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"Solid, fast eye-candy."

This game can fight for the title of number one game on Dreamcast! It has a mix of crisp graphics, superb sound, tight control, and of course, mind-blowing speed. Yes, this game makes Sonic Adventure 1 look slow!

GAMEPLAY - The controls on this game are excellent. It is easy to do whatever your after. The only qualm people may have is the camera. It looks at where you are meant to go. This can be irritating when you want to look around, as it snaps back to where it was as soon as you move, but in the later levels, when it is hard to tell where your going, it's more helpful than not, until you get to the higher level emblems. Then, when you need to look for stuff, it can then become quite annoying. I'm sure that some will want to throw the Dreamcast through the window! There is a good two-player mode. You can hunt for emerald pieces, shoot at each other, or race, Sonic and Shadow style!

STORY - This game has a good story. I can't say much, as I'd give plot points away, but it is well done and involving. You just don't wanna stop playin' this game! You may want to play through it twice to pick up extra details.

GRAPHICS - Wow. Just wow. This is on Dreamcast? Jeez! Looks like it's running on a newer system or high-end computer. Everything is clear and crisp, the textures are clean, and there is minimal pop-up. The character models are easily the best I've ever seen on Dreamcast, no visible joints, facial expressions, everything. On top of all that, the game runs at a smooth 60 FPS. Sweet!

SOUND - Some nice music is in this game. It's soundtrack is mine as soon as I can get it! The sound effects and voices are also well done, and it's nice that they say everything for you.

REPLAY VALUE - There are 180 emblems to collect in this game. Though the story mode can be completed rather quickly, the emblems will keep you playing for a long, long time. This to say nothing of the all too cute Chao, who have been greatly improved over Sonic Adventure 1, and are now more life-like than ever. They even have 10, count them, 10, of there own emblems.

BUY OR RENT - Rent it, but I doubt you'll be disappointed.

BOTTOM LINE - A great rent, to be sure. Buy it only if confident.

Gameplay - 8.2
Graphics - 10.0
Sound - 9.3
Replay value - 8.0
Overall - 8.4

I don't average scores.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 06/23/01, Updated 06/27/03

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