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    Chao FAQ by EDekar

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                       Sonic Adventure 2 Chao FAQ by EDekar
                        Created on June 22nd, at 12:16 PM
                        Updated on July 1st, at 7:46 PM
    Version History
      -1.0- Concept FAQ written out
      -1.5- Information filled in
      -1.6- Various sections updated, also added the What's Up? and
            Frequently Asked Questions Sections.
      -1.7- Got that accursed Seed information, and a few more FAQ's.
            Look for the seed info just after the hat info, or in the
      -2.0- 'Nuther Kindergarten class, a few more FAQ's.  Not much new
            info out right now.  Seeds & Fruits and Racing Stuff sections
      -Chao Hatching
      -Chao Basic
      -Chao Advanced
      -Seeds & Fruits
      -Racing Stuff
      -Author's Note
      -My Chao
      -What's Up?
      -Frequently Asked Questions
      -Contact Information
      -Legal Note
      Welcome to FAQ #3.  This, obviously, is a FAQ for the recently
    released game, Sonic Adventure 2.  It covers the aspects of raising
    a Chao from its basic infant form up to a full-fledged racer.  Not
    that a Chao needs to be raised to race, of course.
      First up is how to hatch your Chao.  Simply walk up to the egg
    you wish to hatch, pick it up with the B button, and hold down
    the button.  Now just move your analog stick to one side and hold
    it there.  The egg will be gently shaken by your character.  After
    a little while, set the egg back down (DON'T throw it).  Your Chao
    will hatch soon after.  Be sure to grab a nut from a nearby tree
    and feed it to your newborn Chao.  They're typically pretty hungry
    after hatching.
      One other note, NEVER strike your Chao if you can avoid it.  It
    makes them terribly angry, and will very easily drop their
      First off, there are 3 basic types of Chao:
      * Dark Chao    - A miscreant Chao that likes to play pranks.
                       Black with red as a secondary color.
                       By getting this chao, you unlock the Dark Garden.
      * Neutral Chao - A completely normal Chao.
                       Starts off as a light blue.
      * Hero Chao    - A kind and polite Chao with a halo.
                       White in color with blue as secondary.
                       By getting this chao, you unlock the Hero Garden.
      Anyone can raise these kinds of Chao.  A common misconception
    I've seen recently is that you need a Hero Seed to raise your
    Chao into the Hero form.  This is quite simply, not needed.  There
    is a simpler means of raising your Chao into the form you want.
      First off, decide which kind of Chao you would like, if you don't
    want to keep them Neutral.  For the sake of example, we'll say you
    want a Dark Chao.  Now then.  Go to the 1P mode, and choose Stage
    Select.  Go to Chao World, and choose either Shadow, Rouge, or
    Eggman as your character.  Hatch the egg you want to raise to a
    Dark Chao.  After it's hatched (remember to do so gently!), pet
    it over and over.  You'll see it gradually change color towards
      After a while, it will stop changing color.  All you really
    have to do at this point is raise it as you would any other Chao.
    The only exception is, make certain you raise it with a Dark
    character.  This way, it will definitely evolve into a Dark Chao.
    Both of my Hero Chao's were raised the same way, using Hero
      Another thing to mention is, Chao have stats.  There are 7
    of them for all Chao.  They are as follows.
      * (SWM) - Swimming Ability
      * (FLY) - Flying Ability
      * (RUN) - Running Ability
      * (PWR) - Relative Strength and Power
      * (LCK) - Luck.  Goes up in increments of 100.  Raise by
                guessing the correct box when opening a treasure
                chest in Chao Adventure 2.
      * (INT) - Intelligence.  Raise by eating a Smart Fruit.
      * (STA) - Stamina.  Increase by feeding your Chao.
      As far as I know, all of these stats can be raised one way
    or another.  I'll get into that next.
      As you adventure through the game, you'll come across two things.
    Animals and Chaos Drives.  Animals are self-explanatory.  Chaos
    Drives on the other hand, are those sticks of glowing color that
    machines drop.  There are advantages and disadvantages to both, as
    you'll soon see.  These animals and drives come in four basic
    colors, though there are some exceptions.
