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    Chao Adventure 2 FAQ by miffo

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/29/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                                         SONIC ADVENTURE 2
                                     Platform: Dreamcast
                                     Release: June 19, 2001
                                     Price: $40 USD
                                         -Chao Adventure 2-
    Chao Adventure 2 FAQ v1.2                $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                
    by miffo (aka Michael Paul)        $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$*           
    Updated: 7/10/01                $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$                         
             #########   ###    ###     ###       ######    ###########
           ##            ###    ###  *##   ##*  ##      ##          ####
           ##            ##########  ######### -##      ##-        #####
           ##            ###    ###  ###   ###  ##      ##  ###########
             #########   ###    ##   ###   ###    ######    ####               
             #   #-*  #   # #### ##  # ##### #  # #-*- #### ####
            #=#  #  #  # #  #--  # # #   #   *  * #__# #--  ############ 
           #   # #-*    #   #### #  ##   #    ##  # \\ ####  ############
    You can email me at miffo007@yahoo.com or visit my site 
    http://idiottracker.tripod.com .
    This FAQ is for Chao Adventure 2 in the Dreamcast game Sonic Adventure
    2.  It's a shorter FAQ that I don't care too much about, so I'm 
    letting anyone use this on their own site if they wish.  But this is my
    FAQ, not yours, so you still need to give me credit for it.  If I find 
    that you have passed it off as your own, I will probably find out about
    it and ask that you remove or legal action will be taken.  If you could
    email me saying that it's in use on your site, that would be nice as 
    well.  This guide is Copyright © 2001 Michael "miffo" Paul.
    The newest version of this FAQ can always be found at 
                                   Table of Contents
                    *Hint - Press Ctrl+F to find a specific thing*
                          i.  Version History
                          ii.  What's To Come
                          1.  Introduction
                          2.  How To Play
                            a.  Overview
                            b.  Before The VMU
                              i.  Overview
                              ii.  Raising
                              iii.  Racing
                            c.  Transferring
                          3.  Walkthrough
                          4.  Main Menu
                            a.  Status
                            b.  Snack
                            c.  Pet
                            d.  Scold
                            e.  Items
                            f.  Slots
                            g.  Hello
                            h.  Owner
                            i.  Friend
                            j.  Options
                          5.  Battles
                          6.  Misc.
                            a.  Other Notes
                            b.  F.A.Q.
                            c.  Fruits and Seeds
                            d.  Anything Else?
                          7.  Final Words
    i.  Version History
    v1.2 (7/27/01)
    I finally added some new quests and some missing info, as well as 
    fixing some typos.
    v1.0 (7/10/01)
    I changed the layout some and it's finally done in its first form.  
    Now I just need to work on the other stories...
    v0.9 (7/1/01)
    It's finished...basically.  I'm sure I can add more later, but I 
    finished the walkthrough.  Of course I still need to put in what 
    happens in other parts for the walkthrough and maybe touch up some 
    v0.5 (7/1/01)
    I completed everything but Final Words and the Walkthrough.
    v0.3 (6/30/01)
    Sections 1 and 2 are complete.
    v0.1 (6/29/01)
    Well I finally did get some work done and I've finished part of the 
    walkthrough as well as finishing the Introduction.  I'm going to take a 
    break on that and work on the other sections now.  I still am figuring 
    out what all to put in this guide.
    v0.01 (6/29/01)
    There's not much of anything here yet, I just decided to start working 
    on it.  I'm having more fun playing the real game rather than the thing 
    on my memory card...
    ii.  What's To Come
    Well I need to add some alternative routes in the game for the 
    walkthrough.  Then anything else I think of I'll put in.
    1.  Introduction
    Chao (chow) n.  a small animal that exists only in the world of Sonic 
    Adventure, that is a light blue color.  
    Good vs. Evil.  That's of course the theme of Sonic Adventure 2, and 
    you get to play from both sides!  But not only can you play with Hero 
    and Dark characters, but you can also make good or bad Chao.  Yeah, 
    playing with your Chao plays a much bigger role this time around, and 
    it's up to you to create the ultimate lifeform, Chao-style!
    But like Sonic Adventure 1, you can do more than just raise your Chao 
    in the garden.  You can put him in your VMU to play the game Chao 
    Adventure 2.  And this guide right here explains that VMU game so you 
    can master it!
    So are you ready to begin?  First take this test:
                  Are all three rows the same exact same length?
