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"The Perfect Anniversary for Sonic"

The Perfect Anniversary for Sonic

You find yourself, Sonic, captured in a highly secured helicopter being transported somewhere. You escape the plane and later meet up with another hedgehog, Shadow. Sonic thinks Shadow, is an imposter. He is as fast as sonic, is black and holds the power of the chaos emeralds in his hands, making him more powerful than Sonic.

He possesses chaos emeralds. Sonic later finds out that Shadow is connected to Eggman (Dr. Robotnik) and have some evil plan up their sleeve.

Presentation- This game has an overall great presentation. There is a color instruction manual, and the games menus are easy to navigate and are nice and colorful. I see no problem in this category, and is above average. I don't think anything could get better than this.

Graphics- Wow! The graphics in this game are amazing! All the animations of the characters are very well done, and aren't blocky. I have yet to encounter slowdown in FPS and don't think I ever will. Every little detail in the background is wonderfully done. From the Asteroids to the billboard advertisements for the chao movies, nothing is neglected. The FMV in this game are outstanding, it looks like something you would see from the Playstation 2. This game is total eye candy, so you won't be disappointed in this category.

Sound- This game has great music. It is very well done and some is better than the stuff I hear on the radio. The music isn't all the same either, so you don't get sick of it. I just got back from 3 strait hours of it, and had to pull myself away from the game to write this review. One thing that surprised me was that when you left characters alone, they said things, but each level had there own, so you don't hear the same thing every level. The characters voices are good and I have no problem with them. The sound effects are above average, but they don't have a great impact on the game so it doesn't matter.

Gameplay- This game has the same great controls dating back to the days of the Genesis. No problems with the controls, except that you have to use Y to select you action when you have more then one, which is annoying in the middle of a boss fight.
There are three types of story mode levels, ones where you have to find Emerald Shards, the generic ones where you collect rings and the one where you control a robotic machine. There are also some level which are cart racing. All of the game are great, but sometime the level where you have to find Emerald shards get a bit tedious and time consuming. This is what you but sonic games for. Perfect gameplay. I have encountered 1 glitch so far, but successfully escaped it.

Lasting appeal- Two story modes, over 30 levels combined and many minigames, give this game a long lasting appeal. You have to collect a lot of emblems which some can be difficult to get and you have an added to player mode, which give you a lot of replayability. I mean a lot! And lets not forget the Chaos! They are back and smarter than ever, ready to be raced and built up. I know for a fact that this game is going to last everyone a long time, so don’t have any second thoughts on that subject. Overall this is a great game. It is a wonderful anniversary for Sonics tenth birthday. His will be one of the last solid games for Dreamcast, so once again don’t miss out on this game.

Buy or Rent-
If you like any Sonic games across all systems, or you want a great game, I suggest you buy. If you played Sonic Adventure 1 and did not care for it, you probably should rent first due to the fact that there isn't a whole lot more variety in this game than there was in the first.
And only at $39.99 suggested retail you will not be disappointed with this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 06/21/01, Updated 06/21/01

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