      The colors affect things as follows:
      Yellow    + to SWM
      Purple    + to FLY
      Green     + to RUN
      Red       + to PWR
      Animals will have a colored border around their picture.  That
    is how you know what class an animal belongs to.  Let's go over
    the animals and their benefits now.
      Red Class Animals        SWM    FLY    RUN    PWR
      - Bear                    4     -8      2      18
      - Tiger                  -4     -8      10     18
      - Gorilla                -2     -4      2      20
      Green Class Animals
      - Rabbit                  0      4      20    -8
      - Cheetah                -4     -4      20     4
      - Boar                   -2     -6      16     8
      Purple Class Animals
      - Parrot                  0      24    -10     2
      - Peacock                 6      24    -8     -6
      - Condor                 -10     30    -12     8
      Yellow Class Animals
      - Seal                    20    -8      0      4
      - Otter                   22    -2      4     -8
      - Penguin                 18     6      4     -12
      Special Class Animals (blue border)
      - Raccoon                 10     6      2      4
      - Sheep                   4      6      10     10
      - Skunk                   4      6      6      4
      Imaginary Class Animals (orangish border)
      - Dragon                  10     2      4      16
      - Unicorn                 8      6      18     0
      - Phoenix                 6      16     2      8
      Ghost Class Animals (black border)
      - Bat                     4      20     4      4
      - Half Fish               16     0      4      12
      - Skeletal Dog            4      4      16     8
      One thing to mention about Ghost Class animals, is that they
    affect your Chao in rather odd ways.  A bat will turn your Chao
    into a ghost (no legs), and the other ones can have some strange
    effects as well.  Keep that in mind should you use Ghost Animals.
      And those are all the animals that you can pick up.  As for
    where to find them, I'll list that by character and stage.
      Sonic              --------------------------------------------------
    1. City Escape       |  Raccoon  Rabbit   Skunk      Sheep     Unicorn
    4. Metal Harbor      |  Seal     Penguin  Peacock    Raccoon   Phoenix
    5. Green Forest      |  Rabbit   Cheetah  Parrot     Raccoon   H. Fish
    11.Pyramid Cave      |  Condor   Peacock  Bat        Sheep     S. Dog
    15.Crazy Gadget      |  Bear     Tiger    Seal       Skunk     Phoenix
    16.Final Rush        |  Peacock  Condor   Penguin    Sheep     Dragon
       Cannon Sonic      |  Cheetah  Rabbit   Parrot     Skunk     Dragon
      Knuckles           --------------------------------------------------
    2. Wild Canyon       |  Peacock  Condor   Cheetah    Sheep     Dragon
    6. Pumpkin Hill      |  Cheetah  Boar     Bat        S. Dog    H. Fish
    8. Aquatic Mine      |  Penguin  Seal     Condor     Skunk     Dragon
    12.Death Chamber     |  Tiger    Gorilla  Rabbit     Skunk     S. Dog
    14.Meteor Herd       |  Penguin  Seal     Rabbit     Sheep     Phoenix
       Cannon Knuckles   |  Otter    Seal     Cheetah    Raccoon   Unicorn
      Tails              --------------------------------------------------
    3. Prison Lane       |  Tiger    Gorilla  Otter      Sheep     Unicorn
    7. Mission Street    |  Boar     Rabbit   Gorilla    Sheep     Phoenix
    10.Hidden Base       |  Penguin  Otter    Tiger      Skunk     H. Fish
    13.Eternal Engine    |  Condor   Parrot   Boar       Raccoon   Dragon
       Cannon Tails      |  Seal     Otter    Bear       Raccoon   Phoenix
      Shadow             --------------------------------------------------
    4. Radical Highway   |  Cheetah  Boar     Seal       Raccoon   Unicorn
    9. White Jungle      |  Peacock  Parrot   Bear       Skunk     Dragon
    11.Sky Rail          |  Bear     Tiger    Condor     Sheep     Phoenix
    14.Final Chase       |  Otter    Penguin  Tiger      Skunk     Phoenix
      Rouge              --------------------------------------------------