    If not, change your settings to a font (Courier New) where every 
    character is the same length, otherwise some ASCII drawings/diagrams 
    will not look right.  
    To find a specific section from the Table of Contents, just press 
    Ctrl+F and type in the number without any puncuation.  For example, if 
    you wanted to get to the Racing section you would hit Ctrl+F to bring 
    up the Find window.  Then type in '2biii' and you can easily find the 
    Racing section (2biii.)
    2.  How To Play
    This explains the basics of how to play Chao Adventure 2:
    2a.  Overview
    Chao Adventure 2 is a VMU game that can be downloaded from Sonic 
    Adventure 2.  Within the Chao Garden of SA2, you can put your Chao on a 
    VMU.  See Section 2c for more on that.
    To start the game, turn on your VMU once the Chao is in it.  Press 
    'MODE' once so that the game (middle) icon is selected.  Now press A 
    and the game will turn on.  Press A+B to begin once the start screen 
    From here you just need to know some basic controls.
            /                 \
            |   @ Dreamcast   |
            |   ___________   |                 To the left is a drawing of 
            |  |           |  |                 a VMU labelled with all the
            |  |           |  |                 buttons and controls.
     Sleep  |  |           |  |    Mode         
    (VMU    |  |           |  | (changes to     An official Sega Visual 
    on/off) |  |___________|  |  game mode)     Memory Unit is require to
      ------|---------\    /--|-------          Play Chao Adventure 2.
            |   |¯|   *   *   |
         /--|-|¯   ¯| /¯\ /¯\_|____             (128 blocks)
        /   |  ¯|_|¯  \_/ \_/ |    \
       |    |          |      |    B
     D-pad  \__________|______/  (cancels)
    (highlights        |
     and changes       A
     options)      (selects/
                    main menu)
    'A' is always used to select and option and the D-pad is always use to 
    cycle through any different options or menus.
    In addition, if you press 'A' when nothing is happening, you will bring 
    up the main menu.  From here you can configure various options within 
    the game as well as taking care of your Chao.  See Section 4 for more.
    2b.  Before the VMU
    I thought I'd give you a little background information on raising Chao 
    outside of the VMU game.  For more detailed information on raising a 
    Chao, see the Chao Guide at GameFAQs.
    What's a Chao?  Well they're these little, um, things that you can 
    raise.  These creatures start out blue and evolve from there.  It's up 
    to you to decide their life.  Along with the main game you get to be 
    the father/mother of these...things.  Have a nice life!
    You can raise your Chao by selecting 1 Player from the main menu.  
    From here you select either Story or Select Stage.  Starting out you'll 
    have to choose story to first gain access to the chaos.  In each stage, 
    hidden somewhere is a special Chao Key.  These are inside a blue box 
    marked with the head of a Chao.  If you find a key, finish the stage and 
    afterward you can go to Chao World.  
    In Chao World you start out in the main room.  Now walk forward to head 
    to the chao garden.  Go in the opposite room through the door marked 
    "Kindergarten".  This room takes you to-you guessed it-kindergarten, 
    Chao style!
    2bi.  Overview
    -Chao Garden-
    This is where you actually raise your chao(s).  It's a pretty simple 
    layout, but it looks cool.
              L Trigger                      R Trigger
               (camera)          VMU           (camera)
                   |              |               |
     Joystick      |          ____|_____          |
     (move)        |    ___/-*    @    *-___    Y Button (cycle actions)
          \        |   /     |   @$@   |    \     |/
           \     __|__/      |Dreamcast|     \____/__
            \  /    /        | |¯¯¯¯¯| |      \  /   \
             \/ /¯¯¯¯\       | |     | |       \/     \
             |\|      |      | |_____| |     /¯\|     |   X Button (action)
             |  \____/        \       /   /¯¯\_/|¯¯¯¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
             |    \            \_____/   /¯\    |/¯\  |   B Button (action)
             |     \                     \_/    /\_/¯¯|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
     D-pad---|------\|¯|                     /¯\      |
     (N/A)   |     |¯   ¯|                   \_/\     |
             |      ¯|_|¯                    /   \____|   A Button (jump)
             |          \                   /         |¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
             |           \                 /          |
             |           /*___   /\   ___*\           |
             |          /     --/__\--     \          | 
              \        /_______/____________\        /
               \      //      /             \\      /
                \    /¯      /               ¯\    /
                 \  /     Start                \  /
                  \/     Button (pause)         \/
    The grassy field takes up the majority of it, but there's also a small 
    pond.  If you go past the water and through the door, it will take you 
    to the race tracks (see Section 6b).  The VMU doohicky is over in the 
    opposite corner (see Section 6c.)  See 6a for more on raising your 
    You start out with only one Chao Garden but later on you can get two 
    When you enter the kindergarten area you will have a few different 
    places to go.  To your right you can go to the Pricipal's Room.  Next 
    to that is the Bulletin Board, followed by the Classroom, and then the 
    Health Center on the far left.
