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Reviewed: 10/10/07

Weak follow up

Good or evil? Which side will you choose? As the good guys, Sonic, Knuckles and Tails, you must stop Eggman from destroying Earth with his big "laser". As the bad guys, Shadow, Eggman and Rouge, you must collect all the emeralds so you can use the "laser". The stories are ok untill you find out the most predictable plot twist in a game that never gets explained! And when you unlock the new story part you will groan cause it runs the whole point of the game. The ending is stupid and doesn't explain one thing! The story feels taged on for the sake of having a story. They give you plot elements and twists, yet they don't explain them. I give story a 4/10

There are three different types of characters and they each have slightly different control. Sonic and Shadow can run, dash, jump, home attack. They also gain other moves during the game. Everything seems fine at first until you try to use a homing attack on an enemy right in front of you and you either spin around it for a minute or completely miss it. Tails and Eggman are in mechs. They move very stiffly but I guess they should since mechs are slow. It's easy to aim and shoot and hover. There isn't anything wrong with the control for Tails and Eggman. Knuckles and Rouge have very simple control. You can jump, punch, dig and glide. The camera makes jumping and gliding a real pain. Every character gets a special upgrade that no others get. It's cool to get but its a huge problem having to stand there and hit B, it might be Y, to change the action. There is unused buttons which should be used for the special moves. I give control a 7/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
Why did Sonic Team change voice actors? The english and japanese voices for Sonic are horrible and annoying. Tails english voice sounds alright but could use some work. I didn't listen to Tails japanese voice. Knuckles english voice is probably the best voice in the game, it fits him very well. I didn't listen to his japanese voice. Amy's english voice is the same annoying high pitched voice. I didn't listen to her japanese voice. Shadow's english voice is horrible. His Japanese voice is worse. Eggman's english voice doesn't sound right at all. I didn't listen to his Japanese voice. Rouge's English voice is the worst voice I have ever heard in my life. I didn't dare try the japanese voice. The sound effects are average, cars don't sound right when you hit them. The chao sound effects could drive anyone insane. The chao cry, snore and laugh all with the same cute little sound effects. Each character has there own theme song. They changed all the returning characters themes except for Amy's. The new themes suck. Shadows theme is good but is missing something that I can't put my finger on. Rouge must have a realy bad theme cause I can't remember it at all. Eggman has the bes theme song ever! it fits him very well. The music in the stages are a mixed bag. Sonic's first stage, City Escape, has a great song but rest of sonics stages suck. All of knuckles stages sound about the same. Rest of the stage music is forgettable. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 6/10

Game Play
There are three different types of game play. Sonic and Shadow both have to race through a stage. Tails and Eggman go around and shoot stuff. Knuckles and Rouge have to find 3 emerald shards, Each character gets special moves that let them reach places they couldn't reach before. Every character gets a move called mystic melody, it lets them open new paths and find the hidden chao. The game is split into two different stories, Hero and Dark. The only problem with this is some parts get flipped around depending on which story you are playing. Sonic has a new move where he can grind things, this would be great if could you fall off and didn't automatically grind something you jump on. There is on stage tht is almost nothing but grinds which is really dumb. Each stage has five missions but they are the same for each stage. Most of the characters get five stages each but they all feel the same. Also this is a Sonic game but there is NO sense of speed. The game runs rather slow and the camera makes you stop so it can move. Each stage also has 3 chao keys, once a character has a chao key they can enter the chao garden whenever they want. Chao gardens are fun for awhile. Chao change their look by feeding them an animal, each animal raises and lowers a stat also. You can also give shards. The shards can raise a stat by 8 and lowers none, it also has no effect on what your chao looks like. Chao races are back but they are longer and more boring. Now you can take your chao to school so it can learn skills but sometimes the game will glitch and your chao will be stuck in school forever. Once you beat story mode you can view the cut scenes except once you view one it starts the stage that comes after that scene, this is annoying when all you want to do is watch some cut scenes. There is also a two player mode and you can unlock new characters to play in it. There is also a cart mode but it is so limited it isn't funny. There isn't any adventure parts of the game now which was a really cool part of one. With the game not having the adventure parts, not being able to play the game as who you want, lack of speed and a sad amount of secrets and the secrets you do get aren't worth the trouble. I give game play a 5/10

Replay Value
After beating the game there is still a lot to do. There is 180 emblems to collect which will take a lot of time. There is a two-player mode which is average. The chao stuff is fun for a but gets boring. It's fun to relay some stages but others are really boring to play. Maybe if the stages changed for each mission the game wouldn't get old so fast. There is also a lack of mini games this time around and as of this writing there isn't anything worth downloading from the Sonic Adventure 2 home page. I give replay value a 7/10

Final Score
I give Sonic Adventure 2 a 7/10

Rating:   3.5 - Good

Product Release: Sonic Adventure 2 (US, 06/18/01)

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