    2. Dry Lagoon        |  Otter    Penguin  Peacock    Sheep     Unicorn
    5. Egg Quarters      |  Gorilla  Bear     Parrot     Skunk     H. Fish
    8. Security Hall     |  Parrot   Condor   Tiger      Raccoon   Phoenix
    12.Mad Space         |  Parrot   Peacock  Gorilla    Raccoon   Phoenix
       Cannon Rouge      |  Boar     Cheetah  Condor     Skunk     Dragon
      Eggman             --------------------------------------------------
    1. Iron Gate         |  Gorilla  Tiger    Rabbit     Skunk     Dragon
    3. Sand Ocean        |  Parrot   Peacock  Bat        Raccoon   S. Dog
    6. Lost Colony       |  Rabbit   Boar     Bat        Raccoon   S. Dog
    7. Weapons Bed       |  Seal     Otter    Cheetah    Sheep     Phoenix
    13.Cosmic Wall       |  Rabbit   Cheetah  Otter      Sheep     Unicorn
       Cannon Eggman     |  Bear     Gorilla  Seal       Skunk     Unicorn
      Another thing to mention is on Chaos Drives.  All Chaos Drives
    increase their relative stat by 8, and drop nothing else.  They
    also don't alter the appearance of your Chao in any way.  Also,
    Chaos Drives can be found on any stage with machines, generally.
    The colors are random, so you just have to hope you get what you
      Alright, last Basic thing I can tell you.  When you give your
    Chao an animal, it will give your Chao 2 things.  One, it will
    change the Chao's appearance.  Two, it will give them an
    additional little action they can do anytime they feel like.  I'll
    list the known actions here.
    Animal        Action             | Animal         Action
    Bear          Roar               | Phoenix        Wags tail
    Boar          Dashes             | Rabbit         Hops around
    Cheetah       Face washing       | Raccoon        ? Unknown ?
    Condor        ? Unknown ?       | Otter          Swims on back
    Dragon        Breathes fire      | Seal           Rolls around
    Gorilla       Beats chest        | Sheep          Somersaults
    Parrot        Sings              | Skunk          Farts (ewww...)
    Peacock       Struts arrogantly  | Tiger          Sharpens nails
    Penguin       Slides on belly    | Unicorn        Bucks feet
      If anyone notices any actions for the Ghost Class Animals, let
    me know and I'll put 'em in.  Also, sometimes a Ghost animal can
    cause the dot above your Chao to turn into a flame.  Quite nifty
    looking if you have a Dark Chao.  (bwahahaha!)
      This is where I let you know what kind of evolutionary paths
    you can take, besides the 3 basic forms.  There are a total of
    4 intermediate paths you can take.  Besides those, you can also
    mix types for the Advanced Paths.  The following is the
    intermediate path.
    Green Animals   --->  Sonic Chao.  Develops spikes on head like
    Yellow Animals  --->  Alien Chao.  Head elongates and gets two
                          small fin-like things on head.
    Purple Animals  --->  Nights Chao.  Two jester cap-type things grow
                          out of the head and curve down a bit.
    Red Animals     --->  Dragon Chao.  The head sort of turns into a
                          horizontal spike.
      I don't know what the Advanced Paths look like quite yet I'm
    afraid.  I'll let you guys know pretty as soon as I find out.
      Another advanced thing that very little is currently known about,
    is the Chao Kindergarten.  You can ask the Principal questions about
    Chao raising, check on the health of your Chao, or have your Chao
    learn whatever lesson is being taught in the classroom.  Also, this
    is only a partial list of the classes you can take...so if you see
    a class I don't have, let me know of that too.
      Kindergarten Classes
      - Bell
      - Tambourine
      - Drums
      - Trumpet
      - Castanet
      - Cymbal
      - Maraca
      - Song
      - Spin Dance
      - Step Dance
      - Go-Go Dance
      - Shake Dance
      - Drawing
      - Exercise
      One of the Advanced things that was just recently brought to light
    are the hats.  There are 3 known hats in existence, listed here.
