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"Those Chao're Cute"

I remember back in the late 1990s there were a number of different fads out there (mostly for kids) that involved something to do with the Asian culture (i.e. yo-yos originally came from the Philippines). There were also these virtual pet sort of devices, I think, called Tamogatchies (sp?). There're also such devices with the Sega Dreamcast visual, memory cards, as well as, the Game Boy Advance, which can apparently connect to the Nintendo Gamecube. Around 1998/99 a not-so-unfamiliar group of people known as Sonic Team got together again (some new faces perhaps) and wanted to adapt this virtual life environment to their newest Sonic game--also a flagship game--Sonic Adventure! Sonic Adventure's a fine game. However, I decided to do its sequel appropriately called Sonic Adventure 2, because I don't think I could another introductory paragraph like this one.

Sonic Adventure 2's sound's even more thematic than the prequel. That's quite saying something. Each character seems well-suited to his/her's individual theme(s). Man, I'm a nerd. Sonic's kind of punk rock (very fitting), Tails' done by a seemingly-female singer. Knux's black. One of the new characters called Shadow has some kind of weird, seemingly male vocalist. Eggman's hard to decipher besides the faint Beatles reference. The reason that this installment is more thematic is simply because of the higher quantity of songs with lyrics. I guess that they had more time to work on this project, because I believe that the first game's development was a bit rushed. The sound is fine despite the removal of the classic, jumping sound.

Visually, this is an appealing game. For Sega Dreamcast in 2001 this was very commendable. Despite the amazingness (if there is such a word) of the DC (at around that time) there were some quirky endearments, if you will, about it. One sign were the cuffed hands of in-game characters. This is something that turned off a lot of people, but it became indicative of the system. There were some other quirks (perhaps not in this game) where the details of the characters' weak and the slowdown of the graphics is so bad that the characters seemingly disappear. One other quirk (if you want to call it that) is that the games're typically slower with their framerate than say a game like Jet Set Radio Future. That came out for Xbox the following year. For the record, SA2 has a good (probably 60 f/s) framerate and the characters (at least Sonic) have fingers. There's some slowdown for multiplayer stuff, but this is a definite improvement.

There are a somewhat vast variety of gameplay modes. Although I recall some people saying that the bulk of the gameplay (or at least the levels/bosses) were generally too easy, I believe that they did a fairly good job. There definitely're some weak moments in the game in terms of gameplay, but it is targeting a fairly young, youth audience. The playability is not too bad with what seems to be improved camera angles during play. I'm not sure about the controls. They seem tighter with the turning. I guess that's a good thing. If all else fails, you have a ledge that you won't fall off of, typically. That doesn't seem to be a problem fixed for every Sonic game that was to follow this one.

Entertainment-wise I suppose this's alright. The Chao artificial-life system is probably the biggest pulling factor for most people. The levels are alright in my opinion and they fortunately connect well. I guess the replay value is in its multiplayer? Perhaps more the Chao. It's not that the story is so bad, but if you're not going after the emblems (180, I believe) to unlock Green Hill Zone then I guess there's always kart-racing, right?

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 08/18/10

Game Release: Sonic Adventure 2 (US, 06/18/01)

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