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"Old Blue has done it again!"

Hey guys. Once again I just had to review one of my newly favorite Dreamcast games. Sonic Adventure 2. Most of you are probably just thinking, ''Its just another platformer, Mario 64 clone, and boring, boring, boring.'' Well I got something to tell you. This is not ''another'' game. In the last 24 hours I have been hooked on Sonic Adventure 2 (hereby known as SA2). If you think its just another Mario 64 clone, read on to find out why this awesome game isn't. BUT! before I start the review, let me give you some background info. Sonic has always been undoubtly, less favored than Mario. From the Genesis to Dreamcast, Sonic has and always will be under Mario. In fact, I used to think Mario was better. Until today. You see, I'm not a big fan of platformers like Spyro, Mario 64, Crash, etc etc. But, I played the original Sonic Adventure. I really liked it, but of course, it was not very memorable because of some bad camera issues, gameplay confusion. Now, a couple years later, the Sonic Team have come up with the blue fuzzball's last game on the dying system called Dreamcast. And they've gotten just about everything right.

Graphics: Awesome. Pure eye candy. I mean some one could actually get tears in their eyes from looking at this game. Like in other fan reviews, SA2 easily rivals the Playstation 2. The graphics have been greatly improved from the original, making it more realistic than ever. You can actually read the billboards and signs ever as you cruise along the roads at a gallion miles per hour. Awesome graphics!


Story: Not to give much away here, but, basically Sonic's been accused of something he didn't do. The police, military, navy, etc are looking for him, because another hedgehog named Shadow, has stolen the Chaos Emerald. They have mistaken Sonic for taking it, since they both are nearly identical.


Sound/Music: Nothing too spectacular hear, but never the less at least the songs aren't heard over and over right? From each and every little spark, gunshot, charge, ability, you'll be able to tell the difference. And one last thing. Let me tell you something HORRIBLE about SA. It had horrific voice acting. But SA2 totally makes up for it. :-)


Gameplay: This is where it all shines folks. SA2 mixes from what I've seen so far 3 types of gameplay. Grinding, boarding, and a conventional platforming game. You can grind down rails, street (similar to snow) board down streets, and charge up to roll around like the old times. Collecting rings as you move along is important also. If you get hit by your enemy, all the rings you've collected in the level burst out, and you have to recollect them. If your hit by an enemy again and don't any rings, you'll have to start over. Original idea, I like it.


Replay Value: With over 30 levels, two story modes, and a ton of playable characters? How the heck can you get bored of this game? High points for Replay Value here.


Buy/Rent?: Totally buy! A low price of 39.99, for a a great game with awesome graphics, gameplay, sound and replay value? What more could you ask for? Or just bid of ebay for it cheaper, but I would get an original, and keep it as a momento :-)

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/24/01, Updated 06/24/01

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