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"Please, just nuke the Coalition already....."

Usually when you see a Combat Flight Sim type of game, you expect a ton of action, varying missions, changes in crafts, and so on and so forth. Well,you get that much in Starlancer, that's for sure.

You are a member of the 45th Regiment, a civilian drafted flight squadron set to participate in a war to destroy the evil Coalition. Strangely, the Coalition sounds Russian(we're talking stereotypical here)....anyways, your purpose in life is rather simple. Engage the enemies with your 6 man squadron. Blow up said enemies. Watch as Torpedos get launched at your mothership. Cry as you have to redo the mission.

Yes, as if trying to pick off the rest of the forces isn't hard enough(and you get next to NO help from your CPU comrades....), they also have crafts that pick off your motherships and cargo ships using Torps. And the torps....suck. Not only are they fast, but hitting from from a DISTANCE still sends a shockwave that chips off your starship's armor. Yeah, save the ship my ***.

As if that's not annoying enough, the missions get strangely repetitive....even though you have different goals, the primary goal remains the same.....kill the Coalition, listen to the voiceactors saying ''Iy'll seeeee yuuu in h***, paiiilotttt!!'', and yes, that's actually how the Coalition sounds....spare me please.....

With newer crafts coming as you get better in the game, you'd think it'd be better, wouldn't you? Heh...well, better if you have PATIENCE AFTER MISSION 10!!! There's one mission that gives you 30 seconds to do the following:

1) Blow off a ship's armor
2) Take out said ship's defensive system
3) Drop a missile smack into the heart of the bad guy's ship.
4) Get the hezie outta there hoping that you still have about half a second to yourself.....which is completely impossible, mind you.

Because once the enemy sees you attacking their precious warship, they all kinda converge on you, while your CPU pals are too busy flying in circles and loops to notice that you're about to blow the mission.

All in all, Starlancer is an okay game, if you have the patience necessary to last through the missions...especially because not much is outlined in detail about the missions, just that there's a goal and you have to get there somehow.

Graphics - 8/10
The ships all look pretty good, but that's about it. The backdrop is static since you're in outer space.....

Sound - 8/10
The voiceactors do a GREAT job in this game. I just wish they'd say the same about the music.....the BGM gets so repetitive that I just blast my trance CD's while playing this game....

Gameplay - 3/10
Okay, hold the R Trigger. Now, press X. Now move the controller to the right. Forget that you can't fire because now you're doing a barrell roll, and pressing fire will cause you to turn off your radar. Who the heck came up with this control scheme?! General control is okay, but this secondary ''Special Actions'' scheme just plain sucks....simply because by the time you figure out the arcane button combo to do a certain action, it's already past the time you needed to use it...about 40 seconds ago.

Story - 3/10
Yes, it gets a 3 because of the couple twists in it(which, if you're actually interested, I'm not going to spoil, just go and get the game). Other than that, the classic good guys vs bad guys vs traitors.....

Replayability - 4/10
If you actually have the patience and the time to put into this game, you might see slight replay factor. I on the otherhand, don't....I understand that missions are supposed to be challenging but when the odds stacked against you reach the word ''IMPOSSIBLE.'', you tend to feel kind of let down.

Overall 5/10

Buy or Rent? Well I don't think that they rent out Sega DreamCast games anymore, but, if you can find a place like Funcoland or Babbage's, then snag a cheap copy of this game(last time I saw it was 9 dollars) and see what you think, because buying from those places means that you have the option to sell back the game and get store credit to put to a better one.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 09/30/02, Updated 09/30/02

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