    Principal's Room:  Go here and he will give you different tips.  Select 
    'Tips' then you can scroll down to look at what info he has to offer.
    Bulletin Board:  This will connect you to the online bulletin board of 
    new information.  When you quit this will return you to the title 
    screen, NOT back to the Chao garden.
    Classroom:  Leave your Chao in here for it to learn the day's lesson.  
    You can pick up your Chao when it is done learning.
    Health Center:  Bring your Chao from the garden to here.  The doctor 
    will give you a medical report and give you any tips to make it better.
    When you finish, you can return to the room you started in.  Step on 
    the pad and you can leave.
    When you start out, there will be two eggs in the garden.  To hatch one, 
    pick it up and hold B.  Now move the joystick to rub the egg, then set 
    it back down.  Watch the magic of life begin!  Do not throw your chao to 
    break open the egg because you won't have a very happy chao.
    Now that you have a real Chao and not just some egg, you need to begin 
    to raise it.  Now the first thing to know is how to keep it alive.  On 
    the trees scattered around the garden, shake one (with B) until a fruit 
    falls down.  Pick it up and give it to your Chao.  Now it won't starve!  
    Also watch so that it doens't drown in the water.  Stand by it and 
    press B to pet it.
    Once you've mastered keeping it healthy, you'll want to make it look 
    cool and give it better stats.  You'll notice that as you play the 1 
    Player game you'll find certain animals.  Keep these and when you come 
    to Chao World afterwards (assuming you find a Chao key) all the animals
    will be dropped into the garden.  You can pick up these animals and 
    feed them to your Chao which give them better stats as well as make 
    them look cooler!
    There are three basic kinds of Chao.  The neutral Chao are what you 
    start as, and they are blue.  But if you start petting one a lot with a 
    Hero character it will turn white to become a Hero Chao.  If you pet it 
    with a Dark character, it will become a Dark Chao, which is black.
    To raise your stats even more, put your Chao in your VMU to play Chao 
    Adventure 2.  To do this,
    pick it up with B and take it over to the VMU contraption and set it 
    down on the pad.  You'll need 128 blocks to save.  If the save is 
    sucessful, you can play it on your VMU to help raise it even more!  
    These stats ultimately help it do better in the races...
    2biii.  Racing
    To race your Chao, take it to the racing center.  This is located in 
    the rocks of the Chao Garden.  Select which chao to use, which race to 
    do, and you're off!  There are no special controls except for L and R.  
    Your chao will work at its own speed depending on how good its stats 
    are.  Hit L or R to cheer it and give it a boost.  Be careful though 
    because it's stamina drops when you cheer it.  Watch the meter to keep 
    a good balance between cheering and stamina or it will slow down!
    2c.  Transferring
    To transfer your Chao from the garden to the VMU, pick it up and take 
    it to the transporter.  Then select which VMU you want to put it on, 
    and hit A.  If you have enough free memory (128 blocks are required) 
    your chao can go to your VMU.
    When you want to bring it back, stand on the transporter.  Use L/R 
    Triggers to select which memory card.  When you've found your Chao, 
    highlight 'Select' and bring it back to the Chao Garden.
    Another thing to know is that you can put chaos from Sonic Adventure 1 
    on to VMUs as well.  If you do that, go to the Chao Garden of Sonic 
    Adventure 2 and take it out.  You now have another Chao egg!  Be warned 
    that you can't put it back in Sonic Adventure 1 after you take it out.
    3.  Walkthrough
    This part takes you through the adventure.  If you want to experiment 
    on your own then don't read this, otherwise this will tell you what to 
    If the choices are in brackets then that means that there are several 
    random choices.
