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"After 4 Years and Over 20 Hours, This Game was Finally Beaten... And Its A DAMN Good Game!"

I purchased Sonic Adventure in early 2007, and began to play it shortly thereafter. I finally beat it three Sundays ago, and boy was it a relief! Mind you, its a bit trickier than the first Sonic Adventure (where you could rack up high rankings with ease; Adventure 2 makes it MUCH harder to get high rankings {A} in each level), thus the satisfaction you get when beating it is rather high. With improvements in the graphics department (you can CLEARLY see this), and the more expansive levels, the game is a step above Adventure 1 in almost every facet, and game play will tell you more.

Game play: 9/10

Basically, Adventure 2 is like 1, but just bigger, longer, faster (debatable!), harder. Sonic returns to his usual plat-forming levels of pure speed and mayhem, Tails has his levels of platforming from a third-person view inside a robot, not unlike that of Robotnik's itself, and Knuckles reprises his role as an emerald-piece hunter. An addition to the characters though, is that instead of playing as Amy, a robot (E-102, just in case you forget!), and Big the Cat, you can now play as "Evil," characters (as opposed to the aforementioned three, who are the "Good," characters); Shadow (whose levels mimic the levels of Sonic), Rouge the Bat (whose levels mimic the levels of Knuckles), and Robotnik himself (whose levels mimic the levels of Tails, in a robot). As you progress in the game, you pick up little power-ups and items that improve your experience, and also teach you how to utilise them in many different situations (you WILL need to learn these new techniques, as completing the game is impossible without them). As mentioned, the levels are bigger; in Adventure 1, where you could simply run through an entire level with Sonic, platform a bit, then run some more, and complete the level in under four minutes, in Adventure 2, there is A LOT more plat-forming involved, as well as other tasks you must do in order to progress (such as the light dash, and double jump at certain times/on certain objects). There are also two mini-game modes; the kart racing (which is fun, but can be tedious), and the Chao mode returns as well (there are also MANY more in-level Chao related tasks), in addition to the two player mode as well. The game play is NOT perfect though simply because things can get out of hand; some Knuckles levels took me over an hour and a half to complete (I do suck at the game in comparison to more seasoned gamers, however his levels take a long time to complete, period), though I did complete them eventually, with all of the tasks completed. The game play is a shade below perfect, the story, is perfect.

Story: 10/10

Reading the diary of his grandfather, Gerald, Dr. Robotnik stumbles upon a "super weapon," codenamed 'Project Shadow.' To gain access to this weapon though, Robotnik must infiltrate a G.U.N. facility; he plans on using Shadow to collect the Chaos emeralds in order to fuel a super weapon that will, "take over the world." After Sonic is apprehended by G.U.N. employees, he escapes, and tries his best to escape the city. Meanwhile, Robotnik and Rouge plan on stealing the Master Emerald, however Knuckles destroys it, splitting it into many tiny pieces, and scatters them throughout many locations, and plans to collect them himself, thus rendering Robotnik unable to use it for his own gain. Its a little bit in-depth, however this is a great story, and even though it has the same premise as all of the Sonics before this one (Robotnik steals emeralds to power a machine, take over the world), the different style in which the plot is portrayed is refreshing in itself. From perfect story, to perfect graphics.

Graphics: 10/10

Simply brilliant, Adventure 2 ranks in the top ten best looking Dreamcast games without a doubt. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Robotnik, hell the entire cast has gotten a graphical face-lift from the first game, and it shows from the moment you play the first level. The levels have also been given a boost in the graphics department, and they too look phenomenal (travelling in Space with Knuckles is a sight to behold, and grinding on many rails in space with Sonic makes you squirm in your seat). The mouths of the characters also move a little more in sync with the voices (which was a large problem in Adventure 1), and the effects looks more realistic than in the first game. Nothing to complain about graphics-wise, the same can be said about the sounds.

Sounds: 9/10

What we have here is the only bit where Adventure 2 slips from Adventure 1; the music is great in 2, no doubt about it, however aside from the first level track, 'Escape from the City,' none of the music in the game is highly memorable, as opposed to Adventure 1 which had five or six memorable tracks. The voice acting though is a step up (not that 1 was bad), as well as the in-game sounds of jumping, digging, ring-picking-up, and attacking enemies. Sonic though lets out a rather annoying, "heuh!!!!" whenever he dies, which can get annoying in levels where dying is common. Other than those two minor gripes though, the sounds are not bad in the slightest! Neither is the replay ability.

Replay ability: 10/10

Another one hit out of the park for Adventure 2; there is just SO much to do, and with the levels being longer in length in comparison to the first game, you will be spending more time on this game than you think. Again, my over four year span of playing this game was a bit ridiculous (and truthfully, though I plodded along in the levels, I was stuck on one jump at the end of the third-last level of the game, and that was why I could not complete the game; once I made the jump however, I completed the level on that same try). The extra modes will also give you some extra playtime, however completing both the Good and Bad scenarios will eat up most of your play-time.

Buy or rent?

Well, if you can rent this game, give it a go to see if you like it or not (see my description below), otherwise buy it; it IS Sonic after all...

With all of the praise I have given Adventure 2 in this review, I must admit that I am impartial to the game as a whole, and I MUCH prefer Adventure 1; between the better music, and campy, more "mundane," look and feel of the first Adventure, Adventure 2 just does not give me the same joy of playing it. Again, not to detract from Adventure 2, because it is truly a brilliant game, one of the Dreamcast's best, far and away. If you still own a Dreamcast, and do not own Sonic Adventure 2, you owe it to yourself to play a masterpiece; now go and get it! "Shadow: You never cease to amaze me, Blue Hedgehog; I thought that capsule blew up with you in it? Sonic: What can I say? I die hard!"

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 04/25/11

Game Release: Sonic Adventure 2 (US, 06/18/01)

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