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"Better than the original."

Well the new Sonic game is here. It is kind of like the first Sonic Adventure.The graphics are great,the sound is exceptional and this simply a great game. It still isn't better than Sonic 2 though. That is just my opinion. Lets get to the review before I bore you people.

Graphics:What can I say the graphics are so good it scares the nuns at night. The characters animate smoothly and the backgrounds are full of color. The effects are especially good. The graphics are a step up from Sonic Adventure which is good since I thought that Sonic didn't look so cool in SA.Simply put the graphics are astounding.

Sound:Well the music in this game is different I can give you that. The stages have different types of music for what character you are using. Knuckles for example has rap songs in his stages. The sound effects are the same since the old Sonic games. The voices are really good. Tails does get annoying but the other voices match the characters pretty well.The sound is a mix bag in this game.

Gameplay:One word:great. The game has basically 3 types of play. For Sonic and Shadow you have the speed stages that people have gotten used to by now in the Sonic games. Tails and Dr.Eggman have a game that is like Gamma's in SA. You lock on and shoot from afar. Knuckles and Rouge's levels are not my favorite since they have a tendency to drag on and on. The radar in those levels is pretty troublesome since you might be near the emerald but you might miss it since they usually move around. Back from the Sonic games of old is the 2 player mode. This is basically a running game for Sonic and Shadow,a one on one fight for Eggman and Tails and emerald searching for Knuckles and Rouge. There is also a Kart racer hidden in the game.

Replay value:A lot.There are 180 emblems to find.The chao mini-game returns so you can raise your own little critter and you can keep playing to get a better ranking. A-E with A being the best and most difficult to achieve. The only thing that might stop you from playing more are the levels with Knuckles and Rouge since like I said before can last up to 20+ minutes since the emeralds are random and the radar is little to no help.
Replay Value:7/10

So there is my review. I suggest you buy this game. You won't regret it. The DC is nearly going out,but at least it is going out with great game like Sonic Adventure 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/21/01, Updated 06/21/01

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