    To start the game, turn on your VMU once the Chao is in it.  Press 
    'MODE' once so that the game (middle) icon is selected.  Now press A 
    and the game will turn on.  Press A+B to begin once the start screen 
    NOTE:  This is ONE story.  There are many others, and I'll add them 
    Your Chao will start out walking down a street.  Right away you have 
    mail and you'll see the mail icon on the bottom right corner of the 
    screen accompanied by the sound effect.  Press A to read it. It reads:
    "This is my first adventure!"  Press A.  "I want to learn a lot."  
    Press A.  "Will you teach me?"  Press A.  "Tell me about yourself!"  
    Press A.
    Now you are at the name selection screen.  Select the different letters 
    and type in your name.  Move down to the bottom to use the lowercase 
    letters, and go left to use Japanese characters.  Hit 'OK' and press A 
    when you finish.
    You have mail again!  "Omochao asked me to do him a favor!"  He said, 
    'Bring me chocolate, a generatator, and a Chaos drive!'  Even Omochao 
    is rough with chao...Wait...Why would he want chocolate if he's a 
    Now you have the following two choices:
    - Don't let it bother you.
    - Something's not right.
    Select "Something's not right."
    He starts talking again, "I've been thinking about this for a while, but 
    I think there's something suspicious about Omochao!  If he wants 
    chocolate, he must not be a robot!  I got it! Omochao is a beetle 
    pretending to be a robot!!  I know that's it!  That's gotta be it!"  
    I'll reveal his true identity!"
    Now your chao starts moving again.  After waiting for a very long while, 
    you'll get mail again.  It reads, "Chao noticed something strange is at 
    my feet.  It's smaller than Chao during the day, but.. In the evening, 
    it gets a lot bigger than Chao.  It also follows Chao when on an 
    adventure.  Even if Chao runs, it won't go away.  I'm afraid that it 
    will eat Chao someday.
    Now you have the following two choices:
    - Hahaha!
    - I'll save you.
    Select "I'll save you."
    It says, "Really?  You are the best, <your name>."  I will go with you"
    Now he starts walking down a road again with question marks (?) all 
    around.  Soon you'll get mail from him again.
    "Adventures are so fun!  I want to learn a lot.  Will you teach me?"
    Now you have the following two choices:
    - Ok!
    - No.
    Select "Ok!"
    "How old are you, <your name>?" he continues.  The next screen prompts 
    for you to enter your name.  Use the D-pad to select your age, then hit 
    A when ready.  Now he continues to walk more down that same road...
    Mail time!  "We're here!  I wonder if we really can find it in the 
    "There's a beetle eating chocolate over there!  That's great!  I'll 
    just ask the beetle to share some with me!  Hello beetle!!  Do you 
    think you could spare me some of your chocolate?" asks Chao.
    "beetle: Sure!  Take some!"
    "Wow!  Thank you!  Now, I need to get a generator...  But..."
    Now you have the following two choices"
    - I'm tired...
    - There's something suspicious about Omochao...
    Select "There's something suspicious about Omochao..."
    Now your Chao will continue to walk again, this time down the streets 
    of a city.  
    "!!"  Your Chao will be excited and the VMU will start beeping.  Press 
    A and you will have to fight.  See Section 5 on how to do battles.  
    Once you win the fight you will conintue walking again.
    "Adventures are so fun!  I want to learn a lot.  will you teach me?"
    Now you have the following two choices:
    - Ok!
    - No.
    Select "Ok!"
    "<your name>, boy Chao or girl Chao?"
    Now you have the following three choices:
    - ?
    - Boy
    - Girl
    Um, I didn't understand the question so I selected '?'. 
    This just brings you back to the same streets where you'll start 
    walking again.
    Now he says, "But wait a second... the beetle was eating chocolate...  
    Is it normal for a beetle to eat chocolate?  Does tht mean Omochao is 
    a... beetle?!"
    "There's a store here that is selling a generator!  Can I buy a 
    generator please!"
    Merchant:  "Welcome!  You need a generator?  If you have one of these, 
    you can power any robot!"
    "Robot?!  Maybe Omochao is a robot after all...  I'm so curious now!"
    <<<<<Next Scene>>>>>
    Now you have the following three choices:
    - Last Chapter
    - Chao Owner 3
    Select "Chao Owner 3"
    You are walking through a forest now.  When you get mail it reads, 
    "Hey, <your name>... <your chao's name> has been meaning to ask you for 
    advice.  Why was <your chao's name>  born?  What purpose do I serve 
    here?  Could you tell me the meaning of life?" [Ha ha ha!]