    - Pumpkin
      - Egg Shell
      - Skeleton's Skull
      Simply grab one of these from the garden and hand it to your Chao.
    If they like it, they'll put it in and they'll have a hat.  Keep in
    mind however, that it can only be removed by throwing or hitting your
    Chao.  Although I've also been told that they'll take it off after
    a while if they get bored with it.
      Ah, the last Advanced thing I can think of.  How to plant the seeds.
    Well, I think I'll show you exactly what I was told.  Just as soon as
    I pick the clearest, most concise e-mail I got on how to do so.  Thanks
    to everyone else who told me how though, I'm glad you told me.
      Anyway, all you have to do is hand the seed to a Chao that has won
    a shovel (trowel, whatever) in the races, and the watering can.  Your
    Chao will then wander around, pick a spot, and plant the seed.
      Here is a list of the seeds that have been found so far, made by
    the inestimable Mike Iseri.  Keep in mind that the Forbidden Seed
    was added by me.
    " -Seeds Discovered 
          Tall Seed 
          Creepy Seed 
          Vitality Seed 
          Power Seed 
          Tasty Seed 
          Wonder Seed
          Forbidden Seed 
          Rare Seed (Can't be that rare if I found it lol)  "
      The only other thing to mention are the Fruits that can be
    found in Chao Adventure 2.  As soon as I have a good list of them,
    I'll throw it up here.  The only fruits I currently know of are these:
      -Fruits Discovered
          Triangle Fruit - A triangle shaped fruit.
          Square Fruit   - A square shaped fruit.
          Round Fruit    - A round shaped fruit.
          Wonder Fruit   - ? (Don't remember...)
          Chao Fruit     - Increases skills.
          Heart Fruit    - Makes Chao lay an egg.
          Hero Fruit     - Makes your Chao favor the Hero side.
          Dark Fruit     - Makes your Chao favor the Dark side.
                           (Luke...I am your father...)
                           (Sorry, couldn't resist  ::grins widely::)
          Smart Fruit    - Raises intelligence.
      For all those wonderful things that Racing can net you.  First off,
    I give you a lovely list of the toys you can get from each of the races,
    courtesy Mike Iseri.
    " Here is a list of all the toys that you can win in the races.  
      -Must win the 3rd difficulty level  
      -Beginner Races  
          Crab Pool...............Shovel  
          Stump Valley............Watering Can  
          Mushroom Forest.........Rattle  
          Black Canyon............Toy Car  
      -Must win the 5th level difficulty level  
      -Jewel Races  
          Peridot....................Picture book on how to plant seeds
                                     (A must to plant trees)  
          Aquamarine.................Sonic Doll  
          Garnet.....................Pogo Stick  
          Onyx.......................Box Of Crayons  
      -Challenge Mode  
      -Win toys by completing the row 
          1st row....................Beach Ball  
          2nd row....................Jack in the Box  
          3rd row....................Television 
    (To gain access to the third row, you must beat the first 2 rows)  
      -Dark Races  
          Win the second race........Beach Ball  
          Win the fourth race........Radio (Changes music, your Chao must
                                            turn it on himself)          "
      Thanks kindly for that chart Mike, I appreciate it.
      Anyway, the only other benefits to racing besides the toys would be
    two things.  1. You get to look at the courses.  They can be pretty
    cool sometimes.  2. You can test your Chao's prowess and have it make
    a name for itself.  Besides, you can always bring your Chao online. 
      Well, that took more time than I thought it would...but regardless,
    I'm glad I could help everybody out.  Just remember to let me know if
    there's something I missed or screwed up on.  I don't mind getting
    e-mail, so long as it doesn't ask inane questions or use excessive
    dewd speech.  I HATE that stuff...  ::sighs::
      MY CHAO
      I have 5 Chao right at the moment, but only 4 are worth listing.
      Note: This isn't up to date as of July 1st.  Too much to worry
            about right now.  I'll update it when I get around to it.
