right this minute and find 
        out why I think she's so utterly and undeniably great that I'd rather claw my eyes out and 
        feed them to an Arab than have her close her site down.
        Life isn't fair, damn it!
        Sigh... maybe I'll build a shrine to her, or something. (I.e - Grab all her stuff and stick
        it up on my site so that it doesn't disappear for good. It's the only decent thing to do,
     3. http://come.to/magicbox
        A great site for gaming news of all descriptions.
     4. http://mmcafe.syste.ms
        Another great gaming news site, done by the utterly great Henry Moriarty. Who I don't know.
        He's still great though.
     6. Credit, where credit is surely due!
     In alphabetical order...
     Dangerous Abe - The guy who got me into Virtual On for a start. Incidentally, he's also known 
                     as Sexual Khoda. May you all laugh at his unfortunate nickname.
                     Can you believe that I didn't even like Virtual On for a start? Whoa!
     Django - Gamefan type peep. Had he not given the game such a massively high rating (100%), I'd
              probably have waited for it to come out in the west. This would have been a mistake.
              Hail to the Django, baby.
     Fingies - For extensive playtesting, usually when I want to play the game. You have to prise 
               him off with a crowbar on occasion. It was also him who found out that analogue pad
               UP replaces the START button in the arcade. In other words, he unlocked a dumpload
               of moves for me.
     James Harsono - For sending a list of Bal Bados' moves and additional info on Specineff's 13
                     second warning, which I'd forgotten to add before. He's been rather helpful 
                     with Bal Bados related tomfoolery, and as such is completely and utterly great.
     Me - For being completely and utterly great in all aspects. (K.Forman@virgin.net)
     Peter Cheong Choon Wah - For lots of useful pointers about the arcade version of the game which
                              should hopefully work on the dreamcast too. If they don't... well, 
                              that's life. He still sent the info though, and as such earns respect!
                              More than this, he must have taken up quite a lot of his time in order
                              to send me some new info which, in turn, took a while to write down 
                              here. He's been massively helpful! He's great! Respect him, people! 
     Scott Robinson - For a great many useful facts about the game, and for pointing out corrections
                      that needed done to the faq. It was he who first told me about Fei Yen's 
                      Auto-hyper mode, and corrected a great many errors in the names of each
                      characters special moves.
                      This may be because I made them up. But hey, it's nice to know the real ones!
                      Yes, he's utterly great too.
     You - For reading this and disagreeing with the above statement.
     Other credits...
     SNK - For the astounding King of Fighters Series.
     Takara - For owning the rights to the greatest beat em up ever.
     Tamsoft - For programming the greatest beat em up ever.
     Team Neo Blood - For the insanely great Guilty Gear.
     Tecmo - For the gut wrenchingly brilliant Dead or Alive series.
     Tsukasa Kotobuki - For illustrating the coolest characters ever. He's so Godly...! (Sigh)
     And finally:
     Remember kids, anything wrong with this faq, or anything I don't have, just tell me. Without
     feedback, my inspiration shrivels up like a soggy little prune in the middle of the Sahara 
     My Email address? Well, that'd be - k.forman@virgin.net 
     Keep it real.
     Booyakasha: For what you dream of!
     Da da da... Oh yeah, one last thing: this faq belongs to me. Spread the gospel of Forman's
     faqs all you like, but don't chop them into pieces with a large grin on your face, then claim
     any part of it to be your own work. Frankenstein may be classed as that nutter of a professor's
     work, but where do you think the flesh and stuff came from, huh?
     And, uh... well... that didn't really have anything to do with it, did it?
     Ah, well. Enjoy life! 
     Dedicated to D. Kartoon, someone I still haven't repaid in almost a year.

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