    Now you have the following two choices:
    - There is no meaning.
    - I'd like to know!
    Select "I'd like to know!"
    "I see..." he says.  "You should stop playing games occasionally, <your 
    name> [like that will happen.] and spend a little time thinking about 
    things like that.  But, I suppose that is also one way of living life.  
    I think I've learned something from watching you, <your name>!  Maybe 
    rather than spending all my time worrying about the meaning of life, I 
    should be out laughing and crying and experiencing it for myself!  
    Enjoying the time that we've been given here on Earth is the most 
    important thing of all!"
    Wow, that was a long speech!!!  After this he starts moving through the 
    park again. 
    "Adventures are so fun!  I want to learn a lot.  Will you teach me?"
    Now you have the following two choices:
    - Ok!
    - No.
    Select "Ok!"
    "When's your birthday, <your name>?"  The next screen prompts you for 
    your birthday before he continues his stroll.  "!!"  After a while you 
    end up in another fight...beat the guy first before continuing.
    "I can't wait until I finish this chore so I can go out and play!" he 
    "Why is there a Chaos drive just sitting here?  I love Chaos drives!  
    I want to drink it, but I can't...  It's for Omochao!  Omochao is just 
    like a normal Chao...  wanting a Chaos drive and all..."
    "Now I get it!  Omochao is just a Chao pretending to be a Chao! [How 
    does that work?]  That's gotta be it!
    Now you have the following two options:
    - You might be right!
    - You're wrong!
    Select "You might be right!"
    "Omochao isn't really a robot!" he continues.  "I'm going to go home 
    and yank out his wind up key!  I'm positive a Chao will come out from 
    inside!  I found out a terrible secret by doing him a favor!"
    'Tasty Seed'
    You have now comleted Chao Adventure 2 and won a seed which can 
    be used in the Chao Garden.
    #2 (thanks to Brian Caudron)
    <Start> Chao: "I've been asked to run an important errand today! Tails 
    asked me to deliver an important letter to professor Chao! If i do my 
    job well i'll reciebe a reward! But, why would Tails send a letter to 
    Professor Chao? Makes me curious. I wonder what it says..." 
    Chao: "My head itches. I need a mirror. Oh my!!! (Blue hair/Green 
    Mould/Mushrooms) is growing from my head!" 
    -Uh oh! (Choose this one) 
    (I have tried this quest both ways and know that this is the correct 
    answer because if you choose 'fascinating' chao thinks that he is good 
    but everyone disagrees and if you choose 'Uh oh' chao thinks that he 
    looks wierd but everyone thinks that he looks cool ^_^) 
    Chao: "If blue hair stats growing on me, i can't go to Chao kindergarten." 
    Amigo: "Hey, it's Amigo. Are you awake, Chao?" 
    Chao: "A friend close to my heart!" Amigo: "Hey! What happeened to your 
    -Looks nice (Choose this one, Be nice ^_^) 
    -Looks terrible 
    Amigo: "Cool! What'd you do? Suits you perfectly! 
    Chao: "Are you sure? Tell me the truth." 
    Amigo: "I'm sure! Let's ask everybody." 
    Chao: "What? All right." 
    Amigo: "Look, everybody! That Chao is cool!" 
    Chao: "..." 
    Bear: "That really looks good on you" 
    Chao: "You can't fool me!" 
    Bunny: "Cool! How did you do that?" 
    Chao: "You guys are teasing me! 
    Frog: "I don't want to admit it but you are the real fashion leader, 
    not me." 
    Chao: "Do you really think that i'm cool? From now on, I'll try harder 
    as a blue hair Chao." 
    !! (Treasure Chest! I picked the wrong one again >_<. Don't pick the 
    one on the right. 
    Chao: "Hmm... I really want to know what the letter says... It's really 
    bothering me! I want to read it! 
    -Go ahead! Read it! 
    -No! Don't read it! (Choose this one) 
    Chao: "Yeah! it would be bad to look! But maybe it would be all right 
    just to take a peek... This letter might contai top secret info! 
    Somebody might try to come after me! I think <Chao's name> has a right 
    to know!