      Rafa, Hero Sonic Chao
      SWM  - 071
      FLY  - 083
      RUN  - 220
      PWR  - 077
      LCK  - 100
      INT  - 015
      STA  - 044
      Appearance: Rabbit ears (ugh), Unicorn crest, no legs.  Don't care
                  for her appearance very much, personally.
      Malak, Dark Dragon Chao
      SWM  - 035
      FLY  - 031
      RUN  - 033
      PWR  - 067
      LCK  - 300
      INT  - 035
      STA  - 050
      Appearance: Flame dot, Dragon horns, Dragon feet, and purple wings.
                  Definitely evil looking.
      Seava, Hero Advanced Alien Chao
      SWM  - 222
      FLY  - 072
      RUN  - 031
      PWR  - 017
      LCK  - 000
      INT  - 015
      STA  - 058
      Appearance: No feet, Penguin eyebrows, Seal flippers, and Otter
                  whiskers.  Honestly, I like this one's appearance.
      Raen, Dark Night Chao
      SWM  - 006
      FLY  - 015
      RUN  - 012
      PWR  - 012
      LCK  - 000
      INT  - 007
      STA  - 007
      Appearance: Right now, he's an infant without any feet.  He's
                  subsisted on nothing but Bats so far.
      WHAT'S UP?
      This section is for those unanswered things that I just don't know
    about yet.
      - Can you mix the Advanced paths like the first game?  Thus making
        a Dragon Alien mix?  At this point, it looks like you can.
      Obviously, this is for those questions that I get asked quite
    a bit.  I'll just list 'em and answer 'em here.
      A.All you need to do is have one of your Chao win a trowel and the
        watering bucket.  Then give the seed to that Chao and he'll plant
      A.Patience my friend, patience.  All good things come with time.
        My Dark Dragon Chao, Malak, took forever and a day to evolve,
        so don't let it get to you.  Your Chao will evolve eventually.
      A.Your Chao has them stored in Dark Space.  I'm kidding.  The Chao
        that won the toys can pull them out of thin air to play with them.
        That's the only time you'll ever see those toys, except of course
        when you're planting Seeds.
      A.Very simply, it's because you're in Story mode.  Leave Story mode,
        and play the game in Stage Select.  That'll let you move about
        Chao World freely.
      A.When it's good and ready.  Honestly, no one really knows.  It just
        seems to take a lot of time, that's all.  My first was Seava, and
        none of them have decided to mate since then.  It's been almost a
        week, so you can see what I mean when I say it takes a while.
      Should you wish to speak with me, send me an e-mail to the following:
    soulscythe@angelfire.com  .  I should respond within a week...it
    would be sooner, but I've been having ISP difficulties recently.
    On top of that, I've been getting around 25 new messages a day, and
    that's hard to keep up with.  I'll get there eventually.  Lastly,
    please please please make certain your question is already answered.
    One other thing, please don't be offended if I don't respond to your
    e-mail.  I've got 54 new messages in my inbox at the time of this
    writing, and I'm trying to save time by not replying to things that
    don't really need it.  Just know that I am thankful if you're sending
    in information I missed or somesuch.  Trust me, I'm reading all of
    those messages, even if I can't respond to 'em all.
      My brother, who helped me gather all this godforsaken data.
      CJayC, 'cuz he's just cool...I mean, who else could do his job?
      Black Cat, for mentioning the Tambourine and Drums.
      beardedorange, for mentioning Go-Go Dancing.
      Wenske, for letting me know about Shake Dancing.
      XeNoGeArZ, for reminding me of the Chao Worlds.
      Todd Denham, for info on the hats.
      Mike Iseri, for Seed and Toy information.  Thanks much, Mike!
      There isn't one yet.  I'll just use the basic stuff for now.
      This document is copyright EDekar, 2001, all rights reserved.
      You may put this document on your web site (and only your web site),
    so long as this document remains unaltered.  Also make certain that
    the copy of this document that you have remains the most up-to-date one.
      Beyond that, please let it be known that the most current form of this
    FAQ will always be at http://www.gamefaqs.com  .

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