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"This game is the way Sonic should be!"

When I played Sonic Adventure last year, I was fascinated by the great graphics, the awesome gameplay, and the well-thought story (for a Sonic game any way). Sonic and his pals had transferred to the 3D realm finally with the gameplay we loved. (And no, I don't count 3D Blast or Sonic R!) But does the sequel hold up to the high expectations that its predecessor gave a year ago? Read on.

Graphics: The original Sonic Adventure was nothing short of amazing. The sequel not only beats it out, but gives even more! The character models are stunning, bright, and full of animation! (Especially Rouge!) Eye candy to the fullest definition of the word! Of course, when you're juicing as Sonic or Shadow, you may not be paying much attention. But it can't hurt to look at your surroundings can it? 10/10

Story: Not going to spoil much for you, but here's the gist: you pick either the Heroic Trio of Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles or the Dark Team of Robotnik, Shadow, and Rouge, and progress your way through the levels, each resulting in a cinema which increases the intrigue of the storyline! Like the first game, you may have to duke it out with some characters from the other storyline in order to progres. Will you side with Sonic and save the planet again, or will you rule the world by helping Eggman start his empire? It's up to you! 9/10

Sounds: Not much to this category, but everything comes in crystal clear! And with the option to choose Japanese or English speaking voice actors, the characters each give their own special accent to the game. Only bad thing? Sometimes the actors from both languages have a nasty habit of stepping over each other's lines! That's not kosher! It's a small thing, though, and doesn't detract from gameplay. 9/10

Gameplay: Well, in case you have never, EVER, played a Sonic game, then get going and get yourself a Genesis so you can play Sonic 1! For real though, the game offers 3 different play styles to the game. For Sonic and Shadow, there's the classic ''run-like-the-wind-and-bash-all-badniks-in-your-way-while-collecting-rings'' style. Next comes Tails and Robotnik. This time, Tails ditches his Sonic-esque gameplay, and instead follows a game similiar to Gamma's from last time. If you remember, in that style of gameplay, you had to walk around and lock on to as many targets as you could, while still collecting rings for protection. Fortunately, the aspect of having to shoot the bad guys to increase the time you had is gone, in exchange for you having to collect rings in order to keep your shield energy up. Finally, there's Knuckles and Rouge. Knux is pretty much stuck with the game play he had from the last game: seek out the emeralds by using a hot-cold system. This system is made even more challenging than last time. The levels are much more expanse, and I wouldn't be surprised if it took upwards of 20 minutes to find the Emerald pieces in the stage. Oh, well, we're always up for challenges aren't we? The 3 gamestyles make it so there's never a time where you get so set in the action that it gets boring. One minute, you're racing with the wind, the next, it's treasure hunting time, or shooting everything in your path! 10/10

Replay: Well, there are the two storylines you have to undertake, each holding over 30 stages for you to conquer! Then there's the interesting Chao virtual pet diversion, and the thing Sonic Adventure lacked most, a 2-player mode! And Sega is promising the occasional add-ons? Hey....

Buy/Rent Well, with a $40 price tag, there's not much excuse not to buy this game! It's got everything a classic platformer gamer could desire and more! So go out there and do it! Me suit commands you too! :) You won't be sorry!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 06/26/01

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