    -You better not peek! (Try this one, it is the better alternative) 
    -You have a good point! (Choose this one) 
    Chao: "Really? I'll just take a peek." ..... "I can't do it. This is 
    dishonest! Good Chao don't do things like that! I will deliver the 
    letter to Professor Chao and fulfill my duties!" 
    Chao: "I'm Samurai Chao! I'm always working hard for my family. Is that 
    toys over there? Let's begin a match!" 
    Man: "You look cool! That Sarurai outfit looks good on you! Where did 
    you get that?" 
    Chao: "This? It's a secret, but you can buy it in the (Black Market/Space 
    Man: "Thanks! I'll go there and buy it right away. 
    Chao: "Thank you! I'm happy that you think so. I'm done playing Samurai. 
    Let's play something else." Chao: "This is really bothering me! What 
    does this letter say? I keep thinking about it so much that i can't 
    enjoy my advent? Wait... could this be...? Could it be a challenge from 
    Tails to Professor Chao? I can't believe it! Wow!" 
    !! (Treasure chest choose right for a hero fruit) 
    Chao: "Guten Tag! i bet i never told you this, but <Chao's name> knows a 
    lot! Did you know that flowers have meanings? For instance, a lilac 
    represents innocent love. And a lilac represents innocent love. Suprising, 
    huh? I know a lot more, too!" 
    Chao: "Did you know that a lilac represents innocent love...? and a lilac 
    represents innocent love! Amazing, huh? <Chao's name> knows a lot!" 
    Chao: "Now i'll show you something truly amazing1 A thorny flower 
    represents a hopeless departure... and a thorny flower represents a 
    hopeless departure... You don't have to look at me in such awe! it's 
    embarrasing! Now, i'll teach you the meaning of a special flower! A Chao 
    flower represents... (maybe later./You know...)" Chao: "If this letter 
    really is a challenge! Then what is Tails thinking?! I can't believe Professor 
    Chao!! <Your Name> What do you think this letter is?" 
    -No Idea (Choose this one) 
    Chao: "Hey! It's Professor Chao! Professor Chao! I'm here to deliver a 
    letter! It's from Tails!" Prof: "Well Done! Thank you very much!" 
    Chao: "Yay! Professor Chao pet me! <Chao's Name> did a good job!" 
    <Finish> For finishing this quest in this order you get a Wonder Seed.
    #3 (also by Brian Caudron)
    <Start> "Look, I borrowed a camera from Omochao. I'll take lots of nice 
    pictures. What should I take a picture of first? 
    -Beautiful Scenery (Choose this one) 
    -Something Secret 
    "We're in a flower field now... I'll take lots of beautiful pictures! 
    Hey! Isn't that (Sonic/Rouge/Knuckles) and (he/she's) (Whistling/Eating 
    Food/On a Date). What an opportunity for pictures!! *Snap!* ...I can't 
    believe how lucky I am. But if (he/she) ever finds out, (Sonic/Rouge/
    Knuckles) is going to be really mad at me... I should get out of here!" 
    !! (Fight) 
    "I love taking a walk through the city like this! It's days like this 
    that make me want to (hug/kiss/fight/tickle) everyone I meet! Hey! It 
    looks like someone is coming this way! (Papa/Principle/Eggman)! 
    (Come here!!/Good Morning!)" "Get away from me, <chao's name>! I gotta 
    get out of here!!!" "What was that about? All I wanted to do was say 
    hi... I feel so (lonely/depressed/happy)... I know! I'll go for another 
    walk, through the sky to make myself feel better!" 
    "We've been walking for a while! The sky sure is big! Hey! It looks 
    like someone else is coming this way! Hey (Papa/Principle/Eggman)! 
    (Come here!!/Good Morning!)" 
    "Oh No! It's <chao's name>! Stay away from me! Everyone, run away!!" 
    "I feel so (lonely/depressed/happy) again! <chao's name> is so nice! 
    Everyone keeps making me feel so (lonely/depressed/happy)! I know! 
    I'll take a walk through another dimension to make myself feel better!” 
    !! <Character> <_____ Fruit> 
    (I found Rouge and got a dark fruit, it may be random though) 
    "It sure is comforting talking a walk through here... Everyone here is 
    always so nice to <chao's name>... Hey! It looks like someone else is 
    coming this way! Nobody here will run away from me! (Papa/Principle/Eggman)! 
    (Come here!!/Good Morning!)" “<chao’s name>! What is that?! Something’s on 
    your head! I gotta get out of here! 
