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"I hate giving a Sonic Game a bad rating but here's why..."

Since March of 2001 I, and many other have awaited the return of Sonic to the Dreamcast scene. The first game being more of an adventure game (like the name) failed to live up to the Sonic ancestry, but shined in its own way. Many felt that the game should have been left an action game, I really didnt care myself, as long as the game was good. Sonic Adventure 2 looked really good from the start. But what was revealed was proof of the old time saying, ''Dont judge a book by it's cover''.


Lets start with graphics. Not only are the graphics for this game awesome, but they are better than most other dreamcast games. More detailed than SA1, and no disgusting black lines like in Sonic Shuffle, SA2 reached, in my mind, a new level. The first level as Sonic was a very nice and smooth, no slow-downs or break-ups. Very Nice Job Sega.


The music is actually good. It's not the best though. Im a bit biased because I really hate rap, and all of Knuckles levels featured Knuckles? rapping about his uh stones...and stuff. Sonic's music was nice, not totally fitting the levels but easy listening. The other characters also featured nice music, Robotniks is weird though...(Are they saying his name in that song on level 1?). So it get's a 9 out of 10. Pretty good.

Here's where Sonic takes a beating. Well as expected the horrible voices are back!! Sonic sounded better when Erkel (the geek from Family Matters) did his voice in the cartoon. Tails is ok..a little girly, he is only 8 though. Knuckles..umm..thats all im gonna say. Shadow is the only good one with a nice 'evil' voice. This isnt a big problem because you can put on japanese helps. The problem, actually, are parts where the sounds dont match up. I think when Knuckles and Rouge are talking in the desert is an example of this. The text will appear on the bottom and Knuckles' mouth will move...but no sound! Then he say like 5 things at once. This happens other places...doesnt Sega check its game before they are released...?

Control is nice. Its smooth and after you get used to it, its very easy to use. Running with Sonic or Shadow fits nice with the joystick control, and moving with Tails and Eggman are good as well. Knuckles and Rouge..err..not too easy, one slip and they careen to one side too much. All in all the control is not the problem.

Hmm there really isnt a story. It's not like the first one. There is no Adventure Field, and the 'intertwining of characters' isnt done as well because there are really only 2 characters (hero and dark) so you really only see two parts of the story. Watching the same scenes over is a bore and I find myself pressing start alot and just skipping over the mindless movie clip crap.

Ok first the good. I am kind of a fan of the old Sonic Games. I loved the Sonic and Shadow levels and the Tails and Eggman levels were actually quite fun. But the Knuckles and Rouge levels were PURE HELL!!! I like games that are challenging but this is beyond that, it makes you want to take the CD out of the Dreamcast and eat it. Refraining from this you'll find yourself spending 30-40 minutes walking around the same place asking yourself ''Have I been here already''. In SA when Knuckles was close to an Emerald, ANY emerald, the thing on bottom would blink. But now it only blinks for one. You have to find em one at a time and the area of blinkage is small, you have to be really close to find it. Also in SA a red blinking meant you were right on top of it, now its red in a big area making it hard to find. Oh but don't worry the little TV things give you hints such as ''The gorrilla hide-out'' which at points question your sanity. And what the hell is that little chao thing. It tell you stuff you already know...I think the game would have been much better without a 'Chao' element. They are very pointless and for me, i dont know if anyone else has this problem, but i use a non-Sega made memory card it's called Memory Card performance and when I get Chao is erases my game...or freezes. Maybe it's the card, but im leaning more towards blaming it on the game since it works with all my other games. Well back to Gameplay. All your favorite charactors are back, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Dr.Robotnik, Shadow?..Rouge..? Wait a minute..more 'new' characters? Unlike the devious ''Big'' who ruined SA, and Amy who im not even going to get into, Shadow and Rouge are actually fun to play as..well not Rouge anyway. But after playing for about 10 minutes you'll see that these new characters aren't new at all..they are just copies of Sonic and Knuckles...oh well, Shadow is ok with me. Also there is alot less gameplay involved then in SA because there are really only 3 characters, and they're dopplegangers..making for a repetitive game. Whew.

-=Replay Value=-
Playing Sonic and Shadow levels are so much fun, that I will definately play them again. Especially after I get Hyper Shadow and Super Sonic, one of the reasons i bought the game was for Super Sonic. Maybe I'll play a little as Tails and Eggman, BUT no one in they're right mind would go back and play the mind-numbing Knuckles and Rouge levels even though I like Knuckles (notice he lost his spin dash and when he jumps he doesnt for a ball as much as he did in SA1). All in all with the other modes such as 2 player mode and Kart Racing your bound to call up grandma and test out her Sonic skills over and over again.

-=Rent or Buy=-
A common question. Should I pay 5 dollars and play it for a week, or buy it for 40 and cherish it for life. It's all up to you, no matter how bad the game is, if Sonic is there, im there. Except for Sonic R, and 3D Blast..ughhh. So if you like Sonic buy it, if not rent it.

:( I really really hate giving a Sonic game a bad rating but this is a must, Sega could have done so much better things...but they didnt so its just an ok game and not something great as was once thought to be.

Reviewer's Rating:   2.5 - Playable

Originally Posted: 06/26/01, Updated 06/26/01

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