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"best space flight game on the DC"

The makers of Wing Commander(that's right, Wing Commander) have put out a new game for the sega dreamcast and it is awesome. With a semi-interesting storyline, sweet graphics, great gameplay, and extreme difficulty, this is one game you should buy.

The graphics in Starlancer are beautiful period.

Controls play a big factor in Starlancer. Although its control is not as good as the computer version, it is surprising good for a console game. I found little difficulty in adjusting to the game. However, the targeting system is not very good. For example, in a mission where you have to shoot down torpedo's, you can't just target them. You have to hold square, scroll down the list to the bottom until you find torpedo and then you can target it. By then it has already hit your ship and your mission is a failure.

Although it is not that great, I was interested in it. The story is about the eastern countries waging ware against the Alliance in outerspace. You play a volunteer pilot of the 45th squadron. As you play through the game, you'll see story progress depending on how well you do.

Before I bought Starlancer, I considered myself a decent pilot in flight games. However, this has changed since I've bought this game. The missions are very challenging (unless you are playing on easy). Sometimes it took me 4-5 times on one mission to beat it. As the missions went on, I discovered that I was improving in my skills and good whip through the last 8 missions (except 24, and 25).

Another great reason to buy this game. Starlancer allows you to play head to head against other pilots around the world. This will drastically improve your skills at the game. Or, you could find yourself much better than other's and feel pretty damn good about yourself. I have only two problems with multiplayer mode. First, you have to constantly put in your nickname. The computer doesn't save your name or your scores. So it doesn't state your kills and deaths, which is disappointing because I had a good record but the next day I went on it was lost. The second problem with multiplayer is the lack of people online. This game is awesome, yet not many people go on which is kind of a bummer.

Overall this game was a pleasure to play. The makers of Wing Commander did an excellent job making this and that is why I give it a score of ''9''.

Hopefully you will buy this game and play online. My nick name is SKYANIN, you might see me around. I'll be the one blowing up your ship.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 03/17/01, Updated 03/17/01

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