    “Huh? Wait! Something’s on my head? I wonder what it is… Let’s take a 
    look in the mirror… 
    !!!!!!!! OH NO!! A (smelly bird/sticky monster) is on my head!” 
    “Wow... That was a surprise... My heart is still racing. This time, I’ll 
    find some beautiful scenery for sure! There’s a beautiful forest over 
    there! Let’s go take a look... Wait... There’s something strange just over 
    those hills over there... Which way should we go?” 
    -To the Forest 
    -To the Hills 
    !! Treasure Chest (Choose any, Except the one on the RIGHT, it’s empty) 
    “We’re at the forest! I’m sure I’ll be able to take some pretty pictures 
    “This time, (Dr. Eggman/Tails/Shadow) is eating snacks!! I’m a bit scared, 
    but I can’t miss this opportunity!” *snap!* 
    “If I get caught with this picture. I’m dead meat! Let’s run!” 
    “Whew... We finally got out of there. But, I took plenty of great 
    pictures! I must be a natural cameraman! I should go and show everyone 
    the pictures I took.” 
    “Oh No!!! I forgot to put film in the camera!!! But it might be for my 
    own good... I shouldn’t go around and expose everyone’s secrets! 
    <Finish> (Yay!! You get a Rare Seed 100% of the time if you finish this 
    bloody tedious quest ^_^) 
    4.  Main Menu
    Whenever you are in an area where nothing is going on (i.e. your chao 
    is just walking) press A to bring up the main menu.  You have the 
    following options:
    - Status
    - Snack
    - Pet
    - Scold
    - Items
    - Slots
    - Hello
    - Owner
    - Friend
    - Options
    4a.  Status
    This menu gives you the status of your chao.  Hit Up/Down to view the 
    different options.
    - Name
    - SWM, FLY, RUN, PWR
    - LCK, INT, STA
    4b.  Snack
    Here you can look at any food items you have earned.  Select a food 
    item and you have the option to give or abandon.  Select Give to feed 
    it to your chao, or Abandon to discard.
    4c.  Pet
    Select this to pet your chao.  This will make it happy!
    4d.  Scold
    Select this to scold your chao.  There are times when you may need 
    to do this...
    4e.  Items 
    Here you can view or discard any items you have collected.
    4f.  Slots
    This is where you can earn items.  When here, press Up/Down to change 
    the bet.  You must bet at least 1.
    Once you've selected your bet, hit A and it will take away however many 
    points you bet (you start out with 100 points.)  Hit A to start 
    spinning, then hit A three times to stop all three wheels.  If you get 
    three of something in a row, you win!  This is hard to do because of 
    the small VMU screen, so it's basically a matter of luck.  
    If you win, your points get reset back to 100.  If you line up three 
    fruits then you will win that fruit to feed to your chao.
    4g.  Hello
    This allows you to connect two VMUs together, and you can mate your 
    Chao if they are both mature.
    4h.  Owner
    View and change personal data for the owner (you) of the chao.  You 
    can chance the following options:
    - Name
    - Age
    - Sex
    - Birthday
    - Blood type
    - Favored (what you would like)
    - Secret
    You can type in all of these using the in-game keyboard.  Select the 
    different letters and type in your name.  Move down to the bottom to 
    use the lowercase letters, and go left to use Japanese characters.  Hit 
    'OK' and press A when you finish.
    NOTE:  Throughout the adventure your chao will prompt you to enter this
    information.  If you fill out this ahead of time in the menu, he will
    not ask.
    4i.  Friend
    This allows you to view data from a friend's chao when you have another 
    VMU connected.
    4j.  Options
    Here you can configure options.  You can change the following options:
    - Chao (name)
    - Owner (Tell/No Tell)
    - Sound (On/Off)
    You can type the names using the in-game keyboard.  Select the 
    different letters and type in your name.  Move down to the bottom to 
    use the lowercase letters, and go left to use Japanese characters.  Hit 
    'OK' and press A when you finish.
    5.  Battles
    Every once in a while, your chao will enter a random battle.  Fighting 
    is easy.  
    You will see the two chaos next to each other standing above their HP 
    (health power) meters.  Your Chao is the one on the right.  At the 
    bottom of the screen you'll see a graph that looks like this:
    * * * <> <> *
    *  = black circle
    <> = white circle
    There are six circles at the bottom lined up horizontally.  They are 
    randomly places and won't look exactly like that above, but will be 
    similar.  The cursor will go across them over and over and highlight 
    each circle as it passes.  Press A as soon as it highlights a white 
    circle to punch your opponent.  If you hit a black circle you will miss 
    your opponent and lose HP.
