Review by EviL MetaliKaT

"Probably the best space shooter in any home console"

from the creators of Wing Commander and Privateer PC games, comes StarLancer, an excellent space shooter sim. Well, let's begin:

-_-[Graphics]-_- (8)

The graphics are nice, with a lot of details, gun-laser fire, explosions, and blur trail of space jumps and missiles, very detailed capital ships, from engines to guns and even comms satellites, you can destroy an specific part of a ship, for example, you can blow up a ship's engines, so they don't escape, or destroy their comms satellite to prevent them from calling back up, the game have poor textures though, hardly noticed anyway.

The game has few high quality FMV's, and every mission is briefed in a very neat graphic explanation.

Metalikat's point: Don't worry, the game's graphics are good, I gave it an (8) because the graphics are identical to it's PC version, they should have improved that!

-_-[Storyline]-_- (7)

The story is based on a conflict between the Alliance(good guys) and the Coalition(Bad guys), then they call in volunteers and you get to be in the 45 th. volunteer squad, and then after several mission success they become an official high rank squad. A war between two factions huh? the good one and the evil one, well, not so simple, during the game the plot takes some turns and twist while you're in mid-flight, for example, you have a mission to escort a certain important ship, and suddenly, a distress call is received asking for help, so, you have to leave your escort position and go help them and then you get back and the ship you were supposed to protect is under attacks and is boarded by enemy marines and they recapture one of their generals who was secretly being held prisoner on that ship and then you have to chase them and capture that general back, and things like that.

Metalikat's point: No big deal really, how many times have we seen the classic good guys vs. bad guys war?

-_-[Sound]-_- (9)

The sound is crystal clear, the afterburners, gunfire, explosions, missile launches(don't you love that sound? :) whooooshhhh!), when a ship passes by, and the music is great, instrumental space music, you know... kinda of starwars, that should give you an idea :)

the pilot's chat keeps you entertained while you wait for some action, very nice, they argue with each other sometimes, and question the HQ orders, enemies curse at you when you destroy them, and the voice acting is terrific.

Metalikat's point: I gave it a 9 cause' everything's perfect, except for the lil' detail that the enemies's cursing at you and your co-pilot congratulating you gets to be a little annoying after playing for a while. they only say three or four different phrases.

-_-[Gameplay]-_- (10)

The controls are nicely adapted from a keyboard to the DC controller, performing some actions automatically(In the PC game you had to press a button to make space jump or even to land) the analog stick responds to the slightest movement and gives total control of the ship, shooting is easy, you lock on an enemy and an arrow points the direction the enemy is going, and when you're close enough you can let em' taste some lead, or if you can't get close enough just fire a missile and watch how they blow up in pieces, before each mission, you can choose the ship you will use and the weapons you will take with you, there are a variety of weapons (Too bad you can't change your regular guns)and you can even equip an extra fuel tank to your ship... if you live up to speed that is ;)

Metalikat's point: Perfect score, and it deserves it, the control is silky smooth and ripping enemy ships to shreds is piece of cake.

-_-[Replay Value]-_- (7)

To tell the truth, once you beat the game, you just won't like to play the missions over and over again, it does have an online playing option, but the three times I had connected, the whole server is empty.

Metalikat's point: Well, the game is a lot of fun while it lasts, I have to admit, I had beat the game 5 times before It bored me, probably because the good gameplay and the variety of missions are worth playing it again.

-_-[Overall]-_- (9)

This game is a good buy if you still own your DC and you want a good game, make this your pick, you can find it at 10 bucks in mayor electronic stores. Good flight.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 05/31/02, Updated 05/31/02

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