    The first person to drop all their HP loses, so be careful and good 
    6.  Misc.
    Here are the other things that weren't included in another section...
    6a.  Other Notes
    The following are just some things that didn't seem to fit anywhere 
    else or aren't really pertinent:
    -  Sometimes on your adventure, your chao will fall asleep.  To wake 
    him up simply pet him by selecting Pet from the Main Menu.
    -  There are many different ways to play this game...it's like a 
    Choose-Your-Own-Adventure book.  Whenever you have a different option 
    to select, it can completely change how you play the story.  In the 
    walkthrough whenever I say, "Select <this option>" I'm not saying you 
    HAVE to, that's just the one I happened to select and the rest of the 
    walkthrough is based on picking that option.  After I play through 
    Chao Adventure 2 a few more times I can put in what happens when you 
    select the other options.
    -  If your VMU runs out of batteries you cannot continue until they are 
    replaced.  To replace them, unscrew that back, take out the batteries, 
    and insert two new CR2032 batteries correctly.
    -  Do not leave your VMU in Game Mode if you put the VMU back into a 
    controller.  If left in game mode while on the Dreamcast, the card 
    and/or controller will not respond correctly.  To adjust this, hit the 
    'Mode' button on the VMU.
    6b.  F.A.Q.
    -Frequently Asked Questions-
    "Why doesn't your FAQ explain <insert comment about Chao>?"
    This is mainly focused on the VMU game of Sonic Adventure 2, and other 
    Chao questions can be found in another guide.
    6c.  Fruits and Seeds
    Here are some fruits and seeds you can earn:
    (special thanks to newpikablu for the info)
    Heart: Allows adult Chao to go into "mating season", looks like a heart.
    Chao: Raises FLY, RUN, SWM, and PWR, looks like the tear-shape symbol 
          of Chaos.
    Energy: Says in VMU makes Chao active, don't quite remember, I think 
            it's like a pineapple.
    Hero/Dark: Chao will favor Hero/Dark, Hero looks to me like a golden 
               melon, Dark looks like a Red Pepper.
    Peace: Don't remember, but it says on VMU it makes a Chao mellow.
    Round/Square/Triangle: Raises Stamina, looks are self-explanitory.
    Smart: Raises Intellegence by 15, looks like a purple pear.
    Strong: Looks like a large vine.
    6d.  Anything Else
    What did I forget?  I know I left some things out because I'm not 
    perfect.  If there's anything I didn't put in, please tell me.  If you 
    have any tips to give me that I didn't know, tell me that as well.  
    See Section 7 for contact information.  You will get credit for helping 
    me remember!
    7.  Final Words
    Thank you for reading this guide.  I you have any questions, that WERE 
    NOT CLEARLY ANSWERED IN THIS GUIDE feel free to contact me.  Tips, 
    suggestions, and friendly criticism are also welcome.  Remember that 
    you will be credited if you contribute!  Oh, and please don't email me 
    asking to tell you when I'll update this.
    Email: miffo007@yahoo.com
    My site: http://idiottracker.tripod.com
    I've taken my AIM name off due to the overwhelming amount of messages 
    I've gotten in a few days, plus a few people have had too much fun with
    the warn button.  But email is fine, and I answer to 100% of
    messages that arrive in my inbox.  Just a few things to note:  I don't
    mind you mailing me just to comment on my FAQ, but I probably won't 
    answer you.  Also, please don't reply with "thanks" if I help you, 
    just because it's another email I have to read.  (I get a lot of
    mail.)  Thank you.
    I would like to thank to following:
    - Brian Caudron <brian_caudron@hotmail.com>
    He wrote two of the adventures, and contributed much of this FAQ!
    - newpikablu <newpikablu@aol.com>
    He gave me a lot of helpful information, and a lot of the things you
    see written here today.
    - Sega/Sonic Team <http://www.sega.com> <http://www.sonicteam.com>
    For making this game and the VMU game!
    - GameFAQs <http://www.gamefaqs.com>
    For hosting this guide.
    - You
    For reading this and maybe giving suggestions.
    This document is Copyright © 2001 Michael "miffo" Paul.  

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